Wearable 2022 Fall Trends For Women Over 50

No matter your style recipe, adding a tiny bit of trend to your wardrobe each season keeps it feeling fresh and looking modern. Head to toe trend looks tragic on most women, and it’s a costly way to update your look. Today let’s look at some wearable 2022 fall trends for women over 50.

Wearable trend – Flare jeans and Pants

These range from super wide ones that flap when you walk to narrower ones that resemble a bootcut which are universally flattering on all women. A flare should widen gently from the knee down, unlike wide-leg jeans, which are wide from the hips down. Read the item descriptions to be sure that’s what they are.


You’re also going to see plenty of flared leggings and workout pants. Most of the flares are coming in very long lengths, so I would keep an eye out for petite options unless you’re tall. They look best covering the top of your foot, shoe, or boot which lengthens the look of your leg. Petite options will also mean the flare is slightly narrower which is more flattering if you’re short. Rises are going down, but most flares have a higher rise.


Wearable trend – Bomber jackets

Move over moto jacket; this fall, it’s all about the bomber jacket. They’re showing up in cropped and oversized versions as well as the classic, which hits just below your waist. You’ll find them in cotton, faux leather and suede, silk, and satiny fabrics. Heavier fabrics may enlarge the look of your torso and shoulders, so beware of the weight. Their shape is also flattering with flares which adds width at the bottom. I’m excited to see this shape back because I have a velvet one I adore and can’t wait to bring out this fall.

bomber jacket trend on older woman


Wearable trend – lots of leather

Leather and faux leather jackets, blazers, skirts, dresses, and pants are plentiful for fall. Faux suede gives a softer look against your complexion than shiny leather, so keep that in mind.

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Now, more than before, I’m glad I bought these crop faux leather pants. Skin-tight real or faux leather doesn’t send the message I want, but these do. The black has an edgy vibe I love, and I see they now have a stunning blue and gorgeous orange!


Wearable trend – Dopamine dressing

Bright colors are here to stay for fall. The last few years have helped many of us realize how joyful color can be. When the weather gets gloomy, the bright colors are a perfect tonic to elevate your mood. It’s being shown head to toe, but color blocking also works and still looks on-trend. If black and subdued colors are more your style, you could get a dose of happy color in a small accessory.

bright pink bag that's perfecrt for dopamine dressing trend fall 2022


Wearable trend – Oversized Blazer

Blazers are always popular for fall; this year, the oversized blazer is trending. This would be a great piece to add for women who have loose, relaxed, and oversized in their style recipe. They’re structured but in a non-fussy way that would fit for a boho esthetic or one who likes a sporty, undone look with a borrowed from the boys’ vibe.

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woman wearing oversized blazer trend for 2022

The petite women may find this trend too much or, conversely, easy to pull off with a blazer that’s a regular fit on taller women. A small heel or platform will help, as will looking for ones without too much extra fabric that will swallow you.


Wearable trend – Statement Loafers

The lug sole loafer has been trending for several years and continues this fall. The good news here is they offer extra cushioning for your feet, so they’re comfy to wear. A heavier weighted shoe like this looks perfect with the flares that are popular and will also give balance with a maxi. Beware of soles that are so thick they’re inflexible because those will end up slipping off your heel, and that’s awkward to wear.

chunky loafer trend for fall 2022

I just bought these Munro loafers and can’t wait for the weather to cool off so I can wear them…they’re so comfy! They come in this suede, plus tobacco suede and ruby patent in sizes 6-13, AA, B, D, and EEE.


There are plenty more trends for fall 2022, which I will cover in more depth as we get closer to fall.

Do any of these trends appeal to you?

Thanks for reading, and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.


  1. I like the idea of more color. I like to know about trends, but I would probably tone it down. Loafers that are sleek, a fitted jacket, and a slightly wider pant, would work for me. I’m a petite pear, so I usually look for a smaller silhouette than the trending items, just more me.

  2. Definitely will embrace the bootcut. The others I don’t know. Not a huge fan of clunky soled shoes, but I love the look of those Munro Geena Loafers. They still have a bit of a stream lined look. I was really looking forward to a break in the bright colors. I like to see fall colors in a little richer, deeper tones. Teal, deep turquoise, merlot, cranberry, deep golds , deeper pumpkin orange vs. citrus orange 🤞

    1. If those colors don’t bring you joy, skip them…I will be because they’re just not my style.

  3. I saw a very cute sweater vest at Talbots yesterday. Besides a white blouse underneath I am lost for styling ideas. Would love suggestions.

    1. Sweater vests are another big trend for fall. It would work over a short-sleeved tee or a turtleneck for a more modern vibe.

      1. Have you seen the Talbots one? Hope if you do a Talbots try on session you style it for us. Thanks for the ideas!

      2. I’m hoping to get in there this week and try things on 🙂

  4. I like the slightly flared jeans, which are more like boot-cut. I remember elephant bell-bottoms, which would wrap around your legs when you walked! Oversize blazers are tricky for me to wear; it’s so easy to look frumpy, with my petite upper body, narrow shoulders and pear shape. LOVE pops of color, especially in accessories and the top layer, like the cardigans shown. And I have wanted a pair of lug sole loafers since last year. I like the Munro loafer; it’s got a lug sole, but it isn’t huge. No to bomber/baseball jackets – I need more shoulder definition.
    I appreciate all the options you show, Jennifer! Some are more subtle, for those of us unsure of the trend, while others are bolder – larger shapes, more definitely on trend – for those who are ready to go!

  5. This post points out to me something from yesterday’s post on personal style. Everything here today is too structured for me. I have always actively hated bomber jackets, and I refuse to wear plastic clothes (aka faux leather.) The best thing is the bright pink bag (which I would carry in a heartbeat.) A key component in my personal style is handbags, especially novelty ones. So if I’m wearing head-to-toe solid colors in something from EF, my handbag will stand out and always get me compliments (especially from younger women and teens.)

    1. You know your style so well! It’s fabulous, Kay

  6. Absolutely think the over-sized, longer blazers are great. And the faux black crops are super. And, of course, those chunky loafers.
    I am excited about these fall styles. I did, however, ditched my bombarder jackets. Guess I should have kept them a while longer.

    1. The bomber jackets may just not have felt like you, so it’s probably good you let them go, Lin.

  7. Love the look of the flared jeans but am a short petite woman and am not sure about those. Are the Munro loafers heavy and flexible. They really look comfy.

    1. They’re not heavy. They do bend when I walk and are really comfy :). I’ve tried a lot of these on and found these most comfy for me feet. I’m a big fan of Munro shoes.

  8. Currently have only two things on my Fall Shopping list; being a pair of dark wash, slim cut full or ankle length blue jean (mid rise/without distressing) and a black, semi cropped leather blazer. (Wear only dark wash jeans in Fall ‘n Winter and prefer blazers to jackets for Fall wear since the latter is a staple for our long winters as it is.) On that note and respect to the jacket shown ; can anyone else recall ‘once upon a time’ its style was referred to as baseball and length was described as bomber? As to colorful dopamine dressing ; I am totally on board for both in garments or accessories as feel everyone can use a little uplifting in their life, whereas ‘lug’ sole loafers besides running the risk of being easily dated I am wondering if some of their styles might be a magnet for catching debris (gravel, dirt etc.) so am ‘on the fence’ about them. Last but not least, am happy to see ‘leather’ will still be popular with a possible return of some patent in the lineup. -Brenda-

    1. Great point with the lug sole. It will catch more pebbles etc. we don’t wear shoes in the house so I’m less concerned about it.

  9. I love the idea of flare and bootcut jeans. The only issue is shoes–I find flares look better with heels and like most middle aged women, I don’t wear heels much, even though I’m still working in a conservative office. Flats don’t look as good. Hoping to try the loafers you recommend to see if they add enough height.

    1. Jennifer, the reviews for the Munro loafers mention that they run very narrow. Did you find that with your pair?

      1. I did not. I bought a 9 M and have a medium/wide foot.

    2. I’m with you. 1-1 1/2” max block heel for me which is why I like platforms and wedges.

  10. I’m definitely in the market for new boot cut jeans. It seems they would go so well with many of my sweaters and jean jackets this fall. It’s a hard no on blazers or lug sole shoes. My balance issues are first and foremost on my list of things to make a priority. I really prefer a shoe that laces up, is light weight and I barely know they’re on my feet. It’s a trick to find those!
    As far as trends go, I would definitely try on a bomber jacket. I do have a history of buying some trendy pieces that never make it out of my closet. I donate them and try to not think about it again. So I need to tread lightly and thoughtfully in this area.

  11. Francesca B says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    Thank you for the lovely ideas. I have ordered the faux pants you mentioned-they look so great on you-and l am petite so let’s hope they work. Can you wear cropped with loafers? I am about to find out. Totally agree about adding something current to your wardrobe. Happy weekend 🙂

    1. I’m going to find out too :). I think I’ll also wear mine with ankle booties.

  12. I’m sad to see rises dropping again. They are only flattering on the very slim. I was out a few days ago to buy flares and they were too low for me. Do you happen to know which brands are still making high rise?

    1. Most of the brands I see are high. Try NYDJ and Madewell.

  13. Rebecca Dexter says:

    Flares…really??? We called them bell bottoms! It is upsetting to think that rises are going down again…what woman over 50 is comfortable in these? Low rise pants are for very thin women or 16 year olds with absolutely no stomach.. Love the bomber jackets but with low rise pants…I don’t think so.

  14. I don’t care for flared pants, because they don’t really flatter my short legs. I wore them when I was in my teens and twenties only because that was what you wore. I prefer boot cut, like so many have said here.
    I like blazers, but again, oversized does not work for shorter women. I will be on the lookout for a blazer that will fit my size.

    I recently bought loafers like the ones you show. I am looking forward to wearing them. They are very comfortable and easy to walk in.

    I think there is a problem wearing trends when our friends are still back in the dark ages with clothing and such. I feel like I am the lone ranger who likes to dress nice and keep up. Anyone relate to this?

    1. I relate to it and have come to terms with being more polished or dressed up than many other people. It’s just personal respect for me.

  15. Yes to bomber jackets! As a small woman, I’ve always disliked moto jackets as too oversized; bomber jackets, though, are great. I have a buffalo plaid one from college — that would be 40 years if we’re counting, also a beaten up leather one, which I can wear for around the neighborhood. Not sure about flares and am likely to start with bootcut. Big ‘no’ to big blazers; ‘maybe’ to lug soles: I like the look of the Tory Burch ones, but I’m a boot girl through and through. I think I’m going for pops of brright grreen this fall.,

  16. Bomber jackets, bell bottoms, leather – how did I fall asleep in 2022 and wake up in 1975? If you next post that Frye boots and denim skirts are on trend, I shall be convinced that we have entered a time machine.

    All of that aside, I did order the bomber jacket from Athleta. Looks like a great travel piece for Europe this fall.

    1. Lol! Yup, Frye boots showed back up two years ago. I’m not going there :). It’s such a great looking bomber jacket.

  17. Love this post that reviews trends for older women.
    I have a black leather jacket bought a few years ago which I am waiting to wear again without looking like a 70 year old biker wannabe. No one more recently seemed to be wearing leather jackets. Hope to see that trend show up this fall.

    1. You’ll see it for sure

  18. Hi Jennifer,
    I like the flare jeans and statement loafers. For a short, somewhat curvy woman, I think the longer length flare shape is more flattering. I also prefer the pants coming down over the tops of the shoes, so you don’t look like you have clown feet when you wear chunky shoes. 😂

    1. Great point! I have large feet for my height so pants that cover bulkier shoes helps minimize their size.

  19. No to flares, but I am a big fan of bootcut pants. I have always wanted to try leather pants, I just ordered a pair of the vegan leather from the sale at JJill. Hard no to the oversize blazer but I’d like to try the loafers.

  20. I love the look of flared jeans, but as a petite, I’ve resigned myself to paying extra to have them taken up. Even the petite inseams on the flares are too long for me.

  21. Like you, Jennifer, I can’t wait to wear autumn clothes. Always my favorite season for fashion. I love everything shown, except for the loafers. Casual shoes have become too clunky and heavy looking—clodhoppers we used to call them. At 68, I’m afraid of losing my balance and tripping. 🤣 Thanks for your posts; I always learn from them.

    1. Lol, I call some shoes clodhoppers too. I won’t wear the clogs and wooden shoes on trend because I’m afraid I’ll turn my ankle in them. Just not worth it!

    2. Haven’t heard the term “clodhoppers” in ages. You gave me a laugh. Thanks! 😄

  22. Yes to flared pants, oversized blazers and statement loafers. I have a pair of the lug soled loafers in a black patent that I haven’t had much chance to wear with all the lockdowns the past few years and am looking forward to getting a lot of wear out of those this fall. I have an oversized black linen-blend blazer (that I’ve owned for years) that I pulled out this past spring and really like the look, so I may duplicate that with a wool blend for fall.
    I’ve always enjoyed planning my fall/winter wardrobe much more than summer… tweed blazers, leather driving gloves, boots, scarves, fedora hats…all my style!

    1. Me too! The accessories are just so fun.

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