A Cold Day in Santa Barbara: What I Wore

I’m more than ready for spring but the weather isn’t willing to cooperate…even in southern California. I was hoping we’d get hot days for our trip so I could whip out my sandals and cruise the beach. Luckily, I knew better than to expect it so I packed for cool weather and I am sooo glad I did. It is brisk here!

I brought lots of scarves, sweaters and closed-toed shoes. I packed my clothes as complete outfits for this trip, including accessories in a felt bag hanging on the same hanger. Our little trailer only has 6″- 8″ of rod space and no drawers so this made coordination easier.

Jennifer of A Well Styled Life wearing white jeans, flannel shirt and denim jacket on pier in Santa Barbara
denim jacketplaid shirtjeans similarsneakers – scarf similar

It was too cold to read at the beach yesterday so we drove up to Santa Barbara for lunch and a look around. We love cruising beautiful streets and Santa Barbara has more than it’s fair share.Jennifer of A Well Styled Life wearing Rails flannel shirt over Chico's white jeans

To make my white jeans fit the climate, I wore a flannel shirt, cashmere scarf, and a denim jacket. I even wore a cami underneath to add an extra layer of warmth. My ankles were chilly but my feet were toasty with peds in

The wind off the water was bone chilling. So after watching the fisherman haul in their Halibut catch, we headed home to start a fire on the beach and crack our books.

Have you worn white jeans with a flannel shirt?

Thanks for reading and have a great day.



  1. Susan Gowan says:

    Your outfit looks breezy and beautiful on you. I do nit wear white hardly ever. In fact I wore a beige wedding dress in 1980. But the flanbel shirt with skinby jeans or cropped jeans would be my style. Love your scarves’ choices. I love them and hats!

  2. My home town! Growing up, we hoped the temp would reach 80 degrees so we could sun bath by the ocean. Summer months were around 75. Of course beach weather would arrive in late August and September when we had to go back to school. During college I lived on a boat in the harbor-froze my fanny off.
    I love how you have paired white jeans with flannel. That has never occurred to me. It looks great.

    1. Oh yes, being on a boat would be freezing! You’ve had some fun adventures Karen.

  3. Santa Barbara has a small zoo. I love to go there as an alternative to shopping or sight seeing. I was trying to remember if I’ve ever been too hot in Santa Barbara. It seems it’s always a bit brisk even in July.

    1. I think it is always cooler than you’d expect. But it’s such a charming place to explore.

  4. I haven’t worn white jeans with a flannel shirt, but I’m inspired to give it a try by your comfy, casual, yet chic look!

    This seems to be a long, cold winter everywhere. Here in Alberta we’re into our 5th week of extreme cold. Daytime temperatures have been mostly between -20 and -40ºC (-4º to -40ºF). Our furnace went out last night and by this morning it was only 15ºC (59ºF) in the house! Fortunately, we were able to get a repairman in early this morning and it was a quick fix. As I sit here under my heated blanket, your campfire on the beach looks very inviting!

    1. I’m glad you got it fixed! That sounds awful. This has been a bad winter everywhere but you’re really getting the worst of it.

  5. Even with a small wardrobe, you always look chic. I tend to dress simply on the boat. Perhaps, I should up my game like those on yachts. The thing is we like to fish, prawn, crab, beach comb, hike,… Tends to get messy.
    This is a good transition outfit. You look summer but feel like winter. Win/win!

    1. Fishing and crabbing is quite different. You wouldn’t want things that dangled in your way and got stained. Always dress for the occasion. ????

  6. Love your outfit and your ideas for packing. It’s minus 16 celsius here in Quebec with 3 ft of snow and 3 inches of ice on the sidewalks. California dreamin’ on such a winter day!

    1. Thanks. You’ve got some nasty temps there. I’ll stop whining????

  7. Are you guys staying at El Capitan by any chance? We are thinking of buying an Airstream so interested in all the camping spots!

    1. We stayed at the state beach. Back right over the sand in back. Heavenly!!! We did buzz through your town but it was quite late. Next time let’s plan to meet. I’d love that.

  8. Bonnie Hall says:

    Instead of traveling in our motorcoach across the country (a real wardrobe challenge!), we split our time between the N.C. NW mountains and Hilton Head, SC. I save my white jeans or capris for summertime, but stone color slacks are my go-to versatile jeans (sometimes capris in SC!) for winter . Happily black has a place in my closets all year. Ha, I see others dressed for FL in the mountains….looks odd! And see locals on the coast desperate for a wardrobe change on the warm coast wearing boots when shoes without socks is perfect. Love your winter coastal outfit! I enjoy seeing new ideas, but your use of trusty favorites blended in are perfect too.

    1. Yes, I adore stone colored pants. I’m hinting for a pair of jeans that color. An across the country trip would be a huge wardrobe challenge for me because our trailer is so tiny. I’m with you, Black has a place in my wardrobe every season.

  9. I love following your adventures. The fire looks amazing, and what a beautiful view from your campsite. You look terrific, the whole outfit goes together.
    Thank you for sharing.

  10. Kay Lowak says:

    You look like spring with a touch of winter.Very pretty.

  11. I enjoy reading about your travels and seeing your photos. Santa Barbara is so beautiful! Have you been to the Art on the Beach show that they have? I believe it takes place on Sundays. It’s fun. I like your jeans and flannel and the scarf is so pretty.

    1. We have not been to that art show. It sounds wonderful! We bailed today and headed home because it started raining and it was supposed to stay around.

  12. Cold as it is there it still seems like heaven compared to minus 16 celcius here. I don’t think I’ve ever worn flannel with white jeans because our streets are too messy in the cold weather for white jeans. Like your look though. I liked the idea if packing accessories in a bag with an outfit. I’ve never done that for several outfits at a time. I also need to look for those shoes.

    1. Touch that is coooold. I’ll stop whining about my temperatures. Stay warm Janet

  13. I personally have not worn one, but would. The problem with the weather here in the Northeast is that by the time I take out my white jeans, it’s Often too warm for flannel. But you look adorable and cozy enough for a walk around coastal Townsend February. . We are expecting snow tonight, so it’s heavy jacket, scarf, ear muffs and gloves again…..
    I wish I could jump into my white jeans and tennis shoes. I’m whining now.
    Spring IS coming…even here.

    1. Oh no, more snow! I’m sorry. Stay warm. Spring will arrive!

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