A Shrinking Trailer and Date Shakes

After 2 days of cold rain, our little trailer began to shrink. Wet shoes were taking over the doorway and damp coats covered every chair back. Eau de wet dog didn’t help the atmosphere one bit. As it happens there was an enormous motorhome show happening in the next town so we decided to check out how the other half were living.

Believe me when I say a million dollar motorhome just can’t be believed. Marble floors, crystal chandeliers and on and on.

This one was modest but still out of our price range because it was new.

shopping for an RV in Palm Springs
Wearing: top- Comfy // Jeans- Joe’s “Flawless-Honey” // Shoes // 

Failing to find edible food at the fairgrounds, we headed out in search of a decent lunch. We’d been told to try a Date Shake while here in Plam Springs, so when we saw the huge sign at Shields Date Garden, we figured it was time.

Shields Date Gardens
The nice cloudy skies were offset by heat lamps on the patio

We had a delicious salad in their dining room, with you guessed it, dates on top. After lunch, we split their world famous date shake.

Shields Date Shake in Indio, CADelicious and so sweet, I couldn’t finish my half.

We got two more days of sun, followed by rain and more rain. They’re not equipped to deal with rain here in Palm Springs so there’s a lot of flooding.

We took a bus tour of the movie stars homes during a particularly wet day. The history of Hollywood royalty in Palm Springs is so fun and I’m a sucker for that kind of stuff.

It kept raining and raining and raining…you get the idea. The more it rained the smaller our trailer felt so yesterday we perused another big RV sale…and fell hook link and checkbook for a used Class A.

buying a new RV

This RV is small by comparison to many we saw, but much roomier than our little trailer. It has a small electric fireplace I can’t wait to use.

RV shopping in Palm Springs

Wearing: Top- Cloud Tunic (on sale) // Jeans- Jag Nora  //

Yes, that’s white upholstery…what were we thinking? We were thinking king size bed, fireplace, and more room. My husband is 6’4″ tall. Anything less than a king size bed is torture.

Our new to us RV should be ready to pick up by the end of the week and we can’t wait. It’s raining back home too but for some reason, it feels wetter when you’re on vacation in the desert.

Thanks for reading and have a great week.

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  1. Bonna Nichols says:

    Excited for you! We have a 45′ double slide bus and live in it about 6 months out of the year. We winter in AZ and run all over the country in the other months. LOL! You will love it and by all means learn to drive as you never know when one or the other might get ill and you have to be some place. Also some of the best advice that was given me was just drive at the speed you are comfortable with. So when I am behind the wheel and hit some road construction I just slow down and don’t worry about how many cars are behind me! 🙂 another fun thing to do is join the club for the make of your coach. The rallies they have are fun and you will learn so much about the RV life style!

    1. What a great suggestion, Bonna! I had no idea they had clubs for the make of the coach. I imagine you can learn a lot of valuable info that way. I do all the driving, all the time. Crazy, I know but my husband’s driving makes me so nervous I’d rather not be his passenger 🙂

  2. Diane Bosch says:

    I love following your blog….I live here in Indio and I am just about 10 minutes from Holland RV. We are also looking at RV’s, but have not jumped in yet!! This has been a very wet January, but then again the desert rain is much needed. Would love,to see pics,of,your new RV!! Reading your blog leaves me inspired, to find my fashion identity!!

    1. What a small world, Diane. They have some real beauties to choose from at Holland. We’re also finding them amazing to deal with. Prices vary so tremendously it’s smart to shop around. A lot!

  3. Linda Moorhead says:

    You will love the class A coach. We just sold ours and I am itching to buy another one. It is so convenient having everything with you on the road and knowing exactly who slept in your bed last night. One of the things I always loved doing was turning on the inverter, setting a crockpot in the kitchen sink (so it doesn’t make a mess or slide off the counter) and having dinner cooking while we’re going down the road. When we get where we’re going for the day dinner is ready.

    Also it’s so much easier traveling with grandkids when they aren’t stuck in the back seat and they can move around a little and use the bathroom without having to stop.

    Enjoy your new coach.

    1. What an awesome idea, Linda! We much prefer my cooking to eating out. But after a long day on the road, it’s the last thing I have time for. Thanks for the tip.

  4. Hi Jennifer,
    love your posts. My husband and I are also planning on purchasing a 30ft Class C. So I am really enjoying your reading your experiences “on the road”. Does yours have a convection microwave oven and do you like using it?

    1. Our trailer has a gas oven plus a microwave. The new one has the convection so I’m curious to see how it works!

    1. I wish I’d thought of that title Leslie!

  5. Congratulations. You’ll appreciate that fireplace on cool nights during your travels. Keep enjoying your Palm Springs vacation.

    1. We think so too, Julie! Thanks

  6. How fun and Happy travels!! 3 years ago I took a booth at the big RV show to sell my sleepwear, perfect for close quarters and travel. It was an eye opening experience in the luxury on wheels that pose as rvs! Love the gray tunic top btw.

    1. Your sleepwear seems perfect for close quarters, Haralee! Some of those monster RVs just blow your mind.

  7. Wow, how great is that! It looks fabulous and the extra space will be wonderful. Congratulations!
    I am a “car only” driver , will it be a challenge to drive? I am sure you will be fine. I would be intimidated as RVs seem very large but then I am a bit of a nervous nellie…..
    Oh and your 2 outfits are perfect. (as usual)
    Thanks for sharing. Suz from Vancouver

    1. I did test drive it and it was enormous! It has huge mirrors plus side and rear cameras to help with visibility. Once we hook up a car to tow it will be even larger:) But I’ll handle it, I must:)

  8. Wow, congratulations!!! Sounds like a good upgrade for you.

    1. It’s going to be fun!

  9. I am so excited for you! My husband and I have been talking about getting into the RV world. We know nothing but will enjoying researching it for a while. I have been following your Palm Springs trip and hoping you would show us your little trailer. Your activities have sounded like a lot of fun! Enjoy your new house on wheels!!

    1. I will snap a few pictures of our little trailer. The upgrade in space is amazing. I know many people travel in smaller spaces than this. We’re fine for a week or two in the trailer but any longer than that has been tough and we want to go on longer trips this summer.

  10. Yay! Can’t wait to see it.

  11. Hi Jennifer,

    Congratulations on you new ‘home away from home’. It looks lovely and spacious. The rain although very much needed here has been unbelievable. We have been coming to Palm Springs for ten years and usually have one or two days with a few sprinkle with warm, sunny weather the rest of the time. This week sounds better.. Enjoy your new RV!

    1. Hi Muriel! Yes, it’s been pretty amazing here. When the sun shines it’s glorious but it not been too seldom this month! Being in a larger space will make a huge difference:)

  12. Oh how fun – a fireplace! Never heard of that in an RV. This sounds like such a great upgrade for you – I’ll be looking forward to more adventures!

    1. The fireplace will be used a lot! Especially along the coast and when it rains.

  13. First of all, I love dates and actually buy and eat them in containers from Costco. So I’m really jealous of the date shake trial. Yum!

    And congrats on the new motor home. I had to comment when I saw the Holland Motor Homes logo…we live less than a half hour from Holland and have driven by their lot to peruse their RVs several times. But so far we haven’t take the plunge. A fireplace sounds awesome in and RV!

    1. We bought some containers too! Yum! Holland is a great company to deal with and have terrific values. We couldn’t touch a new one but this pre used one was a smoking deal!

  14. Congratulations! That fireplace will be so cozy. You look terrific in both outfits – and you look comfortable too!

    1. Thanks, Kelly! There’s always other things you want to have in an RV an nothing, is perfect, but this is a huge improvement and more comfy space.

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