An Elegant Cup of Comfort

An Elegant Cup of Comfort
Life has been racing at a very hectic and happy pace for the last several weeks. Swept along in the whirl of busyness, I have ensured I make time for quiet moments of self care. The ritual of lingering over and savoring a warm cup of tea, soothes my nerves.

My newest tea obsession is Mariage Frères Wedding Impérial Tea

A big thank you to Jen Lawrence for pointing out this insanely delicious indulgence that I am now obsessed with…and hoarding.
My daughter complained yesterday, because I only gave her a demitasse cup of it. Jen writes the lovely  Dwell On These Things Blog, which I just recently discovered.

Tea at The Pan Pacific Hotel in downtown Vancouver. The views of the mountains and city were outstanding. The rooms were very luxurious and had exquisitely comfortable beds.

Tea and white chocolate covered Strawberries at the Fairmont Empress in downtown Victoria. Phenomenal service in their breathtaking, historical building with charming rooms. Right downtown, very close to fabulous boutiques and restaurants.

Tea with my daughter at Bean Around The World in Chinatown, Victoria, BC. A funky little shop with a Bohemian atmosphere. Their selection was large and the surrounding shops were fun to poke through.

Tea at Heirloom Vegetarian Restaurant with my daughter and husband. We ate here four times during our visit. We had two dinners, one lunch and one breakfast. The food was beyond outstanding!! Situated in a heritage building, it oozes charm.

I arrived home from my trip to Vancouver, to find a sweet and thoughtful gift from Leslie who writes the Hostess of the Humble Bungalow blog.

Her sweet note was touching. “As caring and loving women, we often forget to nurture and care for ourselves…I think nature has a way of reminding us to slow down, take stock and listen to our inner voices.”

I had not been doing that this winter and as a consequence was very, very run down and ill for many weeks.

The tea is the wonderful Silk Road Tea Alchemistis blend. Their shop is in Victoria but they do ship worldwide. Bright flavors of hibiscus flowers, spearmint leaves, lemongrass, rosehips and cinnamon make this a delightful treat for late in the day, when I don’t want caffeine.
Thank you so much Leslie!

I have met and become friends with so many thoughtful, caring women through blogging…it amazes me.
I’ve given up trying to explain it to my husband. He looks at me like I’m a crazy lady talking about her imaginary friends.
This community is so full of fine, strong women who support and understand my values.
The blogging world opens me up to so many kindred spirits. It removes the geographic boundaries and has become a forum for connecting that I find enriching.

What little rituals do you employ to pamper yourself?

Have you made dear friends through the blogging community?

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