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Dressing Room Diaries-April at Chico’s

Happy Wednesday, ladies. This week I am back in Chico’s to share a few other things I found in their newest spring collection. I’m fortunate to have two local stores to shop at because each store doesn’t get everything. I shared my first batch of favorites here, and today I have an April dressing room diary to show you the rest.

If you’re new here, welcome. A dressing room diary is when I go into a local store for a try-on session so you can see what’s new and how it looks on a woman over 25. For reference, I am 5’4″ and weigh around 138 lbs with broad shoulders and straight hips. I have a long torso and arms so I often buy one size larger on top.I try on clothes in colors and shapes that may or may not flatter me so you can see what’s in the stores and get some styling ideas. I tell you what sizes I am wearing to help you understand how things run.

You can click the red text for more info and to shop the item at no additional cost to you.


This beaded tunic caught my eye online and I was anxious to try it on because the orange and pink color combo is really starting to grow on me. My store only had the regular in stock, but the petite is online here. I actually don’t mind the extra 2″ in length because it’s semi-sheer. This could dress up or down and even work as a bathing suit coverup. I’m wearing it over the microfiber tank I collect in my favorite colors, and the new So Slimming 360 Brigitte ankle pants which come in 7 colors. The tunic is a 4/6, the tank is an 8/10, and the pants are a 6.


This green poplin fabric is a nice combination of crisp and stretchy. This shape is less than flattering on my broad shoulders but would help add balance to a gal with narrow shoulders and wider hips. I’m wearing an 8/10. The high vent gingham crops have a 24″ inseam. They’re a pull-on style so have no zipper or snap to bulge out in the tummy area. I’m wearing a 6.


This machine-washable, lightweight linen and cotton dress is a great one-and-done look for the warm weather. It’s also available in white here. I’m wearing a 4/6 which is too snug in my shoulders so it runs TTS. The delicate beading means all you need are some simple earrings, a pair of sandals and you’re good to go. I see this worn to a backyard BBQ, a pool party, errands on the weekend, or dressed up for a baby/bridal shower with a change of accessories and handbag.


We chatted about this length crop last week when my mannequin was modeling them. I wanted to share the difference 1 1/2″ can make. On the left, they stop at a wide part of my calf, and on the right, I folded the hem under so they stop at a spot where my legs narrow. The most flattering length for any skirt, short, crop, or pair of pants is at a spot where your leg narrows.


This utility tee comes in 3 colors here, and blue or white here. I’m wearing an 8/10. The pants are 100% machine washable linen in a pull-on style with buttons at the hem. The inseam is 24″. They also come in a soft blue color. I’m wearing an 8 which is miles too large for me so they look baggier than they should.


This romance cardigan is a great lightweight layer for warm weather. The elbow-length sleeves are loose so they allow air to circulate.  It’s a cotton blend in a modern geometric that would coordinate with lots of other colors. I am wearing an 8/10 so the fit is generous because it stretches.

These wide-leg linen pants are selling out fast so they might be gone by the time I get this post up. They’re a pull-on style in alabaster. The inseam is 30 1/2″ so I’m standing on my toes for you to see and I would need to hem them for flat shoes. They are more of a full leg than what I consider wide. I love the flowy shape which will feel very cool in warm weather. I’m wearing a 4 and feel they run a bit large. I love that the fabric blend has spandex for comfort.


I love linen and no-iron linen is even better. It still wrinkles gently, but that’s part of the charm of its look. Polka dots are a perennial favorite and have a fresh look that’s perfect for spring. This 3/4 sleeve tunic has a button-back detail in a soft limon yellow that would look great with white, navy, all denim washes. I also love that it’s not too long to tuck or half tuck if you wanted to. I am wearing a 4 which is a teeny bit snug so it runs TTS.

If you’re anything like me, your white jeans are a magnet for dirt. The no-stain technology Chico’s uses is pretty cool and really works. I’m wearing the no-stain girlfriend crops which had the bottoms rolled up. When I unroll them they’re almost full-length on me with an inseam of 26.5″. They also come in petite with an inseam of 22″. I’m wearing a 6 regular.


These stacked fray Girlfriend crops come in 7 colors with a 24″ inseam. Like all girlfriend jeans, they have lots of spandex for stretch and comfort. The petite option is here in 4 colors with a 22″ inseam. I am wearing a regular size 6 which is a bit loose through the seat area so they run TTS.

The lightweight sweater is a cotton blend with short sleeves and a scoop neckline. I am wearing a 4/6 which is roomy so it runs large. This is also on sale.


I snagged this ruana, first thing in the door. The colors are soft and lovely and would coordinate with so much. It comes in XXS/XS which is  39.5″ long… S/M which is  40.5” long, and L/XL which is 41.5” long. I’m wearing XXS/XS and it’s plenty roomy. These are the single fray ankle jeggings which have a 29.5″ inseam and are a pull-on style. I’m wearing a size 6. The aqua is not an exact fit for the color in the ruana coordinates nicely.

Are you a fan of crops?

Thanks for reading and remember t wear what makes you feel confident.



  1. Chicos has a lot of other really nice and colorful stuff. You didn’t try on any of the no iron shirts or the cool touch shirts. Some have cute ruffles. I love Chicos.

  2. I am not a fan of the froufrou cuffs on the green blouse. Is this going to be a trend?

    1. It’s a big trend this spring

  3. I do like the beaded tunic in pink. I have a one in navy, plum and aqua colored print. Get lots of compliments when I wear it.
    Also like the royal blue sweater and the frayed crops are real pretty. The yellow polka doted shirt is very classy. Great styles Jennifer.

  4. I so wish there was a Chicos close to me. I’d go right now to try on those wide leg linen pants! I know they’re a bit long for a lot of ladies, but might be long enough for me! Plus, I wear 3 different sizes of pants, depending on the style and how I want them to fit. So, I’d have to order at least 2 sizes to try on. It’s good to know they run a bit large. Sometimes there’s just no substitute for trying things on in a store.

  5. Oh am liking the linen utility Tee, wide leg linen pants and stacked fray g/f crops! Re the orange/pink tunic top would love its fabric and cut without the embellishment, in a midi or maxi sleeveless dress. With much appreciation for all your time and effort showing us garments on a real person. -Brenda-

  6. In the summer, I love cropped pants! Year round, I like ankle length. It is great to have so many choices. I like Chicos, especially their no iron shirts and the Bridgette pants. You look great in all the looks, but I do think that pink set looks like pjs.

  7. I know I’m in a minority, but Chico’s just doesn’t work for me. I have a small frame and am 5′ 2.5″ (the half inch is impt!), so many of the tops are overpowering. The pants were better, but the so slimming crops, which come in a lovely blue, are only 60% cotton, the rest being rayon and polyester. I’m looking for 100% cotton and linen or a blend of the two rather than microfiber blends.

    1. I agree with you. I am 5’2″ and the large patterns and boxy tunic lengths of the majority of their tops are not flattering to shorter women who need less volume and body definition.

  8. Love all the crop pants! I agree that statement sleeves are hard to wear under a jacket. This time of year where I live we are still wearing jackets and long pants but I’m looking forward to dressing springlike soon.

  9. Huge fan of crops- spring, summer and into fall.
    What I can’t understand is the statement sleeves, as in the green top with the bows. You can’t wear a layer over it so you are stuck with just the top no matter the weather or time of day. The last thing I’d want is huge bows on my upper arms…
    Love the colors for spring from Chicos.

  10. I am in between sizes at Chicos so I never buy from them. Frustrating to order online and never have anything fit me

  11. Debbie Monroe says:

    Thanks so much for the highlights! I just had to order the polka dot tunic. I love yellow and polka dots!

    1. Yellow and polka dots sure are cheery

  12. Meg Anderson says:

    One of your best try on sessions. Hope you snagged some of the pieces!

  13. How do you style a pair of wide leg linen pants? Well, simply add a slim fitted tank and the summer romance cardigan! Yes, you created a beautiful combo that would be so easy to wear and still be so gorgeous. Add your favorite accessories and sandals for an outfit you would be able to move about in with ease.
    I love the geometric ruana also. I can see it wore with a denim crop jean and a variety of tanks in soft, summery colors.
    I hesitate to try on the pull over tunics. It seems to be a style that is not that forgiving if you have a less than perfect shape. Try to get the shoulders, bust line and hips to all fit and hang nicely can be a trick.
    Thank you for all your hard work in those dressing rooms! Not my favorite place to hang out! 😂

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed this Jan

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