How to Style the New Sport Sandal Without Looking Clumsy

Happy Monday ladies. Let’s talk about feet and some shoe trends that are popular this spring. I’m seeing two sandal trends that I like, but only one that I’ll be able to wear.

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Dressing Room Diaries: Saturday Night Fever-ish

Happy Sunday ladies. I have a multi-store dressing room diaries this week because most stores didn’t

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Would Your Wear It: Stripes and Olive

Happy Saturday and welcome to the weekend. I’ll be off to an Easter Egg Hunt at the local park with my grandson today which promises to be fun. There’s nothing quite like the frenzy of

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Casual Pink and Memorable

Happy Thursday ladies. Our house hunting continues and it’s wearing me out. In the meantime, I’ve added a new sport to my life. I’m lousy at it but

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Dressing Room Diaries- Organic Fabrics and Soft Knits

Happy Sunday ladies and welcome to dressing room diaries. This is where I visit local stores and try on what’s new so you get to see how they look on a woman over 25 and larger than a size 2.…

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