Traveling in Close Quarters is Hazardous

Week three. After two soggy days on the Northern California coast, we hightailed it to Napa… where we spent two more soggy days. By this time it was POURING so I gave the Mr. my umbrella and took out my…

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The Fine Art of Gift-Giving Comes from The Heart

  The cost or size of a gift isn’t what’s important. What counts is the love and care you put into choosing it. Gifts you know the person may need, will appreciate…or hopefully love are the best. In fact the…

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The Painful Slow-Death of a Friendship

    It felt innocent enough. After all, it was a busy summer for everyone.   Late September… I called her to meet for lunch. Her~ “I’m pretty busy with my new art classes” Hmm, was I imagining something off? …

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6 Grooming Mistakes That Make You Look Old

Who wants to look old? It’s OK…even great to be old..but looking old doesn’t work for me. Careless grooming mistakes derail your appearance and impact your image in the blink of an eye. It’s easy to overlook these little details…

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RV Traveling and The Importance of Road Signs

  Rounding out week two of our Motorhome sojourn I’ve had plenty of time to reflect on what’s working and what’s not. I’m doing all the driving, because I’d kill him if I wasn’t. His driving is so bad…I’d rather…

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