Making Holiday Shopping Easy

Being prepared makes all difference…if you plan a long day of holiday shopping. My Bobble Water bottle is always with me. It has a charcoal filter in the top so I can refill it on the go. I make sure…

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I’m A Princess, But You Can Call Me Prince-ass

I realized tonight, with a slightly unpleasant shock, that I am a princess. Actually, I feel a bit like a prince-ass   We’re driving south, following an insane two weeks on Vancouver Island and as usual, have our two dogs in tow.…

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Simplifying Our Lives and Downsizing

We just sold our vacation home on Vancouver Island in an attempt to simplify our lives. We had an estate sale this past weekend which was hilarious…and a lot of hard work. It’s pretty unnerving creepy to have strangers prowl your…

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The Best Shop for Confidence and Priority

We were due to leave for a Black Tie Gala in two hours. I hadn’t planned what I was going to wear,  I just assumed I had something. Everything I tried on from my closet didn’t fit right or look…

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Priceless Memories Our Accessories Hold

This scarf holds beautiful memories. And they just keep coming. I fished it out of a sale bin at Neiman Marcus over 15 years ago. It was the brightly colored tubes of lipsticks…marching around the edge that caught my eye. They…

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