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I’m many things, obedient may not be one of them. If you’re anywhere near my age, you remember when televisions looked like this. Our rabbit ears were broken so someone, probably a brother, cleverly bent a clothes hanger to replace…

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Where Do You Shine?

One of my favourite bloggers, Slim Paley wrote a great post on the popularity of statement necklaces. You can read it here.I wholeheartedly agreed, got enthused at the idea and bought another one over the holidays. It’s going to be…

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Creating Compassion

 via As you go about your Monday today, try to leap over the large puddles with grace and kindness. If someone treats you rudely, cuts you off in traffic, ignores your question or generally treats you poorly, stop and consider…How…

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I’m Sorry Lucy

It got cold here the last week. Finally. Our house is a little drafty so I thought sweaters would be a good idea for all of us. Lucy was not impressed. I hope you’re having a happier Saturday than Lucy.…

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A Little Bit Late

…OKAY, it’s very late… ~This year has been an unusual one for me, to say the very least. I’ve been on top of the world and then in quick succession, crashed to the bottom of the barrel. In fact that…

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