Monday Musing: Ayruvedic Oil Pulling And Ashwagandha

Happy Monday ladies. I haven’t done a Monday Musings for a long time so I thought I would ramble on share a few things that are on my mind.

First, I would like to thank all of you sweet ladies who wrote and shared your experiences and encouragement about your carpal tunnel. I have two appointments scheduled with top-notch hand surgeons next month so I’ll see what they say.

bottle of herbs and oils

Ayurvedic Oil pulling

Have you heard of it? Have you tried it? I’ve heard of it many times and I’m fascinated. The theory is that it helps to draw nasty toxins out of your mouths and improve your health. At this stage of my life, I’m all for any natural remedy to help improve my health.

oil pulling kit

This one is intriguing because it includes clove oil (which also kills bacteria) and a tongue scraper. I used to use one of those all the time before we moved. Anywho, I have ordered this one and will let you know what I think.

More oil pulling blends

Face Setting Spray

With hotter weather on the way, I’m on the hunt for a product to “set” my tinted sunscreen and/or foundation so it doesn’t rub off on the collars of my linen shirts. I’ve been testing out more products from the Ilia brand I love so much and was intrigued to learn about this Blue Light Protect Filter + Setting Mist.


ilia blue light filter spray


I bought the 0.4 oz size to test it out and love it! Here’s what they say about it:

This weightless, three-in-one formula hydrates with a burst of refreshing moisture, sets makeup for a fresh look and helps protect against the harmful effects of blue light from tech devices and everyday pollution. It feels like a veil and acts as a shield, with a natural lavender scent that soothes and calms.

Any natural lavender scent will get me every time. I’ve used this several times and love the way it makes my face feel. My foundation hasn’t rubbed off on my mask yet so I think the setting properties are working. At any rate, I’m going to keep testing it and will report back. Face setting sprays are nothing new but they are for me. Here are a few highly rated ones that are cruelty-free and contain no nasty ingredients.

More face setting sprays


I’ve been taking Ashwagandha for years. It’s an herbal treatment in Ayurvedic medicine that is believed to be an analgesic that soothes the nervous system, helps with stress that has sleep-inducing potential. You’d be surprised to see the number of herbs and minerals I take on a daily basis (all approved by my physician). My pill organizer is out of control so when I discovered this HUM Calm Sweet Calm L-Theanine & Ashwagandha stress relief Gummies, I decided to try them. One less pill to swallow is always a plus for me.


hum nutrician bottle ashwaganda gummies


Most people discount the placebo effect. I’m not one of them. Whether the product or the strength of your own beliefs are at play to help you feel better, the fact is, you feel better! If the power of suggestion alone can make a difference, and studies show that it often does…who are we to disregard its importance?

I’ve started taking two each time I sit at my computer to work and am loving the relaxing feeling I get in an hour or so. Check with your doctor before you add any supplements to your routine because they can interact with prescription medications.

Are you trying anything new this month for your health?

Thanks for reading ladies and make it a great one.




  1. The tongue scraper is the “sleeper” in your musings. I use one by Dr. Tungs. This tool has improved my breath and hard deposits on my teeth. I use it when I brush during the day and whenever I am called to get up during the night. If plaque is removed from the tongue, less calculus will harden on teeth. My dentist also said that there is no harm in oil-pulling. However, 15 minutes of swishing water would be helpful, too,

  2. Hi Jennifer, I also have Dupuytren’s Contracture in both of my hands. My dad had it as well. I also have Carpel Tunnel in both hands. Often I have sudden, very sharp pains. A hand surgeon said there was nothing to be done about the Dupuytren’s until my fingers started pulling forward. She was talking about surgery. I’ve seen recently that John Elway is doing commercials about a non-surgical treatment for Dupuytrens.
    Also, I tried hand braces for my Carpel Tunnel but it hurt to put them on and take them off. I h

  3. I had surgery for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome on both hands (two different years). While in the end it turned out fine with no more pain or numbness I wish I had explored some alternatives. Since then an acupuncturist told me that acupuncture would have helped, a massage therapist told me massage therapy could have helped, etc.
    My experience after surgery was not only being one-handed for a long time but resulting sensitivity and tenderness in the hand for nearly a year. While the surgeries were successful I was surprised at how long recovery took. Of course this was my experience and may be different for others but I think it’s good to know what’s possible.
    Best of luck to you Jennifer!

  4. I am an Ayurveda fan and had already some stays in the country of origins for treatments. Oil pulling and tongue shaping are my first ritual daily. But I have also to warn that some remedies even they are natural
    can be interact with other medicine, as you, Jennifer explicate.

  5. Thank you for all your inspiring ideas. I have been having problems with my balance lately… so I am giving Qigong a try. Also the foundation setting spray. You can’t imagine how many of your suggestions I have tried . Thank you for being so honest and vulnerable with your life. We could be really good friends.

  6. I also have Dupuytrain contracture in my right hand. Diagnosed about 2 years ago. My orthopedist suggested…due to some patients successes…to massage my palm as often as I could. Today you can barely see it…of course I caught it early and never had any finger curling. I also have taken Ashwaghanda for years and swear by it…not so much as a cold in over 15 years…knocking on wood!!
    Love your blog…

  7. Jennifer, thank you for this timely post. I’ve been dealing with anxiety and sleep issues for years and you’ve really encouraged me researching natural methods. As we age the less prescriptions for these issues are recommended. I have been searching for a natural remedy and I will certainly look into Ashwaganda. Thank you for your wonderful, informative blog!

    1. I think many of us are feeling more anxiety these days. I know I am. You might try Valerian Root. I like it.

  8. I did oil pulling for quite a while. Didn’t really notice any difference and got tired of doing it. I did do it with the jar of coconut oil I had in my pantry that I use for bulletproof coffee. It melts very quickly once you put it in your mouth but I couldn’t deal with the initial “blob” so put a spoonful in the microwave for just a couple of seconds, just to melt but not warm then swished with it. Talked to my dentist and he said it couldn’t hurt anything but he didn’t really see any difference in my mouth after doing it a few months. He said he actually would be happy if his patients swished any liquid for 15-20 minutes because dry mouth is detrimental to dental health.

    I’m interested in anything that helps me sleep but not fond of chewing gummies. Do you know of any capsule that I could swallow with the ingredients in the Calm gummies?

  9. These herbal ideas are always interesting, a very Minnesotan way to say, think about it or skeptical. Especially if you have sensitivities to fragrances and medications. So, I will pass on these.

  10. I read the article on oil pulling and I can not imagine swishing oil around my mouth for 15 – 20 minutes. I floss after every meal & before bed, and while cleaning my teeth I brush my tongue (recommended by a dentist many years ago) and rinse with mouth wash. I’ll be very interested in your take on pulling.
    I’ve read of setting spray but never bothered (one more step) but with mask wearing I think I’ll follow suit and give it a try.
    I’m so sorry you are having all these problems with your hand.

  11. I enjoy reading your posts! Your fashion, design, and general well-being information is great! Have you ever heard of the Bemer? It’s a medical device I use twice a day that improves blood flow by 30%!!! It helps my sleep and my joint issues and gives me a lot of energy! I highly recommend it! Let me know if you want more information!

  12. Hum Has a top ingredient that claims to reverse grey hair. No, no, no. I love my silver hair. I think I’ll sit this one out. I am one who experiments with different things I hear about if I feel they are safe. What have you got to lose?. I slept with a bar of soap at the foot of the bed for my leg cramps and that worked. Placebos work for me if that’s the case.

    1. Loved this post and have read it twice!
      Also the bar of soap at the foot of one’s bed is intriguing…. I have terrible cramps in my feet every night! Will try the soap!
      Thanks ladies just love starting my morning in bed reading your daily posts. Greatly appreciated ❤️

      1. I also put soap in my bed by my legs for many years and yes, felt it mostly worked. But I did want to get at the bottom of the WHY and I found out I needed magnesium. Why don’t the doctors tell you about that? Between the magnesium and drinking plenty of water all day that has really solved my problem. ( research because not all magnesium is the same ).

  13. I always greatly enjoy your posts. However, I loved this one! I’m going to check out the products you mentioned. Please do more like this one. Thank you for all your honest posts!!!!!

  14. I use my own coconut oil for oil pulling and it is very good. No need to spend extra money when I have it already in my kitchen.

  15. I had such excellent results from my carpal tunnel surgeries (yes, both!). Very little discomfort afterward – icing the hand is key. When you speak to your surgeon, talk to him/her about injecting your wrist for the DeQuervain’s tendonitis. While a quick procedure, it is a bit uncomfortable. I had that done 11 years ago, and it never returned. As for the Depuytrain’s contracture, don’t let that go too long. My husband’s problem had gotten so bad that the surgeon almost had to do a skin graft from his upper arm. Thankfully, she was able to stretch out the tissues enough while the hand was open, so a graft wasn’t necessary. He did, however, need quite a bit of therapy post-op. Good luck with everything.

    1. Thank you! I am going to ask about the injection for DeQuervain’s because it’s just not responding to therapy. I can’t help but wonder how these are all connected.

      1. Thanks for the comment on how chiropractic helped the carpel tunnel issue. I had a serious fall (whole body over something that had been left in a store aisle). I was in hand braces and in constant pain while receiving physical therapy at Kaiser after nerve induction tests showed the nerve damage in my arms.

        A work colleague introduced me to her chiropractor who treated my whole body; that fall had traumatized my whole system from head to hips/legs. His 3 or 4 treatment(s) completely reduced the pain and some unique/simple exercises for my hands opened up the carpel “tunnels” (from flattened to full). I never again experienced any pain or numbness.

      2. That is so amazing!! Your fall sounds horrific but the results from your chiropractor are miraculous.

      3. I highly encourage you to see a Chiropractor. I did this also, some years ago and the carpal tunnel never returned! Meanwhile, my sister was not open to seeing a Chiropractor for her carpal tunnel and she had the surgery. Besides the recovery time (6 weeks, I think), her carpal tunnel returned. She then agreed to see a Chiropractor and has been better ever since!

      4. Jennifer look for a good holistic chiropractor. They are around and can work miracles…..

  16. This is right up my alley. I haven’t tried oil pulling but I’m definitely going to try now. The spray and gummies are on my list to consider. The lavender scent is a weakness for me too. This was very interesting. Thank you.
    Good luck with your hand issues. As I get older, it’s a constant battle. Your positive attitude helps me.

    1. Things do keep cropping up with increasing frequency the older I get. Hanging in there all we can do 🙂

  17. I’ve been doing Qigong for about 2 months. Qigong is beneficial for many things. I’ve been practicing two. One for anti-aging and one specifically for women. Many folks have cured illness and it has helped different age related issues go away. I’m finding my balance and sleeping has improved so far.

    I must try the oil pulling for sure. Love your blog

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