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Back to Black- What I Wore

The life of a blogger means that I bring all of you on vacation with me:) Today’s post is a typical day on my trip and my outfit is based around a column of black. Yes, I still wear black clothes because I love them. To be honest, I’m not comfortable being limited to any one color palette so you’ll continue to see me wearing what strikes my fancy at the time:)

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woman sitting on bench in stanley park vancouver canada

We spent much of the day soaking up the gorgeous natural beauty. No trip to Vancouver is ever complete without spending time in Stanley Park. I can still remember my granny bringing me here many years ago to see the Hollow Tree, a popular landmark, that is still popular today.


blonde woman wearing black outfit with denim jacket

I always find a column of color slimming and a column of black to be dead simple. I’m on vacation, so easy to pull together and easy to wear is often the name of the game. Neutrals are my go-to for travel because I never tire of them and that means a lot when I have a limited wardrobe for 5-6 weeks.

Woman in front of iron gate wearign denimm jacket with scarf woven through button holes

Accessories are more important than ever with a limited wardrobe, and for some unknown reason, I left most of mine at home..except for a few scarves which you’ve seen me wear on repeat. This day I folded a cotton bandana on the diagonal into a narrow strip and threaded through my never-used button holes and tied tiny knots at the end. Voila, color, pattern, and no fuss with a scarf.

woman standing on sidewalk wearing coral blazer over black pants and top with scarf draped under lapels

A quick change of jacket, scarf, earrings, and shoes, (for a cab ride to and from a restaurant) to meet our daughter for dinner at Miku’s on the Burrard Inlet next to the Vancouver landmark Canada Place. This restaurant is a must when visiting Vancouver for truly unique Japanese flavors with a West Coast flair.

inside photo if miku restaurant on the waterfront in vancouver bc

When you go, be sure you try the Salmon Oshi Sushi, which is flamed and out of this world.

sushi at miku restaurant in Vancouver, bc


woman walking down sidewalk in Vancouver wear Talbots blazer over column of black

My shins are much improved and I’m careful to wear shoes with support, cushioning and that don’t require me to grip my toes when I’m walking further than the corner. As you know, most of my shoes are at home so there will be a bit of a purge when I get home and much more thought going forward.

How do you switch up an outfit from day to night? Is color an important component?





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  1. Lynn Watson says:

    You are visiting my home town. I gather your daughter lives here. Hope the dinner was delicious. Vancouver seems to be a foodie town. I didn’t see anything about those cute shoes you were wearing. Loved them. Just started following you.

    1. Yes, she lives there and I try to visit here as often as possible:) I love Vancouver, lucky you

  2. Cath🇨🇦 says:

    Hi everyone, this is part travel and part fashion…

    This is truly a wonderful 65 birthday holiday for you, Jennifer! And such a good long visit with your daughter . Now over the sea on the ferry to Vancouver Island. I know from previous posts that you enjoy Victoria and the southern area, but are you thinking of exploring further this visit?
    Brentwood Bay Resort is pretty spot on the patio for a meal, overlooking the boats. Wonderful accommodations and spa.
    The ferry is there for a trip directly over to Mill Bay, skipping a lot of driving North.
    Your plans are likely made, due to reservations, but there is
    The Villa Eyrie , up on the ridge as you travel up the Malahat Highway. Fabulous views in every direction and a great spot for lunch. These are two of our favourites.

    Living close to the water in Qualicum Beach is a retirement dream, and a picturesque town to visit up overlooking the Salish Sea. Wonderful beaches…with fish and chips conveniently available!
    The Qualicum Beach Hotel is on the water with an excellent restaurant managed by a couple who have another success in Gastown in Vancouver .
    We were at the QB Cafe on Monday, and I wore a ‘column of black ‘ with a leopard print kimono from Little Black Dress, a favourite local shop. Goes well with my colouring
    and I accessorize with bracelet & link necklace found on previous vacations. I feel a wee bit taller. Compliments from ‘my date’… aka husband!

    Incidentally, for those readers who watch Chesapeake Shores, filming is done around Qualicum almost every year.

    I love traveling and am learning the trick of planning outfits with less and adding colours with scarves and chunky jewelry.
    Shoes, due to nagging feet, are always a challenge, but I make sure I have room for comfort.
    I have lately been accepting deliveries of clothing suggested by both you and Susan Blakey ( Une femme d’un certain age) .
    Nordstrom and Chico’s for this Canadian are a shopping adventure! And reasonably priced. Oh, there’s the doorbell…another delivery!? 📦

    1. We certainly will be heading north, to most of those fabulous spots you mention. My brothers live in Parksville and Qualicum beach, plus we owned a home in Nanoose Bay for many years so we know and love the entire area!! Your outfit sounds wonderful, and yes, I agree, the food at the Qualicum Beach Hotel is wonderful:)

  3. Sue L. Petersen says:

    I am glad that you still wear black. Evidently color seasons are in again. They are right to a certain extent but I think a person knows what colors make them feel great. Black goes with everything and I am not getting rid of it. I bought quite a bit to travel with and I am keeping those pieces. I love the scarf in the denim jacket button holes! I will try this!

  4. I don’t know how you ever packed for 5-6 weeks! I’d have suitcase upon suitcase! Neutrals are great to pack and agreed, so versatile. I have to try it next trip, but I can’t survive without color. I love the scarf through the buttonholes for added flair and color! So clever. Thanks for that tip. The pink blazer and scarf is so pretty with the column of black.
    Kimonos, as you featured earlier in the year, seem to be a good travel piece. Most of them are pretty light weight and easy to pack. I have one in neutrals, one in muted colors and one in bright colors. All would instantly go with a column of black or white. Good for out to dinner.

  5. Thanks so much for the recommendation for Miku’s. The food looks delish and it’s such a lovely location. I’ll add it to my list of places to go next time we’re in Vancouver to visit my son and his family. On the subject of shoes, the ones you are purging, are also problematic for anyone with plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis.

  6. Going rogue with color! I decided long ago to wear colors I love and they don’t alway fit a seasonal pallet. I just discovered that I don’t own too many scarves in neutral colors. Love the black and white one with this outfit. Brought it all together. Yes on genius jacket threading of scarf. Bet it would work on another jacket or two I own. Red bandana thru olive jacket?

    1. Red with olive sounds fabulous.

  7. Lorrie Orr says:

    So glad you are enjoying Vancouver (and I hope you find the same on the Island). Dressing in a column of colour is easy and looks so good on you (and me, too). Love the scarf with the coral jacket. Adding a new accessory and perhaps changing my shoes is what I do for evenings.

    1. We love the island so we’re really looking forward to it.

  8. Oh, I wish I was on vacation with you. A break is what we all need this year. I agree with everyone about the scarf and I’m glad you mentioned how to do it. I love your posts and look forward to each of them. Happy Vacation!

    1. Thank you Sharon. I haven’t seen my daughter in such a long time this time with her is amazing.

  9. Holly Luciano says:

    Love the scarf through the button holes and plan to use this soon with my endless scarf collection. Genius!
    Another fan of column dressing in black and navy.

  10. I agree with all of the comments! Especially the scarf idea! I have a couple of denim jackets and don’t tend to wear them too much because they feel constricted to me. They do have some stretch in them. Is it me or do you recommend a lot of stretch/brands? I too like back on the bottom and it is so easy to add a colorful blouse or scarf. Your vacation and time with your family sounds wonderful. Enjoy!

    1. I only buy ones with stretch and I tend to go up a size for more room

  11. I wear black on vacation and in the winter, too. Why? It can be dressed up or down easily. It hides dirt. In cold weather, it absorbs the sun’s rays, so it feels warmer. Black is practical. Almost all winter coats sold where I live are black. Black is timeless and good winter coats are expensive?

    Even though I know it is not my best color, I will not give it up. I don’t wear it often any more. Adding a colorful scarf or top in my best colors works for me. No apologies required.

    To Paulette: I have David Yurman perfume, which is my favorite scent.

  12. Thanks so much to the person who commented about the scarf in the loop holes of the jacket. I thought it was just a new jacket! I am so glad I read the comments and not just looked at the pictures! 🙂 Taught me a good lesson. 🙂

    1. I should have explained it. Sorry. I’ll do a video

  13. Your idea of threading a scarf through the jacket buttonholes is priceless. What a great way to incorporate color and pattern any time and especially when packing for a trip. You always have unique and creative ideas.

  14. You look great. Though sometimes , but not always black, I find the column of color to be slimming and flattering on most of us.
    The scarf through the buttonholes……Ingenious !
    What a great idea.
    As you say, wear what makes you
    confident/ comfortable.

  15. You inspired me today. I use navy in place of black when I try column dressing, so I pulled out a nice navy tank style shirt & navy knit pants (JJill) and paired them with various sweaters, jackets, and accessories. Almost every outfit I put together looked great! Thank you for reminding me I have plenty of clothes in my closet and probably don’t need more!

    1. I think we all do:)

  16. SUSAN BLAKEY says:

    Love the scarf through the buttonholes tip! I’ll have to try that one.

  17. Debbie Monroe says:

    I love the black base with the salmon blazer and scarf. Sharp looking outfit. The slides just top it all off. Thanks so much for the idea of threading the scarf through the button hole. I love wearing scarves and am always looking for fun ways to add them. Love your blog!

  18. I am a lover of the color black. And I pack like you with colors to make each outfit look new.
    Shoes, jewelry, scarves and bags making packing a breeze.
    Now I just need a place to go, mainly a cruise 🚢

    1. I’m anxiously waiting for it to be safe to cruise. We love cruising!

  19. Cool idea with the scarf on your jacket, really adds a pop. I will never get rid of wearing a column of black. It goes from day to night so easy like you did with your jacket and accessories. Enjoy your vacation!

  20. Hi Jennifer~ I agree with you, not getting rid of my black anytime soon. I find it elegant and so quick and easy to bring it up a notch with a jacket and accessories. I am attending a wedding in WI on the 28th and yes, wearing a beautiful black and white dress from WHBM.
    Thank you for inspiring me.

    1. How joyous to attend a wedding!! Have a wonderful time.

  21. What an innovative idea – that scarf through the button holes of a jean jacket may streamline my vacation packing! I always bring a denim jacket, and a column of black is my best friend. Any advice when using this trick?

    1. I used a thin cotton bandanna and started in the middle then threaded in both directions.

  22. I think you always look fabulous. Love the slip on sneakers. The way you use accessories is awesome. Hello from Australia.

    1. Catherine says:

      Looking forward to joining you as you purge your shoes when you get home. Please let us know the treasures you find in the world of comfortable footwear. The scarf through the button holes how do you come up with these ideas, brilliant touch that doesn’t have a long term commitment.

      1. I will keep you posted. The scarf was a last minute addition because my necklace is short and the only one I brought on my trip.

  23. Kimberly D Hale says:

    I love the black/black with the bright pink! the scarf adds a touch of dressy 🙂

  24. I love the look and the ability to change it up. Black is so easy, especially for travel; you can dress it up or look edgy just by changing jackets, scarves, jewelry,

  25. Who can deny the power of accessories! I love every detail in your blog today. That little pop of color can be a brighter lipstick or a fun scarf.
    Anymore, my evening wear is quite simple. And who am I kidding, I haven’t been out after dark for some time now. Lol

    1. I won’t be going out much once we get home either 🙂

  26. Well the scarf hack through button holes is genius! I love how it changed the feel of the denim jacket and softened it. I am a huge fan of column dressing. In fact, it’s my go-to! Simple, always elegant and versatile! Thanks for including us on your vacay!

  27. Love the trick with the scarf woven through the buttonholes in the denim jacket…definitely a steal for me!!

  28. Oh I love the outfit you wore out to dinner.
    It’s been a few years since I’ve had to change a day look to evening, but if I remember correctly; wear a brighter or deeper lipstick, change to an evening purse, shoes would have been heels in those days, and I would have changed my earrings and bracelets to something more dramatic. And if it is chillier weather, perhaps my brocade evening coat.
    Now I just need an event to dress up for.

  29. This is the kind of outfit I live in. That tank looks perfect for stying into fall with a chunky sweater over it. And I love the idea of the scarf threaded through the buttonholes of your jean jacket! Thanks for sharing your vacation with us.

  30. Paulette Levy says:

    I still love black on occasion too. I’m looking forward to finding a near perfect pair of modern black jeans. Straight slim leg works for me.
    To dress up any outfit I add accessories which I don’t wear much of during normal daytime life. I might add my French Kande bracelet or my other David Yurman pieces. A necklace maybe? Earrings which I never wear daytime (why?) – I’ll add those to feel more dressy.
    I invested in a silky Ruana that I might throw on over a tee too- it’s so nice and feels luxurious when I’m wearing it.