Be Your Own Muse

Be Your Own Muse
As summer winds down I’ve begun to clear my wardrobe of the flotsam and jetsam that always seems to collect at the end of a season.You know…the white  T-shirts that yellowed over the summer, the sandals that were seldom worn because they caused blisters at every wearing, the cheap inexpensive skirt thatpilled beyond recognition after the first washing, (which made it too expensive, no matter the price)

 I’m still anticipating several weeks of hot, summer-like weather here in California but because I grew up on the east coast, my internal clock tells me Autumn is right around the corner.
After all, it’s fashion week in New York!

As I look over what I stored at the end of last winter, I’m gauging what stays and what goes.
My personal style has been in the process of evolving for several months and I anticipate a change in how I want to look this fall.

“Who will you be next season?”

I have few fashion muses, but for elegance, Carolina Herrera is right at the top of my list.

Here she discusses being your own muse.

There is a sizable movement among women 50 and older, who are looking to redefine their personal style and increase their visibility.Some are opting for the theatrical, highly creative and eccentric look.  Some are content to remain invisible and fly under the style radar and still others are looking to remain quietly chic.As Carolina says, it’s about taking the garment and making it your own. Styling the outfit to make your own distinctive statement and project your own personal style.

“I give a woman fashion, style is what she does with it.”
~Carolina Herrera

Do you have a style muse or an amalgamation of style muses?

Post Script-
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