Best, Most Comfortable House Slippers for Women

Slipping into a cozy pair of slippers after a long day is not only one of life’s simple pleasures but a must-have for anyone with mature feet. All slippers are not made equal, and I’m looking for something that will keep my feet both pain-free and happy. Since I’ve been in the market for supportive slippers with decent arch support, I decided to ask AWSL readers what house shoes they love that have lots of cushioning and support.

In this blog post, I’m rounding up your top picks for the best slippers (as well as a few of my own personal favorites) that will keep us all feeling comfortable and looking chic.

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Quince Australian Shearling Clog Slippers

Quince is one of my preferred go-to brands because everything I’ve bought from them has been fantastic. When AWSL reader Karen said she loved her slippers from Quince, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought to try theirs yet! This pair reminds me of these viral UGG Tasman clogs that are selling for double the price of these. I also like these shearling moccasin slippers.

Birkenstock Buckley Clogs

Several ladies suggested Birkenstock slippers. I have been wearing my Birkenstocks with socks around the house lately, so maybe it’s time to upgrade to an actual pair of Birkenstock slippers myself. AWSL reader Cindy, says, “If I’m going to be in the house all day and want more support, the Birkenstock Buckley clog is my go-to.” You can find them in all sorts of colors and with or without a fuzzy lining.


If you’ve been around here for long, you know I love my Rothy’s loafers. I wear them often; they’re machine washable, and they seem to last forever. When I discovered they made slippers, I ordered this merino wool pair with sherpa lining. I love the classic styling, and that I don’t have to grip my toes to keep them on. These will be perfect for around our new apartment, which has hardwood floors that are chilly.

Rothy’s also makes these fabulous clog slides that are constructed with an open heel and a wide toe box. This sounds like heaven for my toes since I deal with a painful bunion. They have a contoured footbed, and again, they are machine washable for easy upkeep.

Birdies Starling

My favorite Birdies really are as comfy as slippers for me. They’re an elevated smoking slipper style with a cushioned insole. Here are the deets: The bottom line for me is they’re plenty wide enough for my bunion and super comfortable, so they get a two thumbs up for comfort.

Taos Wool Slipper

If you need arch support, check out this pair of wool slippers from Taos. They have a wool-covered removable PU footbed so you can get all the support your feet need. AWSL reader Julie says that she has high arches & is on her 3rd pair. “I can slide into them & they have great support!”

L.L. Bean Sweater Fleece Slipper Scuff

Marianne says, “LL Bean’s women’s Sweater Fleece slipper scuffs are comfortable and supportive.” After a long day, slipping into these sounds like a mini vacation for your soles, especially on a cool winter day!

Squam Lake by Wicked Good Slippers

I was pleasantly surprised to see so many different slippers on L.L. Bean’s website, but I wanted to share this pair that AWSL reader Roxy suggested. She says, “I need arch support and a not-so-sloppy fit. These have been wonderful.”

Keen Howser III Slide

AWSL readers Kathy and Nancy are both loving Keen slippers, as they are both warm and supportive! The bottoms look like they would have lots of traction when grabbing the mail or walking the dog on a rainy day, and I can see how they would be great for running quick errands!

Haflinger Api

Another reader named Becky recommended the Haflinger brand. They offer many different styles, but I loved this quirky and adorable bee version. She says, “They offer excellent support and are comfortable to wear around the house all day.” You can find more styles and options here.


If you live in a warmer climate or your feet get too toasty in a traditional slipper, you can opt for a sandal style. This pair from Vionic has an adjustable strap, so you can find the perfect fit.

Vionic makes quite a few different pairs of slippers and house shoes, depending on the look and needs you prefer. I ordered this pair to try after so many of you recommended them, as well as this pair. but I discovered my arches were too flat to be comfy in these, so my hunt continues.

Do you have a great pair to recommend that I haven’t mentioned?


  1. The toes of my slippers were so plain. I dug through my old jewelry and found a couple of brooches I never wear. They were pinned on my slippers and, now, I feel festive when I look down at my feet. One brooch has jingle bells on it and I can hear it as I walk. What fun!

    1. That is fun. What a great idea.

  2. Crocs were the furry lining are amazing!!!!!!!

  3. Ann Miller says:

    Hi, Jennifer…
    I love Glerups. the style I have is a cross between a slipon and a clog,with a bit of a heel. This keeps them from flapping as I walk. They are 100% felted wool and very warm. I haven’t found a good shearling-lined slipper yet and am interested to try some of your suggestions. The faux-shearling makes my feet sweat and created toenail fungus problems a few years ago, while natural fibers are perfect. Thanks for the ideas.

  4. So many choices! I love the Keens. I know that the fit my feet. Unfortunately, Santa cut off anymore gifts. Sad face. But we did get our backyard updated with artificial pet turf and a lovely path.

  5. Olukai slippers are wonderful!

  6. Wow, so many cozy, cute choices Jennifer! Where to begin….

  7. I had the Vionic slippers you show in the summer. They are pretty heavy and i found uncomfortable. They are really well made and look cute though.

  8. Hi Jennifer, thanks for all the great slipper recommendations! Question though, I know you have a bunion but do you have narrow heels? This will help me to know if the ones that fit you well will fit my very narrow heels. I had bunions too on both feet but finally had surgery to have them removed (last one in Oct 2022). NOT a fun process but SO relieved that it’s done now.

    1. I think my heels are average. I’ve had one bunion done (twice!) so I know how awful that surgery is. I’d prefer to skip doing the other side until the last moment possible.

  9. Just the post I needed, thanks so much for showcasing these slippers. I’ve been dealing with a bruised heel and I really need some supportive ones. I’m going to ask for this for Christmas 🎁

  10. Thank you from a footwear obsessed follower! I need a new choice post foot fusion.

    1. I hope you heal quickly! Our feet are such a challenge.

  11. Thanks Jennifer, another informative and fun post. I just added the Keens to my Christmas list. They were my go to shoes for years because of a wide, roomy toe box. They discontinued some of my favorite sneakers so I moved to Sketchers but I’m glad to see the slippers and hope Santa comes through.

    1. I hope Santa comes through too!

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