Best Sneakers and Walking Shoes for Mature Feet

We’ve been talking a lot about footwear on AWSL lately. Recently I shared about Black Dress Shoes for Women Over 50 Your Feet Will Love, Comfortable Gold and Silver Dress Shoes for Older Women, and The Best Comfortable Winter Boots for Older Ladies. Today, we are chatting about the best sneakers and walking shoes for older women. Now, I’m not talking about the kind of sneakers that you would bring to the gym or wear to your next game of pickleball. The sneakers that I’m sharing today are all shoes that I personally own and swear by. These are the shoes I am reaching for if I’m going to spend a long day on my feet running errands, shopping, or exploring a new city so that my feet can feel comfortable and look chic.

Looking for more of my shoe recommendations? This is a great post with all of my personal favorites!

Sneakers and Walking Shoes I Personally Own and Swear By

Ecco Sneakers

I wore these leather sneakers all over Japan years ago. They’re super comfy with a removable innersole which gives you space to add your orthotic or just to adjust the width. The Ecco lace-ups come in 4 colors here, 3 two-tone options here, and 5 colors with color-coordinated soles here. They also have options with zipper closure here,

Ecco Slip-On Sneakers

The slip-on version comes in 7 colors. Ecco’s have a cushioned insole with arch support and leather upper/leather and textile lining/synthetic sole. The insole is also removable so that you can use your own custom orthotic. Sometimes, a slip-on, slip-off shoe is just the easiest style to wear.

Retro Runners

Remember when I said I wasn’t going to be wearing the retro sneaker trend last fall? Ha! I found this comfy pair, and I’m really enjoying them. They come in lots of lighter colors and neutrals for warm weather. I’m eyeing this Lilac with white which will be fun with white jeans for spring.

Paul Green Sneakers

Paul Green believes in making shoes that will last a lifetime, not just for one occasion. They’re handcrafted in Austria with only the finest Italian leather. I’ve worn these metallic ones on the beach, sightseeing, and climbing on rocks, and they still look almost as good as new. When they do die, I will definitely save up and replace them. I also love my white pair of Hadley sneakers from the same brand.

Isle Jacobsen

These little beauties are simply magical. I now own them in 3 colors. This super-comfortable slip-on sneaker has a suede upper that’s whipstitched to a flexible rubber sole. They stretch to mold to your feet and are cool in hot weather. I’m not sure you’re supposed to, but I remove the insole and run my through to the washer when they get dusty. Nordstrom has them in nine colors here, and Amazon has them in 13 colors, including some metallics here.


I love my AllBirds which flex easily and offer tons of cushioning. They’re available in lots of colors and options, including wide widths. Their lightweight top is made from eucalyptus fiber which breathes and is super stretchy. They have a cushioned midsole for all-day comfort and support, plus they’re machine washable. This slip-on sneaker style looks super comfy in 3 colors. And this ballet flat in five colors has fantastic reviews for comfort.

Other Highly Recommended Sneakers for Women Over 50 and 60:

Worth the Splurge:

Budget Friendly (Under $100):

What are your favorite sporty sneakers you can wear with casual slacks for busy days on your feet? Please share in the comments

Thanks for reading, and be sure to wear what makes you feel confident.


  1. Team Allbirds all the way!

    1. It’s frustrating that there are limited options for US size 10.5. If I’m paying good money for a shoe, I don’t want to stuff it or stretch it as some have suggested. And NO, I don’t want to wear a men’s shoe.

  2. Karen Tebrich says:

    Have you tried YHOON sock sneaker? Very inexpensive on Amazon and oh so comfortable. Have had many women ask about them when I wear them.

    1. Great tip. I’ll check them out

  3. I think I’m a bit confused. We’re talking about casual sneakers here? Low profile, no clunky sole but still comfortable? I’m in the market for a shoe for serious walking on my treadmill. It would be nice to find one that’s not clunky/ugly. My personal beef is that most women’s athletic shoes look like a unicorn threw up on them. I want to buy one pair that goes with everything.

    1. I would recommend going to a specialty walking/running shoe store. Find a clerk that you’re comfortable with. Try on many pairs! They will be able to watch you walk, they usually have a treadmill. Buy the very best, most comfortable and supportive pair! It doesn’t matter what they look like!!
      I have worn Hoka’s, I’ve got Saucony’s now. I’m interested in trying on On Cloud next time.
      The thing is, when you exercise regularly, you should have a pair that is dedicated to that purpose. I suffered from a terrible case of plantar fasciitis, and I will never neglect my feet again!

      1. I’ve been dealing with bone-on-bone knee OA, both knees since my late 40’s. Hoka’s are wonderful for walking outside or on a treadmill, they are designed to minimize heal impact. A good, private running store is able to electronically evaluate your stride and identify pressure points. They’ll make several recommendations based on your individual needs. Socks make a huge difference, as well. And, remember to replace them every 6 months if you’re logging lots of miles!

        Also, Birkenstocks make various loafers, sneakers, boots, etc. They’ve come a long way in styling.

        Good luck!

      2. That’s great advice, Lisa. I remember doing that back when I could jog. My knees and feet won’t tolerate that kind of pounding now.

    2. Lol. I agree some athletic shoes look unnecessarily bright.

  4. Sharon Stultz-Karim says:

    Hi Jennifer.
    I’m looking for comfortable walking shoes for the unpredictable weather of Scotland and Finland in September. Any suggestions?
    Thank you,

    1. Have you looked at Vessie sneakers. They are a knit sneaker that are comfortable, lightweight and waterproof. Got me through Scotland and Ireland during their rainy seasons!

    2. Ecco makes a few waterproof options. So do All Birds.

  5. I have 3 pairs of Ecco sneakers, perhaps one generation earlier than the current linked ones. I love their styling and have traveled extensively with them (when you walk all day long). I use my own prescription (large, rigid) orthotic in them for “support”. I’m not sure why, but I get some pinching and rubbing on some days. It may be the toe box is a bit small for me as I have moderate bunions on an otherwise slightly narrow foot.

    It is difficult to have a great look (not a shoe for the gym) that supports all day when you have bunions, need a lot of cushioning, have a very high arch and instep, and narrow heel — wah, wah, wah!

    1. My bunion is on the top of my big toe joint so I struggle with shoes pressing down on it.

  6. Charlotte says:

    Thanks for the informative post on shoes for all of us “older women”. I’ve been looking for comfortable sneakers and some of the brands you recommended, I had no idea were out there.

    1. I changed it to “mature feet” 🤣

  7. Thanks for such an informative article on great, casual shoes. Comfy feet help me slog through even the most difficult days, and change a good day into a fantastic one.

  8. i do wear ecco shoes for my walks

    1. I’m not surprised. Their very comfy!

  9. I love Altra! The shoe is zero drop (good for balance), supportive, fits my narrow heel (yay,) and has a wide toe box. My feet are problematic and Altras give me the comfort and support I need.

    1. I’ve just been reading about zero drop. I’ll need to try some.

  10. I wear Ecco and New Balance in casual sneakers. The Isla Jacobson’s are too wide for my narrow foot. I have a look alike Skechers pair that pass off as Isla’s. I’ve also been lucky with some Keds that Talbots carries once in awhile. Have you seen Litfoot? Gals here are wearing the ones with the strap.

  11. Thank you for this post.
    Like many woman I have problem feet and I find
    when I shop for wide shoes they are ugly.
    I have one pair of paul green and size up so they fit.
    The brand I love is Munro.A bit pricey but more stylish and come
    in wide with.

    1. I love my Munro boots and shoes. I haven’t tried their sneaker type yet

  12. I’m looking for slip on shoes that look a little dressier then tennis shoes. I’ve found some Sketchers and at the Rack I found a pair of You Too slip ons. I have never heard of them but they are great. I found some on Amazon too. I have worn New Balance, Nike and Adidas over the years for walking.

    1. That’s a new brand to me too

    2. Is it Me Too shoes? They make very comfy shoes, love their flats.

  13. I loved wearing my Allbirds Wool Runner Mizzles in Iceland last summer and now I wear them on errands and while walking the ‘hood. Clunky looking? For sure! But super comfortable even though they don’t offer my usual narrow width. For a dressier sneaker, I like my Munro Emmie. The metallic taupe is really pretty – just a subtle shine. I see they’re now at Nordstrom Rack at a fab price.

    1. I’ll be checking them out. I love the comfort of Munro shoes!

    2. I just snapped up a pair, so thank you! Have not worn Munro’s before because of the price so hopefully these work! It is so hard to find sneakers that fit my narrow, flat feet!

  14. Taos Freedoms, Pikolinos Vera and New Balance are my go-to shoes….

    1. Those Pikolinos Veras are cute! I’m glad you mentioned them. It’s a brand I like.

  15. I love New Balance and Saucony and have worn them for years. One of my current NBs is really light, which is nice for a long walk / long day. I have a pair of denim Keds that are good as well. I wear boots or sandals when I travel — well broken in boots are very comfortable. It used to be that you could tell the ugly Americans by their sneaks — LO.L. p.s. We know we are older, old, over 50 etc. No worries, but I could be happy w/o being constantly reminded. Also, I’ve worn the same shoes for years — well before I was over 50,

  16. Love the subject matter, just not the constant referral to “older ladies”. The majority of us following your blog are older and don’t need the constant reminder……..LOL!
    Great info on stylish shoes for us.

    1. Lol, I hear you. It’s really just included so ladies searching on Google and Pinterest can find us here 🤣 But I agree. I’m not crazy about it either.

  17. I have Ilse Jacobosen and they are very comfy, plus I can put my orthotic in them. I also like Arcodedico sneakers. They look very similar to Allbirds. A fabric sneaker that is stretchy and has a removable footbed. Stretchy to fit my bunion plus comes in fun colors. I’d like to try Ecco but it doesn’t look like they come in a wide width.

  18. Great post! Thank you.

    I wear New Balance, great walking shoe and they hold up so well.

    Enjoy a terrific Tuesday!

    Off topic, how does one choose the best lipstick color?

    1. Great question! I’ve been trying to find some new ones that are less opaque. I’ll put some thoughts together on it.

  19. What about the Ryka you were so high on last week

    1. I love and wear them when exercising. This post is about the casual, sneakers and shoes I wear when I’m not working out. I don’t wear gym shoes when dressed and going about my day.

      1. I ordered a pair of Rykas from Nordstrom and have to send them back. The toe boot was very narrow for my arthritic toes. The nearest Nordstrom is 79 miles away so can’t try them on. I don’t want to keep ordering different shoes playing goldielocks. I am so disappointed. Living rural makes shoe buying the hardest.

      2. That is a shame. Shoes are the hardest to buy without trying them on unless you know a style and brand that works for you.

  20. I own Ecco, Isle Jacobsen, and Allbirds. Out of those three, love my Allbirds most. The Isle Jacobsen are fabulous for short trips but not for long walks. I also would like to give a shoutout to Thousand Fell, a relatively new company that makes sustainable and recyclable shoes. I think they are comfier than my Ecco sneakers. This spring, I may have to bite the bullet and invest in a pair of Paul Green sneakers; thanks for this post!

    1. I’ll look into Thousand Fell. Thanks for the tip. That’s a new one on me.

  21. You gave us a fabulous selection of sneakers that you can attest to their quality, fit and overall appeal. I find myself spending time and dollars on caring for my feet. It’s really a big deal, especially the older we get. The last thing we want is to have any sores on our feet. Maybe a blog on foot care would be beneficial to many of us.
    Now, I really want to try the Ecco sneakers. They just seem to have a more elevated style. I have Vionics that are good for days when I do a lot of walking. I also have had good wear out of New Balance and Brooks.
    I live in the northern plains and we are in sub zero temps, so no rush on new sneakers. Lol

    1. I’ve read great things about the Brooks too.

      1. I’ve worn Brooks for years & then tried some other brands. Now I have a new pair in navy that I just love! They’re very stable with a wider toe box but still look great!

      2. Stability is a really important quality in shoes.

  22. I bought a pair of Saucony sneakers for everyday use (lots of dog walking). I wore them exclusively on a trip to Italy with no problems. These work well on my compromised feet.

    1. Good tip. Thank you

  23. I have had the same Ecco’s for several years and love them also. Do you have a secret for keeping the white part white? Thank you!

    1. Mr Clean Magic Eraser Sponge

      1. Agreed. They’re fab!

    2. Mr Clean magic erasers do a pretty good job at it.

      1. Thank you!

  24. I love New Balance and ECCO sneakers and shoes because New Balance has the AA width which I wear, and ECCO shoes are usually more narrow that most. That is all I wear! I also have orthotics which work with both of these brands. I have a style of New Balance which I have worn for years! I must be on my 8th pair of the same style!

  25. I recently discovered Ecco Soft 7 sneakers. I bought Andorra which I best describe as a dark reddish brown. I love them and plan to add more. I am tempted by White Gold and Cognac. I’m also looking at the slip-ons in Stone Metallic. I see you have them, Jennifer. Is the sizing the same as the sneakers? I am normally an 8 but the 7s fit perfectly in the Soft Sneaker. And is the color neutral or cool like silver? I have gotten very fussy about colors. I am an “Autumn” so I need neutral or warm toned shoes. With black, grey, blue & white out of the mix finding cute and comfortable shoes is takes a bit of work. Many brands are only offered in black, grey, blue & white.

    The Sketchers Go Walk is a decent shoe for the money. I have a pair in red and they have held up well. The Isle Jacobsen slip-ons are darling. I tried on a pair and to me they felt like they had no arch support whatever. It was at one of those discount outlet places so they may have been seconds. What’s your opinion on arch support?

    For slip on sneakers I can recommend Jambu Erin slip ons. They are not leather. They call some vegan, some are suede-like. They come in 10 colors and I have 4 now. They have good arch support and they breathe. The are open on the side and wonderful without socks in the summer. I wear them with socks when its cooler.

    1. The Isle Jacobsens have no arch support whatsoever. I know Sketchers are super popular. I found the slip-ons fit the same as the lace-up Eccos. The color is a neutral bronze so it can go either way.

  26. I love my Sketchers. Have a bunch in different styles and colors. They last forever and don’t hurt my feet. Great bang for your buck also.

    1. Agreed! I used to have several pairs.

  27. Good morning everybody,
    I’ve looked at the pictures of almost all the recommended shoes and I like the Ecco slip ons and the Tulip 139’s with the funny stitching. I first went to the budget friendly section and wasn’t impressed. The cheaper versions don’t look all that well made (the ones I can afford). As my feet get older I will have better made shoes but fewer pairs.
    Thank you for showing all the different varieties, I live in rural Ohio and don’t have many upscale shops near me, nor the enthusiasm to go shopping and try them all on. 😊

    1. Good morning Susan! My feet have become a bigger priority the older I get 😁

  28. SuzanneGabrielle says:

    Thank you for this post. I live in SW Florida and both my husband and I have a collection of Go Walks that we rotate. They’re light and washable which is what we need in our climate. I am also a big fan of Vionic. But to elevate my look, I tried the Isle Jacobsen slip ons. But after 3 tries I realize my feet (extremely high arch) just can’t do them. I’m going to give the Ecco ones a go as they look like they may work for me. And I may splurge on the Paul Green. I’d like a nicer look for our trip to Europe this fall.

    1. Thanks for your comment about the Isle Jacobsen slip on. I also have a high arch. I tried them on and was concerned about the lack of support. I will cross them off my list right now. Do take a look at the Jambu Erin. It works well for my high arch.

    2. Some brands just won’t work for my feet either. Luckily we have lots of options.

  29. i have many many pairs of keds double decker slip ons. much more affordable, extremely comfortable and come in many colors and prints. some of us retired people can not afford a lot of these shoes. especially when we want to have many pairs!

  30. I have had good luck with Mephisto sneakers. They are expensive, but I find them to be comfortable and they last forever. Plus, Mephisto has a service where the sneakers can be sent back to be refurbished. I have a much loved pair of blue suede sneakers that need this attention before spring.
    I, too, have a pair of Paul Green’s. I like them, but find they are a harder fit for my wide feet. I’ve learned the hard way to size up with that brand.
    Thank you, Jennifer, for reminding us in the Midwest that yes, a day will come when we’ll be wearing sneakers outside again.

    1. This is a correction to my post. Apparently, Memphisto no longer refurbishes their sneakers, only sandals. Darn! But they are still great shoes.

      1. Mephisto makes a great shoe!

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