Look of the Week: Creative Leggings

I love leggings. They’re a staple in my wardrobe. Good quality ones are a comfy alternative to slim-fitting pants and great to travel in. Mine have never the star of my outfit because I’ve always owned plain black ones… until now. These are the Bistro Travel Leggings by Spirithouse, available at Artful Home and are anything but basic!

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled life wearing Bistro Leggings from Artful Home

We went for lunch in downtown Danville last week and I gave them a test run. I love them! They’re part of the Artful Essentials and Travel Collection at Artful Home and get my vote for comfort and style!

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life showing leg detail on Bistro leggings by Spirithouse

The wrinkle-free fabric is totally opaque and has lots of spandex to retain its shape. No bagging knees with these leggings which will make them perfect for travel!


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Jennifer Connolly wearing Bistro Travel leggings from Artful Home

Spirithouse is a LA-based company, known for putting an unconventional twist on traditional designs. They design and manufacture in the USA. I love that Artful Home only carries garments designed and made in the USA and Canada!

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled life modeling clothes from Artful Home

The length of these leggings are perfect for me and I’m only 5’4″ tall. Since these are not petite, I assume they stretch to fit longer legs because the model showing them on the website is certainly taller than me!

I wore it with my Mieko Mintz Jacket and some funky shoes I’ve had for almost 15 years. This jacket is sold out but here is a dress in the same cool fabric.


Jennifer Connolly wearing Bistro Travel leggings and Mieko Mintz jacket from Artful Home


Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing Biistro Travel leggings from Artful Home

We wandered around after lunch, snapping pictures and enjoying the cooler weather.

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing Mieko Mintz jacket from Artful Home


Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled life wearing Bistro Travel leggings

I feel very fortunate to be one of the Brand Ambassadors for Artful Home and am proud to support a company that supports artists in North America.

Thank you for supporting the brands I bring to you!

Do you wear leggings?

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

A big thank you to Artful Home for partnering on this post. They supplied the leggings and I was compensated but the words are my own.




  1. Jennifer, Your post prompted me to check out Artful Home’s site. Have you ever tried any of their shoes? The CDWOQ Rhea looks great… But at that price point I’m reluctant to order a pair. Always searching for a comfortable and stylish everyday pair of shoes to wear to the office. I’d love your opinion on the shoes and would love to see you style them if you haven’t already.

    1. I haven’t tried their shoes but admit I’m curious. They have a terrific bootie this year that looks so fun. I’ll see about styling a pair do we both know.

  2. Loving those leggings Jennifer – the ankle trim really dresses them up dramatically and takes them into the level of trousers. Well done finding something so unique

  3. I am 70 and have been wearing leggings almost exclusively for years! As you know, you need a top or a layering tank that covers your behind and your crotch. Otherwise anything goes…the look is modern and very flattering. I wear black leggings with a long tank and a dressy jacket to black tie events. I get stopped often with compliments on my look…so phooey to those who think this is a lazy, unfashionable way to dress. Some of my favorite, best fitting and wearing leggings come from Zara…at$29.99 a pair. They have a wide waistband and often seams down the front, which is extra slimming. You should try them!

    1. Thanks for the tip Mary! I love leggings with a seam down the front. They help elongate my legs. I will check them out because wide waistbands are super comfy. I think leggings are very chic. It’s all about how you put yourself together.

  4. I love leggings! As a 67 year old I decided last year to get on the leggings trend before it was over. They feel good on my legs and hide those spider veins. I just have to find tops that don’t overpower me since I am small. Love them with boots! How about featuring how to wear jeans and leggings with boots and booties? Maybe you’ve already done that?
    I found your blog via Brenda Kinsel. So glad. Be encouraged that you are inspiring many ladies!

    1. Thank you, Debbie! I love leggings with boots and you’ll see me styling them a lot this winter. I like that leggings show the shape of my legs but hide the less than taut skin. Jeans are a perennial favorite of mine and you’ll see me wearing them all ways, especially with flat booties.

  5. What a fabulous outfit Jennifer – you look great!
    I too love interesting details on clothes.I used to buy suits from a Canadian designer who was known for using unique buttons on his jackets. When I was ready to donate those pieces, I would exchange the buttons and re-use the unique ones on other jackets I owned. I still have a few of those buttons LOL. Small details really can make a difference.

  6. I like that you said they don’t bunch or stretch at the knees; will seriously consider getting a pair! And great for travel, which I need.

  7. I love leggings. Mine are by Lysse. One pair is a damask print and the other has a sequin tuxedo stripe. They are part of my European travel wardrobe now, as I never need anything that warm in Florida. When I evacuated to Asheville, NC to escape Irma, I packed those leggings, wore jeans, added black tunics to my suitcase and was ready to go.

  8. You look lovely, as always. The new side part gives your hair a fuller look. I never thought to do that.
    I love the bottom detail on the leggings. I like to wear pilate pants for days on the boat. Detail is always at the top of my list. Thank you for sharing this company with us.

    1. It’s really helping so when this goes flat I’ll flip my part to the other side 🙂 Comfort is so important on a boat because spaces are cramped. Sounds like you’ve found a great formula Joanna.

  9. I’ve been eyeing those leggings. They look great on you.I think I must purchase them. I love the detail on the bottom. I wear leggings all the time. I love the way ArtfulHome, styles their clothes using leggings, I think it’s a very modern fresh way of dressing.

  10. Love the whole look and the funky shoes make me think of Tracey Nuells’ wonderful, quirky footwear and boots in London, UK. Is that where they came from I wonder? The connection between the leggings shape at the ankle and the curve and frill of the shoe upper is really eye-catching. Great!

  11. Love these leggings! Have you tried any of the ‘new’ stirrup pants? Thinking they would be great with tall boots!!

  12. In the last image, your shoes almost match the shoe sign above and behind you. : )
    You look beautiful, and stylish (as always). A very nice welcome-to-fall outfit.

  13. Hmm, not feeling the love for the leggings. There is material gathering at the knee in your photo and I like a very clean tight, opaque look. I get that sometimes having the eye go to the bottom of the leg takes the attention from areas one might not want the eye to go but that jacket is definitely the star of your show here, it is gorgeous. Maybe the leggings with a ballet flat, a lighter shoe with a more open top? I am 5’2 with proportionately longer legs and always go for petite length leggings as regulars just wrinkle at the knee. Have you looked at Nygard bottoms especially their ponte tights? Excellent price point, wash like a dream and never, ever pill and totally opaque. They have a wide stretch waist band ( like a yoga pant) I think they are available State side but definitely in Canada.

      1. I love the Nygard Slims pants…wearing them now, as a matter of fact. They’re like a jegging, with a control panel and button-free waistband that stays put. Now I want to try the leggings.

        Nygard petite sizes are correctly proportioned, I’m a regular, but there are tall sizes, too.

      1. Hi Jennifer, yes I believe they do have different styles with ankle detail. Yours have a lovely ankle detail as well. Very sophisticated.
        I like my leggings but look for a great fit, and truly opaque material ( no see thru allowed:)

  14. Yeah, not for me–at least not to wear outside the home. Yes, they are comfortable, but they are the equivalent of wearing sweats everywhere.And, for women of a certain age, it’s just not a good look. I think we should be comfortable, but let’s raise the bar on how we dress. Take the time to think through a stylish outfit rather than take what I think is the lazy route to dressing.

    1. It’s interesting you see this as a lazy way of dressing. I see it as comfy and modern. There’s no greater effort to put jeans on than leggings. In fact, since I was excited about this outfit I took extra time with my hair and makeup. More effort, not less. Luckily we each have the freedom to choose our own style!

      1. That’s true–to each his own. But, no offense, but to be honest about it, I do expect style bloggers to offer us a bit more than a leggings outfit! Perhaps because this is sponsored by “Artful Home” you are limited by what’s available in this brand. I’ve followed your blog for awhile now and I’ve yet to find anything from Artful Home that I like. Maybe branch out a bit?

      2. I’m sorry you’re dissapointed in my outfit choice Beth. I am first and foremost a 61 year old woman getting dressed each morning and I wear what I like! We all should. I share many brands here at all price points and don’t expect every reader to like every outfit. We must dress to please ourselves and respect the right of all women to do the same. Variety is the spice of life, as they say. Thanks for reading!

  15. I’ve just ordered my first pair. As a 65 year old, pear shaped 1x, Midwesterner who often gets literal and figurative cold feet, I am hopeful they will work with a new longer Chicos tunic, but realize this would be a huge leap for me.
    Thanks for this post.

    1. These will be great with a long tunic, Evelyn. You are shorter than I am so hopefully the length will work for you. Artful Home is very helpful if there’s a problem.

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