Blogging for Women Over 50

I’ve had several emails questioning my blogging future. I’m happy to assure you nothing will change. My husband and I are still considering our options for his retirement. But I’m not retiring. I love blogging too much and it’s not something I plan to stop. Even if we end up living in a hut somewhere, I’ll have WiFi to blog and share A Well Styled Life!

Blogging has become the best source for fashion and lifestyle information for the woman over 50.

You, my readers, are a rich source of wisdom and joy that I have no intention of leaving. I’ll continue to share my style tips, fashion finds, inspirations for feeling confident, along with my observations on life after 50. Heck, I’ll be turning 60 this summer and expect I’ll have lots to say on that subject!

I feel very fortunate to have discovered blogging. It’s been a fun challenge to learn the ins and outs of the technical side while connecting with like-minded women. I love being involved in such an active community!

Blogging has been like learning a second language for me. I wake up jazzed to learn new things and engage with the world online. It’s sharpened my mind and inspired me to study more. My curiosity gets ignited with each new social channel. Like Blab! I love it and have many more great ones planned.

Blogging has become the best source for style, fashion and lifestyle inspiration and information for the modern woman over 50.

Through blogging, I’ve met and friended some of the most wonderful women. Women I would never have met in my local, day-to-day activities.

It’s rich and rewarding to discuss midlife topics with you and explore our challenges.

It’s empowering to share my knowledge with you and I love your feedback. Not all your feedback is positive, and that’s ok too. It’s how we learn…and learning keeps us young at heart.

Thanks for sharing this experience with me! Please feel free to continue to email me your questions or comments.

Your presence means a lot to me. Thanks for being here.

xo Jennifer


  1. Glad you are staying here. Always enjoy seeing what you have to say. xo

    I rang OVER A WEEK AGO…………..did I ring the correct number?
    Lunch later this week?
    I went to SAN DIEGO and met up with SANDRA……….SHOPPED…….and saw ARI!!!
    NEW POST ON THE little old blog TODAY!

  3. Retirement and blogging kind of go hand in hand for a lot of women of a certain age. It’s such a nice creative outlet, social outlet and digging deeper adventure to me – one of the very positive aspects of technology and the internet. I’m always happy to see a post from you in my inbox – so glad you’re staying at it.

  4. Thank you Brenda! xoxo

  5. Joi Palmer says:

    I am new to your blog and really enjoy your stories and tips.

    1. Welcome Joi! I’m so glad you’re here.

  6. Retirement is wonderful, but finding your space is a big part of making it work. I’m sure you will figure out what’s best for you. Glad you’re not giving up the blog!

  7. Linda Lincks says:

    My husband is retiring later this year and so many people ask me if I am retiring too. I am not! I like my job and plan on working at least 4 more years until I’m 62. Glad you will keep blogging! I think blogs are the new way women get fashion advice for sure. Are you familiar with the blog The Vivienne Files? Excellent capsule and travel wardrobe advice. Might be a good collaboration with you and Pam. ????

    1. I adore The Vivienne Files! Her blog is wonderful.

  8. Lillian Plummer says:

    So happy to have met you Jennifer, can’t quite remember how I discovered you, possibly through La Contessa. I am relatively new to blog land and IG and agree that it has opened up a whole new world to creative talented people.
    Enjoy your blog. Nest wishes Lillian xxx

    1. Thank you Lillian…I adore Contessa. She is a personal friend and wonderful woman.

  9. Retirement is the best–I encourage your husband to go for it. You only live one time, so make it as full of adventure and love as you can!

  10. Annette Alcocer says:

    So glad you are going to continue blogging! You, Susan and Pam have taught me so much and I look forward to reading your blogs each morning. By the way is the picture above from the Oregon Coast?
    We go every year to Neskowin (just outside Lincoln City) for the 4th of July festivities. It is a family tradition since my brother and his family come over from Portland. I love the Oregon Coast (Cannan Beach is beautiful too) but not sure if I could do it year round. I really enjoy all that California has to offer. So smart you are taking your time to think it out. 🙂

    1. It is the Oregon coast. It’s the most beautiful spot!!

  11. Well, if you do end up on the road or downsizing, that’s part of this age, too. Blogging about the minimalist wardrobe, showing us local shops and designers along the way, etc.

  12. I am so grateful that I’ve met you through blogging, my fabulous friend. Great news on your continued journey in blog world!
    Happy Mother’s Day weekend!

    1. I’m so grateful to have met you too my friend!

  13. Regardless of what you do, enjoy one another and treasure this time, together! I’d give anything to have someone to share trips and adventures with. xoxox, Brenda

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