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Dressing Room Diary – Casual Festive Outfits

Happy Friday, ladies. I’ve come across a lot of holiday clothes over the last few days. The stores are loaded with them! I thought it would be fun to try on and style some casual festive outfits from Talbots and J. Jill for you.

casual festive outfit with red plaid poncho

If you’re new here, welcome. A dressing room diary is when I go into a store and try on new merchandise so you can see how it looks on a woman over 25, and get a few styling notes. For reference, I’m 5’4″ and weigh around 137 lbs. I have an inverted triangle silhouette with broad shoulders, straight hips, and very few curves. I have a long torso and arms and often wear one size larger on the top than the bottom.

Both Talbots and J.Jill carry petite, regular, and plus, and plus petite. As always, you can click the red text for more info and to shop the item.

casual festive sweater and jeans outfit from talbots

The sweater is described as a puff sleeve, but not so that I noticed so it must be very subtle. It’s in shades of soft gray heather and ivory. I am wearing misses small. The corduroy jeggings are in alloy silver color and have a subtle sheen all over them. They are only in misses and petite, I am wearing a 6 in misses with the bottom folded under.

I tossed on this pearl button v-neck cardigan. It’s a great wardrobe staple that also comes in black, ivory, or red. I am wearing a misses medium which is too large, so it runs true to size. I would likely go with the petite on this because the sleeves are nice and long.

casual festive outfits

I’m showing a closeup of the colors to give you a more accurate comparison. The festive plaid will go with so many things because it combines the blue of this sweater, along with navy, deep green, and a tiny bit of paler blue. These leggings fit beautifully and would be fun with a long blazer as well as a tunic sweater. I am wearing 6 misses.

Green seemed predictable so I paired them with this blue sweater. It comes in 6 colors, including a green to coordinate with the leggings:) I am wearing a misses small so it runs true to size.

festive outfit of snowflake top and plaid poncho from talbots

These pants are a jeans style and come in 5 colors. They make these pants every year and they’re always popular. I am wearing a misses 6 and have the bottom folded under. (I do this often to get the highest rise possible). The embroidered sweatshirt (navy version here) has a deep pleat at the wrist so the sleeves are quite full. I’m wearing small in misses and it feels a bit large. The plaid poncho has a fabulous cowl neck and is a great cozy layer for the season. It comes in XS/S or M/XL/ I am wearing the XS/S and think it’s plenty large.

festive check pants from talbots

The velveteen jeans are selling like hotcakes with good reason…they’re awesome…this from a woman who loves to wear neutrals:) They’re soft, high-rise, and fit like a dream. The holiday plaid is bright, cheery, and perfect to dress up or down. I am wearing a 6 regular. The sweater is a great basic that comes in 8 colors. I’m wearing a misses medium and I like the longer sleeves for my long arms:)

Here are a few things I found at J. Jill
buffalo plaid festive outfit with from j jill

The turtleneck is a super soft silk blend that would be a workhorse in your wardrobe through the cooler months. It comes in 4 colors, including charcoal, and it’s also available in tall! I am wearing a misses in medium because they were selling like crazy in this color. This one is too large for me so it runs true to size.

The authentic fit jeans come in 5 colors. They sit just below the waist so if you have a short torso they may hit at your waist. I am wearing a misses 6 with the bottoms folded under. My long torso would prevent me from wearing these in petite.

The buffalo plaid sweater jacket is super cute. It has large snaps to close the front and patch pockets. I’m wearing a misses in small which feels too large on me so I could go down to the petite because the sleeves are nice and long.


This chenille sweater comes in 3 colors, I’m wearing the bordeaux. It’s softer and less saturated than the other reds I’m finding. It still has that holiday feel and will be more flattering on women with softer personal coloring or who want something less intense. I’m wearing a misses small. It’s super cozy. The body runs large so you could easily size down. These checked ponte pants are what enticed me to try on clothes. The pattern is subtle and the shape is flattering. J. Jill’s ponte pants are well made and stretchy enough that they make a nice polished alternative to leggings.


The washable silk blouse comes in 3 colors, I’m wearing spruce in misses small. I love 100% silk that’s machine washable and the sheen is low, which I also prefer to mirror finishes. The jeans are a classic high rise with a straight leg. They also come in blue, I am wearing a misses in 6 with the bottoms folded under. The cardigan is in shades of blue, peacock, cream, and gray so it will coordinate with many things. I am wearing a misses in small and the sleeves are long so I could go with the petite version.

Are you a fan of holiday-inspired outfits this time of year?

Thanks for reading ladies and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.

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  1. I like to add seasonal pieces to my wardrobe occasionally. I did buy a tartan plaid skirt this year. Thanks for the ideas you shared.

  2. Sue Olson says:

    I look forward to your dressing room diaries, and appreciate your personal sizing info.

    I love Talbots but do have a pet peeve – they don’t always show the back of the item on their website. I looked up the blue navy sweatshirt, read the description, but still couldn’t find out if the snowflakes were also on the back. I went to the ivory color, looked at “Questions”, and found the answer. I don’t want to look that hard to find basic info.

    J Jill consistently shows the front AND back of each item – yay!

    Old Navy does one better – not only do they show both sides, they show the item in three different sizes so I can a better idea of how the item will look on me. That’s awesome!

    1. I love when brands give us detailed info on sizing like product measurements too.

  3. Leslie Adams says:

    IMO the larger patterns and oversized tops, such as the poncho, overwhelm your petite frame and make you look heavier than you are. I am the same height so I am realizing I have to be careful with these looks too.
    The plaid and tartan pants look a bit like pajamas to me at times. I was going to try something like this but I think I will reconsider.
    thank you for trying on these outfits.

    1. Patterns can easily overwhelm a petite frame, I agree.

  4. I tried to order the plaid poncho for Christmas, but Talbots would not accept my credit card. It kept changing from credit card to Paypal!

    1. That’s frutstrating!

  5. Love the gray outfit best.
    Like the others but the gray is awesome.
    Thanks for trying all those beautiful styles of us gals.

  6. Really like the color of the plaid leggings. Looks great on you. All the sweaters are so pretty. I thought the snowflake top was a sweater but love that it’s a sweatshirt!

  7. Sandy Hanne says:

    So much to love! I love casual festive outfits. I’ve been eyeing the chenille JJill sweater but haven’t been able to decide on color. The burgundy and pink are both appealing to me. I thought the pink may be more practical since I can still wear it in March. However, you are selling me on the burgundy. Also, love that fair isle cardigan. You look great in all of these outfits. Did anything come home with you?

    1. I am still, thinking about that burgundy 🙂 It looks closer to cranberry to me because it’s soft, I think you could wear it long part the holidays. LOL, they are holding 4 things for me to go back today and decide. I am loving J. Jill this season.

  8. I have several of those turtlenecks and love them. The plaid pants are festive and different from the typical red plaid. I would absolutely wear those if my legs were a tad smaller but that outfit looks amazing on you!

  9. Great looks but especially fond of those tartan leggings!

  10. What a lesson in choosing a two color third piece or even plaid pants and picking up the two colors in it for top and bottom. I follow this but just didn’t realize it till now.
    All these outfits are so cute. I really like the plaid pants or leggings. . I don’t own any but I think I’ll try a pair.

    1. I agree they are really cute.

  11. Silly question – what brand are your non show socks? Thx

      1. Nancy Toney says:

        Target sells a no show sock too, similar to the ones shown.