Exploring A Historic Town- What I Wore

Over the weekend, we drove up to Nevada City for some small-town shopping. It’s an eclectic town with some unique shops that I love to explore. We sat and enjoyed a Matcha Latte, did some people watching and I came home with some flower essences. Have you ever tried Bach homeopathic essences?

I’ve used their Rescue Remedy off and on for years for times when anxiety pops up for no apparent reason. The gal in the shop recommended I try this Aspen Flower essence, so I figured I’d give it a try.

Anywho…here’s what I wore.


As I look at these pictures, all I see is the bright pink handbag. Some women love adding a pop of color to their outfits, but I’m not a huge fan of it for me. I love the bag, but with everything else in subdued neutrals, I would have preferred a “quieter” bag. This is why I suggest you take selfies of your outfits because you get a clearer look at yourself and see things you may not catch in a mirror.


I had such great success with the $50 Quince cashmere sweater last winter, I ordered this fabulous linen shirt and love it. It’s eco-friendly European flax that requires less water, fertilizers, and irrigation to produce and is OEKO-TEX certified to be free of hazardous substances. To my mind, that has a lot going for it and the price is amazing! This comes in 5 colors, XS-XL. I’m wearing a small.


This linen dress is fabulous but I’d want to change out the buttons on every color but the white and driftwood. Is it just me who finds contrasting buttons a distraction on most garments?

woman wearing black linen shirt WITH GRAY JEANS AND STRAW HAT
This shirt is like a cropped camp shirt and I think it would look great over their linen tank, so I just ordered it and another shirt in driftwood. I also wore my super comfy slip-on Ilse Jacobsen sneakers in gray, pale gray jeans, and my typical straw hat.

Dean Davidson has a new Aquamarine Collection this summer that’s amazing! He graciously sent me these earrings and pendant. The stone is incredibly beautiful and the simple shapes just go with everything. Dean has generously offered my readers a 25% discount with the code JENNIFER25 at checkout. If these studs are too large for you, he also makes smaller earrings here, and a smaller pendant here.

Are you a pop-of-color lover in your outfits?

Thanks for reading and remember to wear what makes you feel confident, pedal pushers and all 🙂


  1. Barbara Lembo says:

    The Quince website doesn’t give garment length at shoulder or center back (or I missed it?). Can you supply that info, please? It looks shorter than 24″, guessing maybe 22″ or 21″? Thanks

    1. Mine measures 23 1/2 from the center back where the collar meets the shirt.

  2. Christi S. says:

    Great travel outfit for a day trip. Cool and comfortable. The bright pink bag is a fun pop of color – I like it! Just a word of caution, holding the Brahmin bag by it’s handles will cause the leather on the handles to fade and then flake. I know: I have two Duxbury (Blueberry and Walnut) and it has happened to each. They are out of warranty so nothing can be done. I suggest you carry as a shoulder or crossbody bag. Hope your bag does not do that.

    1. Thank you for the tip! I have an old LV that got destroyed by carrying by the handles…which is crazy because that’s what they’re for.

  3. I love this outfit, especially the handbag!

  4. Susan Olson says:

    I’ve been on the fence about the Quince linen tank top, please let us know how it works out for you!

  5. Your outfit was great. Loved the camp shirt. Always liked that look with jeans or casual pants. The hat was super with your outfit. Bet you turned a lot of heads.

  6. I love the cut of the shirt! Are you ironing the linen or are you planning to live with the wrinkles? Linen is a wonderful fabric, but I just can’t live with the wrinkles now that my skin is more “mature”. . .especially wrinkled collar and button placket. (It’s also noticeable that all the shirt images feature *carefully ironed* shirts!

    1. I will have to live with the wrinkles. I prefer to steam my linen, then it’s softer and the wrinkles don’t stand out as much.

  7. I love Nevada City, but I haven’t been there for years. It’s a fun shopping place. As to the bag, I think it looks great. That’s something I do, show off a great bag against a more muted outfit. I’m now a collector of novelty bags in my old age.

  8. I think my favorite Hallmark Christmas movie, The Christmas Card, was filmed in Nevada City. You look so cute and chic! You wear hats so well 😊

  9. Looking at the linen shirt. I’m short waisted and trying to take advantage of the cropped trend, looking everywhere for them. Bonus, great price.

  10. I wish bloggers would show more handbags, as I find them difficult to get right. I have a few Brahmin bags I loved when working. They wear like iron, so they look brand new, but I find they are just too luxe looking for my relaxed, retired lifestyle. I love my new Ralph Lauren straw tote, but I’m struggling to find relaxed winter totes I like.

    1. I agree about the Brahmins. I’ll try to show more bag options

  11. You look very chic. Love the aquamarine pendant, earrings and bag. I like bags and accessories that add a pop of color.

  12. You look great ! I started to wear straw hats like yours this past year. Any tips on avoiding getting makeup on the inside edge ? Thanks !

    1. I have not noticed that problem but I don’t put much makeup on my forehead plus my bangs must protect them.

  13. Interesting post! I totally agree about the buttons on the dresses. If I’m in a neutral, I like neutral buttons too. Oddly, the lighter buttons look fine on the shirt, though. Thanks for intro to Quince! I also like a pop of color but agree with you about your bag: maybe, it’s the size that makes it stand out too much. Of course, i don’t think I’d have noticed it if you hadn’t mentioned it. -:)

  14. Great outfit! I just ordered the top in white from Quince.

    1. I think you’ll love it

  15. Good outfit for shopping, walking and touring. In my opinion, it’s not the color of the bag but the weight and structure. The outfit calls for a lightweight straw, linen or more summery purse. I love those bags but find the size and stiff lines don’t work well with casual outfits. You look terrific!

    1. Great observation. I love structured bags but this one is just off for wearing with linen and straw. I’d like it better in a softer shade with my other colors

  16. Paulette Levy says:

    You look adorable. A friend iften buys ne small glass bottles of various essences for anxiety, rejuvenating etc. I don’t have one handy to check the brand. (Bach?), but will ask her when she returns.
    Looks like a really interesting small town for shopping there , Jennifer. Was this a day trip? Did you stay there overnight?
    Thank you for sharing!

    1. Just a day trip for us. We love short road trip adventures. Thank goodness we can do them again.

  17. Really love your look. That’s a fabulous shirt. I almost always wear subdued outfits but I’m trying to bring in more color.

  18. Love your sophisticated casual look. Thank you for your prior referral to Quince. I was not aware of Quince prior. I have found Quince to be a great place to shop with unbelievable customer service. I have purchased their sweaters and leather bags. I may need to get the linen shirt!! Also will be checking out the Dean Davidson site!!

    1. Lol, I was just eyeing their small bag. It’s a dead ringer for my expensive one and comes in such pretty colors!

  19. Hi. I tend to buy shoes, bags, belts, that go with everything. I get more use from them.
    I would love a discussion about bright colors, vs. Standard neutrals in clothes and accessories for older women. I am 70 and find that I teeter in both directions.

    1. That’s a wonderful topic Marie! I’ll work on it.

  20. Hi Jen! Love Nevada City. Outfit is great and I agree about taking photos of your outfits. Can you recommend a place in Northern California to get my colors done?

    1. The gal I went to and highly recommend is in Palm Springs in the winter months. Is that too far? Shoot me an email.

  21. Great outfit! Chic and comfy; who can beat that? I agree completely about contrasting buttons. They are a distraction, and can really interfere with what jewelry you want to wear, or whether you want to dress your look up or down.

    1. I hate having to replace buttons but it can save many items.

  22. Laura Heitz says:

    I love the earrings! Are they lightweight? Sadly, my lobes can no longer support heavy earrings.

      1. Jenniferanne says:

        You look very chic and comfortable. I love the shirt but I’m finding that now I need to cover not only my knees but elbows as well being in my 70s . What next I wonder!

  23. Your hat really takes a casual outfit up a notch. I wish that Quince shipped to Canada as I’ve been looking for a short sleeve, black linen shirt for a while now.

    1. Darn. I’d write to them and request it. You never know.

  24. Love the outfit and you look lovely and relaxed in it.

  25. Several years ago I was tourist shopping in Hilo, Hawaii. I was looking at bags. The owner, a delightful Chinese lady, told me that she always carries a red purse. Her reasoning was that, because of its colour, she always knows where it is, and no one would ever steal it because it would be too conspicuous! Good reasoning for travel bags when you are out of your usual routine of how and where to put things down.

    1. Very good reasoning! And yet most of us travel with black or neutral bags.

  26. Jennifer, I think you look great, but I feel your choice of a bag would have been one of your cute straw bags you have shown us. You also look comfortable in your outfit like you could have walked & shopped for hours. I like a pop of color (occasionally) when I wear all black. Doesn’t look like you are going to a funeral😌

    1. I was super comfy. Those shoes are pretty amazing.

  27. I love Nevada City! You post makes me a bit homesick this morning. I too am a big fan of Quince. I now own three of those beautiful shirts….and I do love your outfit and I do agree about the handbag. My eye went right to and and said, ah no……Have a good day!!!

    1. It’s such amazing quality! And so affordable too. I’d rather people see me than my handbag 😁

      1. Interesting take, Jennifer. For my part, I don’t need to be noticed as that little old gray haired lady with a cane but prefer being noticed as the gray haired lady with the cane and that fabulous and unique handbag (who must be loads of fun and very clever based on her handbag choice.)

      2. You rock, Kay!! You really do.

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