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Casual Raspberry Faux-Suede Jacket

Pink always seems to have a resurgence for Spring and this year is no exception. Yesterday’s dressing room diary was filled with pinks of varying intensities which certainly perks up my spirits. Today I’m styling a bright raspberry, faux-suede jacket that I’ve been anxiously waiting to arrive.

This bright pink jacket is super soft, faux-suede, and a perfect weight for Spring. It has plenty of stretch so even though it’s structured, it doesn’t feel confining. I’m a big fan of faux rather than real suede because it’s machine washable and easy to care for.

woman wearing pink jacket, white shirt, cuffed jeans and white sneakers


I did debate about getting it in the classic navy,  but that would be too predictable for me, so I went all-in with pink! If 2020 taught me anything, it’s to have more fun where I can. It’s also available in this pretty soft beige here, but since I’ve had some highlights added to my hair, I was afraid that would be too close a match to my hair, so raspberry it is. I’m wearing a regular 0 (4-6) S …because it’s stretchy.

over 50 fashion blogger sgtyling Chico's raspberry faux suede jacket with cuffed jeans and white sneakers


I woman leaning on railing wearing pink jacket and cuffed jeans


I tried on several pairs of shoes and ankle boots with these jeans, and in the end, these simple leather sneakers looked the best. My favorite ballet flats worked with these too, but the sneakers give more of the casual vibe I’m going for.

BTW- these sneakers are 3 years old. I’ve gotten more wear out of them than I anticipated because I discovered these magic erasers that keep them clean and white!

woman wearing white shhirt, bright pink jacket and blue jeans

Because these jeans are cuffed, they do make my legs look shorter. I tried them on with a mid-hip length sweater which was totally out of proportion but this short jacket works. I skipped a belt because I thought it would be overkill with these metallic buttons and chop me in half more than I wanted.

White shirt

I wore it with my white no-iron shirt and folded both cuffs back. I like the contrast of a soft jacket, crisp shirt, uber casual jeans, and spotless sneakers. This shirt was too tight across my back last fall and I almost donated it. I’m glad it survived the closet clean-out. I’m wearing an 8 regular.


fashion blogger jennifer of a well styled life wearing raspberry fauz suede jacket over white shirt and blue jeans


As usual, I am wearing the David Yurman hoops that my daughter, Vanessa gave me for Christmas. It’s obvious I’ll have to force myself to mix things up in the earring department because I’m wearing these every day! As I look at this outfit, I realize any of the three colors would work in this faux suede jacket, but the raspberry is the most fun.


Are you looking for fun in your clothes these days?

Thanks for reading ladies and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.




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  1. Bright pink has always been a favorite of mine. Since I have let my hair go grey this past year it looks better than ever.At 71 and 5’ the shorter jackets look good on me . Just have to watch the size. Have a long torso so many times end up with the regular over the petites sleeves will be too long either way. Will see if this gets marked down some more and will purchase then. Love a good bargain.

  2. Wow, Jennifer! That shade of pink, combined with the highlights are really transforming! It’s easy to tell that you feel good in that raspberry color too. You just have a happy glow in every one of your photos!

  3. You have worn some very nice short jackets lately with short under layers or shirts tucked in. Having many longer tops being worn with skinny pants what are the pros and cons of wearing a longer top under a short jacket? What proportions are right?

    1. That’s a great question. I’ll put together some thoughts in a post for you, Linda. I often wear short over long to enhance my waist and make my legs look longer.

  4. Oh my goodness Jennifer, this looks so good on you! I also loved yesterday’s DRD. Keep inspiring us!

  5. Hi Jennifer! Gosh I love this look on you. You look so young and vibrant. Love that raspberry jacket and I don’t think the jeans make your legs look short at all. I’m glad you discovered that the magic eraser cleans leather sneakers so well. Here’s a tip I actually learned from my son-in-law who’s in the National Guard. When I went up to visit with them , I had worn my new boots and discovered a mark on them when I got there. I wasn’t sure how to get rid of it soon asked my daughter and then he went to get a magic eraser and got rid of the mark in two seconds ! I was amazed. They are grey. I had no idea you could use those. It didn’t take away any color at all. Just thought you or some of the other ladies on here would benefit from this tip. It’s what he uses to keep his shoes shining . I was so grateful . Your hair looks great too. I didn’t want to forget to mention that. Have a wonderful day.

    1. I had no idea you could use on colors!! Thanks so much for sharing Brenda!

  6. The raspberry color looks great with your hair and complexion! Love the earrings too.

  7. Pam Sledge says:

    This has nothing to do with today’s post, but wanted to thank you for inspiring me to do three things I knew I needed to do, but kept putting off for some reason:
    1) Using hot compresses and massaging my eyelids for dry eye;
    2) Drinking enough water (I also read that even being 2% dehydrated can reduce brain function);
    3) Resume my pre-pandemic healthier eating habits and losing some pandemic pounds.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing that Pam. You have no idea how happy that makes me to know I’ve inspired you xx

  8. I love that Raspberry jacket especially with the white shirt.
    Getting to like the cuffed jeans
    more and more.
    They really look chic on you.
    My daughter-in-law is only 4’11” and her cuffed jeans look very nice on her. 😊

  9. Beautiful color and you look great in it! I am awaiting delivery on Talbots hot pink Sherpa jacket that will brighten up many casual outfits. Chico’s knows how to do faux suede and I’ve owned several of their pieces. Like the real suede it never goes out of style! Would you consider popping that jacket over denim shirt and jeans and adding some turquoise & silver jewelry? Or maybe all white? Endless possibilities!

    1. What a fun idea!! I love my denim shirts and white is a natural.

  10. - Vicki Mikola Dack says:

    Don’t want to look like a piece of Bubble Gum. Looks great with your skin tones. Me, prefers –Teals, Blues, Greens, and Purples.

  11. The color is divine on you! Living in the Pacific Northwest, I always think a bright jacket or raincoat is a mood lifted.

  12. BEAUTIFUL! That jacket looks so good on you. It brightens your face. The color is so cheerful and gorgeous. I hope you keep the jacket:)

  13. Mary Rowe says:

    You always look so nice, I love the pink jacket. I’ve always wanted to ask you why you haven’t chosen to go grey since it’s the “in” thing now. Your hair always looks nice btw.

    1. That’s a very astute question Mary. Going gray is definitely popular with brands as well and I’m sure I’d get hired for more campaigns if I did.
      I considered going gray when I inadvertently got a solid 3” into the grow out (COVID lockdown) and discovered I don’t have enough yet to look anything but moth-eaten. My hair is very, very fine so highlights give it much needed body.
      It’s looking good these days because of the volume I get from color.

      1. Paulette Levy says:

        I totally agree. And they way my natural roots are coming in are rather white in front and dark grey in back id look like a skunk or worse. My hairdresser showed me with mirrors after the hair grew out in early covid. I’m keeping my hair color with highlights and lowlights. I want to feel like me!

      2. That’s a very important reason, Paulette. In fact the best reason of all.

      3. I have colored my hair for many years for the very reason you mention…body. However, I’m letting it go “gray” but it’s salt and pepper in front and pepper in the back. Should have all the color off by June-ish. I was excited about it but not so sure now.

      4. The good news is you get to decide what you want to do. Nothing is set in stone. If you grow it all out and dislike it, you can always color it!

  14. Pinks are becoming my go to colour. I can wear anything on the bottom and still feel fresh and bright. Love the jacket on you, the shorter length give you legs extra inches, and the jeans worn cropped bring the whole look into spring 2021! Would love to see the bright stripes top you had on yesterday replace the white blouse.

    1. This entire outfit is so fresh, youthful and FUN! WOW I’m going straight to my closet and replicate. I have a pink, shorter sweater jacket that I can finally fit into so I’m going to see if I can look as cute as you!

  15. The navy would be good as well but that pink makes you glow. Funny, last purge just recently I almost got rid of a pink jacket because I thought it might be too bright for this spring after seeing so many softer colours shown. I am glad now that I put it back in the closet. Sometimes I just get too eager then regret comes later. Not this time. Does the eraser work on coloured shoes as well? Your background scenery looks so inviting with our snow storm outside the windows. It will get here eventually.

    1. Brenda has shared that, yes. We can absolutely use them on colored shoes so I’m going to try.

  16. I love the colour, but faux suede can look mumsy really fast. You make it work because you’re gorgeous, but on lots of other ‘women of a certain age’ it would look frumpy.

    Thanks for bringing bright colours into our otherwise dull winter wardrobes!

  17. You look your best with color and especially the pink and blues. You just sparkle in this outfit. Love the cuffed jeans. I’m petite and short and I don’t even try to look taller. Being short looks just as good as being tall.

    1. Great statement Eve. All of my shorter friends woud love you, and to tell the truth I never really notice the height difference until we are in a picture together anyway. You go girl.

  18. Love your look. I’m copying! Could you please tell me what size jacket you bought? Thank you.

    1. Thanks for reminding me, I added it to the post. I am wearing a regular small.

  19. Love that outfit! Beautiful color!

  20. Sarah Cliffe says:

    Fabulous Jennifer!

  21. I actually disagree that the jeans make your legs look shorter! I think the fact that they hit at the ankle make them work better than your usual length of pant. You look younger and hipper! And that raspberry is gorgeous on you.

  22. Barbara Daley says:

    I love this outfit on you and the raspberry color is perfect on you. You look fabulous

  23. Love Chico’s. I’m from Canada so will have to wait until covid is over. The hot pink looks great and I’m with you on having more fun with clothes. So glad I joined your email list. Thank you.

  24. Now that is a perfect casual outfit. I’m running out of adjectives to use for all your outfit choices Jennifer 🙂

  25. Heather Wynne says:

    Hey there y’all here in the mid -south we’re still at least 6wks from spring and still in lock down how ever l’m on the other end of the spectrum at 6ft and a plus size gal it’s hard to find cute clothes that actually fit and make me feel good and comfortable but l will continue to try an incorporate your ideas an try to make them work for me thanks for being there for all of us be safe with love and understanding

    1. I’ll keep an eye out for some things for taller gals. I know it’s tough to find.

  26. So you take your cuffed jeans and pair them with a gorgeous pink faux suede jacket and you’ve created a bright, youthful style that just looks amazing. The understatement of accessories let’s this jacket shine. I might prefer the navy in this jacket. I am really giving strong consideration to the cuffed jeans. I hope you keep using them in your featured style.
    For me, 2021 is the year to have fun! I am ready to challenge myself on several levels. We are never too old to try new things and I love that your blog gives me so many ideas.
    “Girls just want to have fun”

    1. I agree, we are never too old to have fun. I’m enjoying challenging myself this year as well:)

  27. That raspberry jacket just lights up your face! I love the jeans too. It’s a great casual look.

  28. Linda R Gaertner says:

    Loved today’s outfit mostly because of the raspberry jacket. The jacket just perks up the whole outfit. And who doesn’t need something to cheer you up right now.

  29. Very spring-like and adorable on you. I don’t think the jeans make you look short at all. With a shorter jacket, the ensemble makes you look perfectly proportioned! I did look at these faux suede jackets at Chico’s and the fit did not look great on me plus up close this is a kind of material I’m just not fond of. The way you wear it makes me wish I did because it looks so stylish and will be very versatile.

    1. I’m happy to hear they don’t make my legs look short to you, thanks. I’m really enjoying mixing things up.

  30. Tina Olson says:

    You look fantastic in the raspberry color and I loved your outfit today. I didn’t post yesterday but I also loved your spring look. The spring looks are a great mental boost as we prepare to spend a week in single digits here. I’ll be wearing the brightest clothes I can that also keep me warm. Thank goodness for fleece lined tights!

    1. Josephine Riddle says:

      One of your best outfits yet! Makes me want to try it. Thank you for all your great ideas.