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Sun Protection Isn’t For Sissies

My husband had a squamous cell carcinoma removed yesterday. He’s got olive skin and never burns so has never thought he needed to use sunscreen. My experience with melanoma didn’t convince him he needed to protect his own skin because I…

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Nioxin for Hairloss in Women

Last summer I was invited to take the Nioxin challenge. Use their Hair Loss Treatment for 90 days and share my results with you. The company also gave 10 of my readers a 3 month supply to take the challenge with…

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Covering Your Undereye Circles

Last month I modeled for the Covered Perfectly photo shoot. It was eye-opening in many ways. This makeup artist was a true professional!

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Product Review: Essie Gel Couture Nail Polish

I consider myself a fairly low maintenance woman. I get my haircut on a semi-regular basis and visit the dentist twice a year, but other than that, I don’t have any regularly scheduled appointments. If I’m on vacation I will…

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Skin Care From Provence: Mirada de Provence

Although my shopping budget is considerably lower as we approach retirement, I do love treating myself to luxurious body products once in a while. I feel pampered, my skin looks and feels good… particularly if they are natural products.  …

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Beauty Product Review: Eyebrow Pomade

What worked for my eyebrows in my 40’s just isn’t cutting it at 60. They’re thinner than ever, but now the white hairs (that haven’t migrated to my chin) stick out like cat whiskers. 

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Join the Nioxin Challenge

I’ve shared my struggle with hair loss several times this year. It snuck up on me slowly but was soon impossible to miss.

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