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Holiday Party: Hit Your Style Sweet Spot

This week Pam Lutrell and I are continuing our series on Hitting Your Style Sweet Spot, with dressing for a Holiday Party. I’m also sharing the story of my skirt. It may sound goofy, but when I’ve worn a garment for years,…

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Feeling Motivated: What it Took

How motivated are you to work out? I’ve felt guilty about my sluggish lifestyle for years. I know exercise is good for me. Sitting at my computer most of the day isn’t. I used to be dedicated about exercise years…

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A Holiday Shopping Marathon: Hit Your Style Sweet Spot

Every year it feels like the holidays sneak up faster and faster. This year I’m unprepared and have to do some marathon shopping to catch up. It’s fun to see all the over-the-top store decorations. They help get me in the…

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What to Wear to A Casual Holiday Office Party

During his career, my husband has worked for several employers. I used to hate going to their holiday office parties because I never knew what to wear. They’re usually held at the end of a workday, so everyone was casually…

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Why Grandparents Are Different

I spent yesterday with my favorite guy in the world. My grandson. Grandparents have such a special relationship with their grandchildren. He’s now at the point, when I walk in the door, his face bursts into a smile and he…

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