great style is available at all price points and being stylish doesn’t have an expiration date. I interpret modern fashion for women 40, 50, 60, and above so they can feel confident with how they look.

The Modern Way to Order Eyeglasses

I’ve never ordered RX eyeglasses online, until now. I didn’t even know it was possible. I couldn’t inagine how I would choose them, but it was surprisingly easy. I ordered my eyeglasses from Firmoo,  the most popular online eyeglass store.…

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Flying South: Hip Fracture and All

I’m flying to southern California for my Deepak Chopra retreat this morning. And not one moment too soon. It’s been a rough week. My oldest, dearest friend from childhood is going with me. I’m actually older than her by 4…

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It’s Not Just About The Money

The following seem to be dirty words for many. Sponsored posts. Affiliate links. Monetizing a blog. Some readers get insulted when the blogs they read, start earning money. I’ve seen it described as cheating, selling out or trying to fool…

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Does Your Hair Color Match Your Personality?

Are you a fan of bland? How do you feel about looking bland? I hate it. It doesn’t match my personality.[tweetthis] The older I get, the more confident and less bland my personality becomes. How about you?[/tweetthis] Mother nature has…

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Do You Shower in Your Eyeglasses?

Me neither. It makes shaving my legs a spotty venture. I’ve been trying to make contact lenses work for me, again. I’m highly motivated and it gets greater with each injustice:) When I visited my daughter in April, I had an incident. Here’s…

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