great style is available at all price points and being stylish doesn’t have an expiration date. I interpret modern fashion for women 40, 50, 60, and above so they can feel confident with how they look.

Putting an End to Style Victims, One Woman at a Time

This, is why I love being an Image Consultant!  Being able to help women feel confident about their personal style, is beyond rewarding. Wendy and I talked by Skype last month. Wendy- Two years ago, I left my corporate job to…

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Trying and Tying on New Style

I love the inspiring style of Beatrix Ost. It’s effortless, in an exotic way. She writes a weekly column for Grey Magazine that is eloquent, and thought-provoking. It’s occasionally over my head and makes me “reach” intellectually, which is a great thing in my…

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How to Make Short Legs Look Longer

Hi, my name is Jennifer and I have short legs. Yes, I’m only 5’4″ but more importantly, my legs are proportionally shorter than my torso which can make me look even shorter than I am. Tall women can have proportionally short legs…

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Advanced Style-Audicus Hearing Aids

Are you an old lady? Are you chic? I’m am an old lady and proud of it! I work at the chic part. Sometimes it’s a win and occasionally it’s a hilarious fail! A post coming up on that…but I probably…

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Is There A Perfect T-Shirt?

A common uniform when I’m bopping around the house or running casual errands is usually skinny black pants or jeans, and a casual top. I always wear jewelry, usually a hat and often a scarf. I’ve seen lots of reviews…

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