great style is available at all price points and being stylish doesn’t have an expiration date. I interpret modern fashion for women 40, 50, 60, and above so they can feel confident with how they look.

Does Looking Sexy Have An Expiration Date?

I read an interesting post by a 40+ woman who was exploring her thoughts on sexiness, body confidence and wardrobe choices based on age. She and a friend had been discussing the way women change how they dress, after a…

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Handbag Etiquette

Most of the time I carry a satchel shaped handbag. It matches my aesthetic and is easiest on my shoulders and neck. I do have some shoulder and cross body bags that I use when traveling and shopping. I also have a…

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Comfort Shoes

…a term used to describe Gnome shoes… If I were an aging hippie type I’d have no problem finding comfortable shoes at a reasonable price. But I’m not, and even when I was a hippie in high school, I didn’t…

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It’s Not About The Lines On The Face

…it’s about the wisdom behind them…   The media is now hitting us pretty hard with gorgeous aging models. Some who’ve had work done and a few who haven’t. They are inspiring with their gorgeous gray hair and confidence. But…

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How To Be Elegant

 We’re all a combination of style characteristics. That’s what makes personal style…personal. How you dress is the outer reflection of your personal style and your behavior usually speaks the same language. Working with a new client last week, we discovered that Elegant was a…

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