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Personal Color Analysis: Is It For You?

I have a complicated history with color. Like many women, I’ve had my colors analyzed and been typed into a season. Several times, in fact.  Today I’m sharing

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Dressing Room Diaries: With Cool-Tones

Happy Friday ladies. After our chat about the perfect white shirt on Monday, I headed out to do a dressing room diary at

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Trench Coats: Gearing Up For Spring

My wardrobe is getting a massive clean out this season because I’m bored with my clothes, tired of wearing black and want to move towards owning a smaller, more cohesive wardrobe.

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Monday Musings- Lips to Toes

Happy Monday ladies. I hope you had a great weekend. We had a blast on Saturday seeing our grandson play in a basketball game. He’s growing so fast I expect him to be taller than me

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Would I Wear This and Why?

Happy Sunday ladies. It’s all too easy to just look at an outfit and say yay or nay, without understanding why you feel the way you do. I want our would you wear it conversations to have more value than that

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