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Dressing Room Diaries: Soft and Colorful

Happy Friday ladies and welcome to another dressing room diaries. Our skies are gray, gloomy and downright depressing these days so I’m not trying on many black things. I wasn’t expecting to find much when

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Choosing The Best Neckline For Your Face and Body

Necklines come and go in popularity but it’s helpful to know which ones flatter your shape best. Since the goal is to draw the eye up to your face, that neckline you’re sporting can be pretty darn important. Don’t think…

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Would I Wear This? The Anatomy of an Outfit

It’s no secret that women love to discuss fashion and I love that our would you wear it posts allow us to dissect an outfit without hurting another woman’s feelings. I enjoy

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Dressing Room Diaries: Spring Ahead

Most of us are shopped out from the holidays plus it’s hard to get excited about warm weather clothes in January. My local mall looks like a wasteland and most of the merchandise seemed boring until

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Is Navy The New Black?

I woke up Friday, looked in my closet and decided that I’m sick of wearing black. Shocking I know, and a real shame because I own epic quantities of

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