great style is available at all price points and being stylish doesn’t have an expiration date. I interpret modern fashion for women 40, 50, 60, and above so they can feel confident with how they look.

Prepping For New Years

Yesterday was a gray day around here so I took the opportunity to take the tree down. We like to have the house back to normal by New Year’s Eve, so the tree is always the first to go. Every…

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Nine Reasons to Get Rid of Clothes

We’ve all read and know that it’s time to get rid of clothes that are stained, torn, worn out or will never fit us again. The truth is, there are other reasons to get rid of clothes. A successful wardrobe…

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Eight Days of Giving: Gifts for the Fashionista

My eight days of giving series only turned out to be only six days because the holidays got away from me. Every year I say I will start my shopping early, and every year I fail to do so. I’m…

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Petite Dressing Room Diaries

I have a very small dressing room diaries for you today. To be honest, I spent most of this shopping trip, trying on workout clothes. I’ve decided to commit myself to

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Casual Look for New Years Eve

Are you going out for New Year’s Eve? We seldom do and if we do, the dress code is very casual. To be honest, I often ring in the new year wearing

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