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Your Style Comfort Zone

The dog days of summer are upon us and I’m in constant search of ways to look stylish without also looking bedraggled. Some days that’s easy to do and others… I just feel uninspired by my options. Those are the…

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Last week and this, we’ve had several too many days that were real scorchers. Temps have hovered in the 90, 95, and 100-degree range. That’s melting temperature for me so I’ve been struggling with what to wear. At my age, the answer isn’t…

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Classic Style Muses- Do They Inspire You?

Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy have been classic style muses for many of us. Their classic fashion choices are as popular today as they were 30 years ago. Now that I’m in my 60’s I’m reevaluating their influence on my style…

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Look of the Week: Rethinking Black and White

Is there anything more classic than black and white? My last trip I wore black and white more than any other non-color combo which renewed my belief that it’s the simplest way to coordinate a travel wardrobe…and get dressed effortlessly.…

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Tips for Dressing the Large Busted Woman

We all have real or perceived challenges to dress our unique body silhouette. By request today, I’m sharing some tips on how to dress the full busted silhouette for the woman who feels she looks top-heavy.

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My Relationship with Pink

Pink and I go way back. As a little girl, I lived in pink. As a teenager, not so much. I wanted to look sophisticated and pink didn’t send that message so I moved on to darker colors and black.…

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Dressing for Visibility Over 50

Do you dress to stand out? I seldom do but occasionally find that my normal is other people’s stand out. I always dress to be seen because invisibility feels insulting. I discovered just how visible I can tolerate this week.

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