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How to Find The Perfect White T-Shirt for Your Body Shape

Does the perfect white t-shirt exist? They’re a wardrobe essential for many women, available at all price points, come in all shapes and sizes and should be easy to buy. The truth is,

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9 Wardrobe Essentials for a Successful Wardrobe

Getting dressed should be easy and enjoyable. But if you stand in front of your full closet and struggle to put an outfit together, the chances are you’re missing

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9 Fashion Mistakes That Make You Look Older

When I turned 40, I stopped wanting to look older than I was. I’d wanted to look sophisticated and elegant, which I thought meant looking older. As the saying goes, “be careful what you wish for” because…

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Stirring The Pot: How We Find Our Personal Style

Today I have a little of this and a little of that for you. Being housebound with a cold has me thinking about our personal style and experimenting with recipes. Literally. I seldom make a recipe as written. I prefer

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9 Of The Best Reasons To Get Rid Of Clothes

Is wardrobe full of things you’ll never wear? How about those gifts that were never your style? The truth is, there are multiple reasons to get rid of clothes. A successful wardrobe should

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How To Go From Frumpy to Fabulous

“I want to look frumpy today”, said no woman ever. Sadly, it’s all too easy to feel frumpy as we get older. Changes in lifestyle, retirement and health issues often mean

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Column Dressing: Gray Formula

I like to think of style rules as someone else’s idea of how you should dress. Style formulas, on the other hand, are

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