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A Shrinking Trailer and Date Shakes

After 2 days of cold rain, our little trailer began to shrink. Wet shoes were taking over the doorway and damp coats covered every chair back. Eau de wet dog didn’t help the atmosphere one bit. As it happens there was…

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Staying Warm in the Desert

I guess it’s only me who thinks it’s cold around here. The man in the campsite across from us is walking around in shorts, sandals, and no shirt. Could I take a moment right now to just say, eww? Please…

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Look of The Week: In Vogue

Happy Monday! We are loving this Palm Springs film festival. Yesterday we saw “Franca, Chaos and Creation”, a documentary by Francesco Carrozzini about his legendary mother, Franca Sozzani. She was the Editor in Chief of Vogue Italia for 28 years.…

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Palm Springs at the Peak

Yesterday was a warm day, so we decided to the take the tram up to the peak of San Jacinto state park wilderness. I wouldn’t say I have a fear of heights, of course, I do, but it’s not my favorite thing.…

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Tote Bags and Movie Premiers

I’m a recent convert to the concept of using a tote bag and slipping a smaller hand or shoulder bag inside. I always thought using just one bag to hold everything was easiest. Lately, I’m finding it isn’t.

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