Cigarette Jeans For Spring 2022

Happy Thursday ladies. If you’d read me for any length of time you know that I’m a denim lover through and through. A peek into my closet shows it to be the number one item, I’ll never need more of. And yet…I constantly rotate new denim shapes into my wardrobe because I like to stay current and the shape of what’s modern is always changing. This spring I’m zeroing on cigarette jeans.

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woman wearing cigarette jeans and beige cardigan

This spring the denim trends are things we’ve seen and worn before so we can take our pick. We’ve all heard that skinny jeans are taking a rest and I’m happily jumping aboard that train because frankly, they’re just not that comfy on me. Many of you are still fans and I encourage you to wear what fits and flatters your shape. Straight and cigarette jeans are on my radar because I don’t have to fuss with the legs when I stand up and that makes them more effortless.

This Pistola brand is a happy new discovery for me. They’re a premium denim label that’s designed in California with the guiding principle that high-quality denim is available for everyone. I also find the prices much more affordable price than many other premium brands which my budget likes.


This style is a cigarette leg which has long been a favorite of mine. Not unlike straight legs, cigarette jeans have a slim shape that’s straight from the knee to the hem and stops at the ankle. Straight can be cropped, ankle, or full-length. Cigarette shapes can also tend to be a bit more fitted through the thigh area.

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These have an 11″ front rise; 16″ back rise for great muffin top control and a 26 1/2″ inseam. They would be high ankle length on someone taller than me which is great for when temperatures warm up. This style has almost sold out since I bought mine just 2 weeks ago so I’m not the only one zeroing in on cigarette shapes this spring. I’m wearing a 28 so this brand runs true to size. Mine are almost sold out so I have some below and these are similar.

More cigarette jeans

woman wearing cigarette jeans and taupe sweater

This everyday cardigan is another happy addition to my wardrobe because it’s a great cool-toned neutral that goes with everything. Cardigans are the perfect layer during shoulder seasons. This merino blend works almost year-round for me because it’s very lightweight and drapes nicely. This season it comes in 5 colors. I’m wearing Tan Cobblestone in small which is a great match for my shoes, and not surprisingly, my graying taupe hair.

woman wearing caridgan and cigarette jeans

I’ve layered it over this Halogen Raw Edge Tank in the ivory cloud which is a soft, cool-toned white. It’s a great layering piece that comes in 6 colors and 3 prints in sizes XXS-16W. This tank has a high/low hemline which looks nice tucked in or worn out over your pants. The snippet of chiffon edge detail adds a soft feminine look to an otherwise basic tank that’s great for layering. 

woman sitting on bench in cigarette jeans by Pistola

These wedge shoes come in 3 colors and are super comfy. I bought them in black several years ago and have just about worn them out! Eileen Fisher shoes are super comfy and have increasing shelf space in my closet. They have a low wedge with a contemporary look that luckily bypasses my bunion and is comfy for long hours on my feet.

This Stone shade is a dead ringer for my hair these days making it one of my perfect neutrals. Shoes the color of your hair go with everything you wear because they match you. They keep the eye moving up and down your silhouette rather than slamming to a halt at your feet.

News flash…pearls are trending for spring! These sorts of declarations make me smile because pearls are always on-trend for me. I like to wear them in modern settings like this David Yurman cable bracelet, but honestly, I never met a pearl I didn’t love whether they’re real or faux.

More pearls

Nordstrom has a great selection of denim for every size and shape. They’re my favorite department store for so many reasons, not the least of which is their incredible customer service with free shipping and returns. I’m a big fan of the Nordy club (it’s free to join here) because it allows you to earn points towards notes you can use to shop plus you get free basic alterations. They also offer BOPUS, ROTUS (reserve online, try on in-store), and curbside pickup.

What’s your favorite shape of jeans?

Thanks for reading and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.










  1. Love this look! I have more denim now than I ever did as a teen/young adult! Love the versatility and jeans are my go to now in between seasons!

  2. I love your outfit and hair. I have heard you say previously that you love Eileen Fisher shoes. These are so cute. Could you share the name of the low wedge that you can wear with your bunion? I, too, try to find shoes that don’t irritate my bunion. Thank you!

  3. I live in a beach community very casual. I have a few pair of jeans but don’t wear them out dinner, etc. I enjoy casual clothes and we used to have a wonderful Chicos Store approximately 45 miles away very fun and enjoyable to shop and then about 6 years ago it closed and it was a disappointment to myself and many others as it was always busy, friendly and had an inspiring sales staff. We were left with the closest Chicos 75 miles away, small, limited merchandize, lukewarm sales staff. We mostly used it for returns when ordering online. I recently went back as I needed some pants as I had lost weight from Covid and my clothes were very loose. I was surprised as the only pants this Chicos stocked was various types and colors of jeans and disappointedly I left without a purchase. Guess I’ll have to wait until we travel to find nice a Chicos. Sorry for the rant🤔💕

  4. I have bought a similar pair of jeans, but cheated the length by buying them in a tall size. I can’t tolerate ankle-length pants of any kind with my pear shape. This changes the silhouette for the better.

    I noticed the clearance racks at my favorite store filled with cropped pants. I’m thinking these have fallen out of favor where I live. What do you think, Jennifer?

    1. Crops will certainly be back for summer because so many women love them. I will style them but they’re not my favorite silhouette.

  5. Your outfit looks great on you. I used to like wearing my cigarette jeans, but alas I’m now too lumpy for that cut. However, I really LOVE your shoes! Those shoes are exactly the style of shoe I enjoy wearing: a little edgy & unusual but stylish. I didn’t even know that Eileen Fisher made shoes.

  6. A simple, unadorned, and graceful outfit that is just perfect on you. The cigarette jeans are just the right shape, as is the drapey cardican, and the cool neutrals are both flattering to your coloring and sophisticated (if I can use that word unironically). I also love the plain pearl stud earrings. Everything works beautifully together.

  7. Thanks for the shoe tip. I love Eileen Fisher shoes. I have the same problem so these are definitely on my wish list!

    1. What I love about your style is that it’s easy and light. Some other blogs, it seems they are trying so hard to make things work. You look great😍

  8. Very lovely outfit and makeup. Thank you for noting that the cardigan and tank are cool neutrals — it is so helpful for me. I know I need cool colors but can’t always tell when I am looking at something if it is cool. Question please — well, I guess two questions — What is the difference between a straight leg jean and cigarette?? I am pear shaped, so sometimes I think a “small” bootcut is more flattering, but I would love some guidance on what leg cut/shape is better for my shape but still modern.

    1. The only difference is that a cigarette shape leg is always ankle length which depends of course on how tall you are. Straights can be cropped or long enough to cover your shoe. Boot can have a gentle flare and also look similar to straights but with more room to cover your shoe. A bootcut is very flattering on pear shaped figures. Skinny legs accentuates wider hips etc

      1. Oh, thank you for this very helpful reply. I usually like my pants to hit my shoes to lengthen the leg, but for summer, it looks nice to show the ankle and is cooler too.

  9. I love cigarette jeans and pants. They really are the most comfortable to wear. Like your neutral outfit. That’s how I usually dress. I wear pearls almost every day in some form or another. So glad they are in for spring. But like you they are always in for me!

  10. Love the shoes and jeans are always a favorite of mine. Fits my lifestyle – dress them up or down – whatever.
    One note: Please tell me it’s not still Spring 2020! 🙂 We’ve come so far from 2 years ago and this “virus thing” isn’t that new!

  11. I love cigarette jeans.
    So comfortable and always look smart and
    Have a few pairs in various denim colors.
    I especially like your whole outfit. Very classy.

  12. Though don’t have them in denim, have several pair of cigarette style pants in other fabrics and have found them extremely versatile as can be worn with various cuts of tops. With that said; love the shoe you are wearing (yes, something finally with a dark sole) and shall add ‘looking amazing’ Jennifer. -Brenda-

  13. Yes, love the look and neutrals. I think the jeans are very nice looking . I would like to try on the jeans . I do not wear skinny jeans, too much like leggings. I like to wear slim straight jeans to the ankle .

  14. I totally agree with Jan! Love the whole look. Your hair/complexion/taupe sweater/pearl earrings all meld together into a clean, monochromatic look. Love it!

  15. Wowzer!! I don’t know where to begin! Here goes, your hair and makeup are just gorgeous, fresh and modern. I love every detail of your ootd and would definitely wear each item. How versatile are those jeans and cardigan?! Then by adding the pearls and a favorite bracelet, you carefully accessorized a very beautiful style. This is a favorite color and style combo that I would love to duplicate!

  16. Thank you for the comment in the beginning of your post about having to mess around with the legs of your jeans when you stand up! I thought it was just me, because I don’t ever see anyone else do that. I can never seem to have the right fit over booties – they either bunch up or curl up the wrong way. I tend to gravitate towards jeans that have a little more room at the hem. One of my most favorite pair of jeans is a pair of Levi’s with a slight flair in the leg that I found on sale for $5 a few years ago! At first I thought they’d be “work” pants for chores around the house, but the shape and fit is so flattering I wear them frequently.

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