Classic LBD by Covered Perfectly

Are you a fan of little black dresses? I’ve owned many in my life and know what makes a great one.

  • It can be dressed up and down.
  • It’s easy care.
  • It covers what I want to have covered.
  • It’s modest yet flattering.

Enter… the Covered Perfectly Ponte de Roma LBD.

This week I wore it for a quick dinner out with an old business acquaintance of my husband’s. I was going for…elegant with a touch of fun.

dressing up the classic little black dress Accessories are the game changer for this outfit and add the attitude. This dress has 3/4 sleeves which are my favorite sleeve length.

LBD for women over 50

We’re having an unexpected and welcome warm spell so I didn’t need a coat. This leopard shawl/wrap was just enough.

accessories make the outfit with a classic LBDBTW…when did shawls become wraps? Am I dating myself again?

I carried a simple suede clutch and black suede shoes.

dressing up a LBD for women over 50

I chose fishnets for a touch of fun. The bottom of my legs seem to be one of the last things to go… so why not showcase them when I get the opportunity?

fishnets add fun to a classic LBD
This dress has cute side seam slits for ease of movement. I’m just 5’4″ so I turned the dress hem up one time and quickly sewed it in place.

My shoes are by a company called Earthies and are in the comfort shoe category! Seriously, they have tremendous arch support and a hidden platform so the heel is actually just 1 inch high!

dressing up a classic little black dress for women over 50

I chose the scoop neck version of this dress because I have very wide shoulders. They also make a chic Boat Neck Dress which looks wonderful on women with slightly narrower shoulders.

classic dressing for women over 50

I felt comfortable and perfectly dressed for a nice dinner out.

You’ll see this dress again next week when I fly down to LA to model at the Covered Perfectly photo shoot. My husband loves telling people he lives with a model! Thanks, Pauline:)

Do you have a perfect little black dress? This could be yours too!

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  1. Theresa Campbell says:

    Can never go wrong with an LBD. I like to think of it as a canvas on which you can create any number of interesting outfits. That wrap is gorgeous and I love your shoes with those wide straps that wrap around the ankle. Very eyecatching. Oh yeah, and I’m totally into fishnets as an alternative to regular stockings. Great look!

    1. I agree, a LBD is always appropriate.

  2. What a great LBD, and I love the way you’ve styled it, Jennifer! Thanks for linking up, xo


  3. I love the entire outfit. You look fabulous! I have such a hard time finding comfortable shoes. I will look for this brand. Thanks!

    1. Thanks, Janet.They are available online many places too.

  4. Okay, I’m not tryng to be critical just a question. Are black stockings still in? I guess they’re good for hiding all sorts of things. Just wondering.

    1. If you mean sheer black stockings, yes, as are black opaque tights. I like the edginess fishnets give but agree they do not cover as many things as I like to cover:)

  5. I love the way you are styling your hair lately. Are you still using Nioxin?

    1. Yes, Paula. I use it everyday, without fail!Thanks, I like how it’s looking these days too.

  6. Love that! And great wrap. Love the print. xo

    1. Leopard is a favorite and the softer color combos are best on me.xo

  7. Alice Strom says:

    You look stunning from top to bottom, including your hair.
    …all ready for a splendid day!


  8. Where did you get your shawl/wrap? LOVE IT!

    1. Mine is about 15 years old from Nordstrom. The back is velvet and the front is leopard. Great accessories are worth holding on to!

    I just clicked on the clothes line and THERE YOU ARE!!!!!!!!

    1. He did take the pictures! I must give him a raise:)xo

  10. Love the entire look Jennifer, you look striking as always. Did you buy the shoes online or in a store????

    1. In a store about 9 years ago. It was a small boutique but I have seen this brand online and at Nordstrom too!

  11. That’s a great dress! You look fabulous! I love the touch of leopard you added. And what fabulous comfort shoes! One would never know!

    Have a wonderful time modeling next week!

  12. A LBD is a necessity in every women’s wardrobe. Years ago, an older women (40ish) told me (26)that I should have a LBD, as you can dress it up or dress it down. At firs, I thought her old fashioned but after thinking on it I realized she was more
    experienced and had something there.I owe her a Thank you for her great advice.

  13. Cheryll Sampson says:

    I recently bought this same dress. I wore it to church Sunday and received many compliments.

  14. I rarely wear my LBD anymore, because it does seem like everyone has one, and I love to stand out more! But they are certainly versatile and I’ve learned how to change it up lately!!
    I love this scarf you’re wearing, Jennifer!!

  15. Love a LBD!

    It’s like painting a picture every time I accessorize! You look LOVELY in your fashion artist rendition, my friend.

    I am over the moon about your modeling career!


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