Clean Beauty Favorites From Nordstrom

I switch my beauty products up fairly often. Not because they don’t perform the way I hoped…although there is some of that. I like to experiment with new products because there are so many great brands emerging, and I hate to get stuck in a rut. I prefer to buy my beauty and skincare from Nordstrom because they carry an extensive collection of my favorites, their customer service can’t be beaten, and they always offer free shipping!

Today I’m sharing a body care brand that I’m sticking with because the products are so darn good, along with two things I added to my makeup bag.


I’ve been using the Néccesarie body wash and body exfoliator for over a year and am totally obsessed with its fresh eucalyptus scent. Their products are all clean and free of sulfates, phthalates, parabens, petrochemicals, mineral oil, silicone, and talc. They’re also Leaping-Bunny certified to be cruelty-free, which ticks all the boxes for me. Many are also fragrance-free, but I admit I’m hooked on the eucalyptus scent, which makes my shower feel and smell like a spa.

The body wash is available fragrance-free or the eucalyptus I love. It’s made with non-drying plant-derived cleansers and has lots of antioxidants. I’m thrilled to find they now make a larger refill bottle which went right into my cart. This body exfoliator uses a gentle AHA/BHA trio of lactic, glycolic, and salicylic acids, along with pumice and bamboo charcoal, to gently exfoliate without irritating or drying out my skin.

I use it on my legs before using my self-tanner and on the backs of my arms to smooth out the little bumps of rough skin I always seem to get there. This one comes in unscented, eucalyptus, or a sandalwood scent which I bet smells pretty amazing too.


I bought myself this body trio set last summer, which included a travel-sized bottle of this Body Serum, which I loved so much I’ve been buying the full-sized bottle ever since. I reach for it before or often instead of the lotion. It has 5 molecular weights of hyaluronic acid for maximum hydration, along with niacinamide (vitamin B3) and ceramides to support your skin’s moisture barrier. I was surprised at how hydrating this turned out to be because it sinks in fast and leaves no greasy feel. I’m so happy with the results of this body serum, I just ordered the neck serum to try.


You can see the different consistencies of the serum vs. the lotion. The serum is a gel-like consistency, and the lotion is creamy. The lotion is made with 3 luxe oils, with vitamins A, B3, C, and E, along with Omegas 6 and 9 and antioxidants, too. It dries down, leaving no oily residue, which I appreciate so I can get dressed right away and not worry about it leaving smears on my clothes.


Nécessaire has now expanded its line to include several other things that are going into my cart. This brand also offsets its plastic footprint, uses sustainably sourced ingredients, and donates 1% of its annual sales to nonprofit partners in support of environmental solutions.


I also treated myself to a set of new makeup brushes this month. I’ve been hobbling along with random brushes from who knows where that were leaving stray hairs stuck to my face when I used them. It was way past time for a new set. It includes 12 professional-quality brushes that are made from synthetic hair, vegan, and cruelty-free.

It’s so nice to have a complete matching set of new, soft brushes. It’s hard to create a masterpiece with cruddy brushes 🤣. They also have a basic eye kit here, a great little travel essentials kit here, and a waterproof skincare kit here that’s great for applying masques, serums, and moisturizers.


I also added this Monica Blunder “Blunder Cover” to my makeup bag. I kept seeing it on YouTube and thought it looked like a great solution for days when I don’t want a full face of foundation but still need to cover my broken capillaries and dark spots. It’s a concealer and foundation in one made with natural botanicals and gentle hydrating oils.

woman applying clean beauty makeup with brush from Nordstrom

Monika is a Los-Angeles based makeup artist who believes that clean beauty begins with healthy skin so her products are always vegan and free of parabens, phthalates and sulfates and are made in the USA.

monika blonder clean beauty concealor/foundation and brush

This comes in twenty shades to match every complexion, and I guessed right on my first try! I’m wearing the 2.25 ZWEI shade, which blends perfectly. I simply use the hybrid face brush to dab, then smooth in small amounts only where I need it, and press the wrinkly bits with my fingers to be sure it doesn’t lay on top of the lines. The coverage is buildable, so you can layer for more or less coverage. I bought her special brush to apply it because I figured she knows what was needed for this unique product.

I make no secret of the fact that Nordstrom is my favorite department store for so many reasons. They offer BOPUS, ROTUS (reserve online, try on in-store), and curbside pickup along with free shipping and returns, on everything! I highly recommend you join the  Nordy club here which is free and allows you to earn points towards notes you can use on future purchases. I’ve also been utilizing the free alteration perk more lately and find it invaluable.

That’s what’s new in my makeup bag and my favorite clean beauty favorites from Nordstrom. What’s new in your beauty and skin care regime?


  1. Rhoda Clark says:

    I have tried many of the products that you have recommended and been pleased with them, however, I ordered the Necessaire roll on deodorant and it stained my white tank top very badly.
    I was so disappointed as I’m in the market for a natural deodorant. Just wanted to give a heads up on that particular product. I also ordered the shower gel, but haven’t tried it yet.

    1. I’m sorry! Thanks for letting me know. I hadn’t tried the deodorant.

  2. Hi. Jennifer.
    Thanks for posting.
    I’m going to buy the body wash and maybe the body serum. Can’t wait to give them a try.

    Have a nice weekend.

    1. Have a great weekend!

  3. I’m intrigued by the body scrub and may have to try it! Since you like to try many new products, can you share how you store it all? I feel like my bathroom is over run with beauty products!

    1. These are in my shower now. If products don’t cut it, I relegate them to use on my legs and arms.

  4. Thanks for this post, Jennifer. I appreciate your vetting good products to try. Budgets can be limited and it is so helpful to know what worked, and what you like. Your recommendations have been spot on for me.

  5. Good morning, Jennifer: What would you recommend for an inexpensive undereye cream that shrinks bags caused by allergies and lack of sleep? I currently use cucumber slices, but would like to try something different once in awhile. Thanks!

    1. Try Cocokind Revitalizing Eye Cream. Cocokind is a woman owned, botanical-forward company that makes affordable skin care products.

      1. Thanks for the recommendation. I checked it out on amazon – and it’s so popular, they’ve sold out!

    2. Ice rollers are very popular. Sleeping with your head elevated would help too. I use a rose quartz roller but under eye swelling isn’t a big issue for me. Swollen feet are😁

      1. Thanks for the good advice. Will replace cucumbers and ice cubes asap! I already elevate my head for hiatal hernia/acid reflux these last 20 years so that’s one “plus” in the right direction. As to swollen ankles, have only recently developed that problem especially in the SoCal heat and with certain foods. Isn’t getting old great? LOL.

  6. I liked the sound of the Eucalyptus body exfoliator. I may have to give this a try – thank you! Also, this post made me wonder if you have reviewed lotions, creams, serums, etc. for the winter dry hands I get. They get so bad that I get hang nails, cracked cuticals, the tops of my hands look horrible! This winter seems to have been one of the worst for me. I have tried several lotions, et al but none seemed to have really worked. Any input greatly appreciated!

    1. I find creams and lotions with lactic acid work the best. Try slathering it on and then wearing cotton gloves to bed. That really helps me, but you have to be consistent with it.

  7. I am a beauty product junkie.. I love trying recommended products . I’m very intrigued by this line, especially the neck serum.though nothing short of surgery will give me my jaw line back, but it’s worth the try.Thanks so much for trying products and recommending, also the price point is so reasonable. On my shopping list….

  8. I must be honest I haven’t bought new makeup brushes in sometime. I only use a few of them I mostly use sponges to blend in makeup, concealers and blushes. I don’t have a Nordstrom where I live only Nordstrom Rack. I purchase my makeup and skin care products from MONAT and Farmasi which both are animal free and no harming products.

  9. There are so many new products out there and it can get very overwhelming so it’s great to hear if some of them are worth trying. Thanks for all your research 🌷

    1. I agree. I love trying new ones but some become favorites.

  10. I need a new brush but baulk at $35-plus. Do you have a more economical brush you recommend?

    1. There are lots of great brush brands. What type do you need?

  11. I want to try the serum too! I have one question- Is this line free of metals? I’ve been using Beauty Counter and love it!

    1. I don’t know about metals. But don’t see any listed.

  12. Pat Patterson says:

    Hi Jennifer & ladies, I walk thru my local Nordstrom’s on a regular basis ( it’s how I enter and leave the mall), but, I haven’t really checked out the cosmetics department, I’m ashamed to say! But, I’m intrigued by the brands you featured today. Next week, I’m going to take my time and check it out. You mentioned old brushes, I’m hanging onto brushes I don’t use anymore like they were precious gems😂😂!
    Have a good day

    1. As with many brands, I discovered the Monika Blunder online but your store may be larger. Have fun exploring.

  13. I got a Neccesaire set last summer during the anniversary sale and I’m hooked. I saved it for winter and what a treat! If they offer that set again (body wash/lotion, iirc $30) I’m stocking up for Xmas/Hanukkah presents for all of my ladies! Going to branch out and try some more of their products.

    The foundation looks interesting but I would need some color guidance .

    1. The trio is how I got hooked on the serum. It’s so nice!

  14. “ I’ve been hobbling along with random brushes from who knows where that were leaving stray hairs stuck to my face when I used them. ” I had to laugh when I read this….soooo me! I finally treated myself to new ones also and I definitely think I look better after applying my makeup!😂😂

    1. Good morning 😁 We deserve nicer brushes!

  15. Will definitely try the shower products – love the eucalyptus scent as well.

  16. Another Necessarie fan here! I am on the fourth bottle of the neck serum because it’s been totally worth it. Not going to claim miracles, but since I’ve started to use it a little over a year ago, the skin on my neck is noticeably firmer, my jaw line has improved definition, and the redness has diminished. No, my neck at 25 has not returned. But my neck at 67 looks much better.
    Thanks for your recommendation on their other products. When I return from my trip, will give them a try.

    1. I’m really happy with it too. Their products work so well. Have a great trip.

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