Dressing Room Diary: Cool Tones for Early Fall 2023 At Eileen Fisher

I went hunting for cool-toned fall clothes, and I hit the jackpot at the local Eileen Fisher. The store was very, very busy with a wait for the dressing room, but I did not let that deter me. The racks had fewer things in my size than I’m used to seeing, and the sales gal told me that the brand is making less of each item this year, so you need to jump when you find something in your size. I suspect most brands will be doing that to succeed in a tough retail economy. I found lots of cool-toned pieces for early fall 2023 at Eileen Fisher, which is a welcome find for those of us who aren’t flattered by warm undertones.

If you’re new here, welcome. A dressing room diary is when I go into a local store for a try-on session so you can see what’s new and how it looks on a woman over 25. For reference, I am 5’4″ and weigh around 145 lbs. I have broad shoulders with straight hips, a long torso, and long arms. I often buy one size larger on top. You’ll see me try on clothes in colors and shapes that may or may not flatter me because I want you to see what’s in the stores and get some styling ideas. I tell you what sizes I am wearing to help you understand how things run. All Eileen Fisher designs are available online in a full range of sizes, from XXS to 3X. I’ll be the first to admit these outfits look weird with my sandals 🙂

You know it’s fall when the corduroy comes out. These straight-leg pants come in four great colors, this is charcoal, and they came home with me. I’m pretty sure these are my first pair of corduroy pants. I’m used to the fabric feeling a bit stiff, but these are soft, drapey, and velvety soft. They have a high rise and 5% spandex which makes them extra comfy. and since charcoal is one of my favorite neutrals for fall, it was a no-brainer for me.

I’m wearing them with a washable silk shirt in this yummy hydrangea shade. I have several blouses in this silk georgette and love how they come out of the washer/dryer looking fabulous! This little waist-length boiled wool jacket is also in charcoal and available in nocturne, which appears to be a very deep grayed navy. I usually find wool scratchy, but this is buttery soft and a great weight for fall. As with many Eileen Fisher pieces, I find they run large.

This super-soft little dress comes in four colors, including Nocturne…I’m showing it in black. This machine-washable fabric has a finely gathered texture that would travel like a dream. It also comes in red (the color of the season) and blue-violet. This would be great layered over leggings or dressed up with a blazer.

This silk georgette classic collared blouse is the most gorgeous teal shade called Alpine. I got this blouse in Bone last spring and have worn it on constant repeat. This easy-care fabric drapes beautifully with a soft matte finish. The cardigan doesn’t seem to be uploaded onto the website yet, so let me know if you see it.

This boiled wool fabric is very soft and stretchy. It’s a felted knit that drapes beautifully in black, nocturne, or this bone. The cute little jacket would be great over a tee and jeans for mild fall weather. These pants are an easy-fitting pull-on style that hits right at the ankle. They do come in petite, which are about 2″ shorter. The silk tank is machine washable and a great basic the brand carries season after season.

Here are the same pants, this time with a cotton/bend pullover. The sweater comes in five great colors, including hydrangea, which would have come home with me if they’d had it in the store. It’s a great year-round weight which I’d pop over a white shirt in the winter.

This longer mohair cardigan is super cozy and not scratchy! I know I keep repeating myself, but I often find these fibers itchy, but these aren’t. The color is alpine, which looks great with so many other cool-based colors and can also coordinate with warm. This is probably warm enough to work as an outer layer for ladies who live in milder climates, like me. The crewneck sweater underneath is a cotton bouclé pullover that comes in five colors. I’m wearing the Bluesteel.

This long Merino cardigan is in a regenerative wool and comes in black, alpine, or this charcoal. It’s ribbed all over, so it lays closer to the body than the mohair cardi. It’s warm and cozy, with an open front and no closure.

Their Regenerative Wool “supports Argentinian ranchers who regenerate depleted grassland through holistic farming methods while ensuring that better animal welfare practices are in place.”

When I stopped back in a few days later, they’d just unpacked some more of their regenerative wool collection. I was having a better hair day and wearing the platform sandals I’d picked up from their sale section during my first visit. Their regenerative wool is amazingly soft and not the least bit scratchy. The slim Merino pencil skirt caught my eye the second I walked in. It’s just the way I love to dress in cold weather….a cozy skirt over booties and tights. It has all-over ribbing, but it’s not clingy and has a pull-on waistband. It’s available in black, alpine, or charcoal. The length is 34″, and it doesn’t appear to come in petite.

It’s hard to tell in these photos, but the skirt and pants are charcoal. The soft flannel wide-leg pants on the right are gorgeous drapey wool with an elasticized waistband, front zip, pleats, and slash pockets. Trousers are a continuing huge trend going forward into fall, and these are beauties. The cotton crewneck is a boxy, cropped length in cuddly cotton that works well over wider pants. It comes in 5 colors, and the fabric is a bouclé type knit.

Same trousers as above, this time with a silk georgette ballet neck top in Alpine. The soft contrast of the alpine with charcoal is a luxe looking option for ladies who prefer to avoid black and will be as timeless a neutral as navy. The top is machine washable and comes in five colors. This Merino jersey poncho is very lightweight which makes it great for transitioning the seasons. It comes in black and this charcoal, one size fits all. I’ve looked at this poncho several times and have decided I need to have it for fall.

Here, I’ve paired the long mohair cardigan with the slim merino pencil skirt in black. If you’re short, this skirt could be easily shortened from the waistband…or if you’re like me, I’d just fold the waistband over. I guess you can tell by how many photo’s I took of this skirt, I really like it.

Just to switch things up, I paired the pencil skirt in black with the organic stretch corduroy jacket and jersey turtleneck in “auburn”. I love the combination of black with brown which also has a low contrast level. Eileen Fisher corduroy is a cut above other corduroys that I’ve felt and has a much more luxe feeling to it. The jersey turtleneck comes in four colors in a finely knit fabric that will layer beautifully.

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I find a lot of Eileen Fisher sizing pretty flexible, so I sized down to this XXS in the top and it fits perfectly. If you choose to wear things looser, just size down one size. This top comes in the same four colors as the skirt and would look cute layered over a crisp white shirt. This entire outfit is in charcoal.


Whew, that was a long post. Were there any looks that resonated with your style? Do you like sweater skirts?

Thanks for reading and be sure to wear what makes you feel confident.


  1. Lynneferd says:

    I own several EF items. Even though they are expensive initially, I have had them for years and wear them frequently. My wool knit EF sweater coat in raisin is worn constantly all winter. So think about how often you wear an item in relation to the cost. I can see several lovely things you’ve modeled!

  2. I’m not liking all of the oversized looks that are in style this season. On me they look sloppy and do nothing for my body. I’m very short-waisted, broad shouldered with long legs. The wide and large tops either cut me off strangely or just look bad on me. I’m only 5’4” so that doesn’t help. EF’s style of clothing doesn’t suit me. I do appreciate the quality of her clothes. Thank you for all your description for each item of clothing.

  3. I am not a fan of the color story EF is doing this season. I prefer the warmer tones. Of course, they will be back! I guess my wallet gets to take a break this time around.

    1. They will be back for sure.

  4. Beautiful collection! I love the Alpine blue and the charcoal trousers. Could you mention if these need drycleaning? My nearest one is 50 miles away. These are real investments for me.

    1. I would check the website just to be sure but I assume the wool needs to be drycleaned.

  5. Thanks for this post. I generally avoid wool like the plague due to itchiness but I’m encouraged by your comments re these wool items that are soft.
    The pants look wonderful but I’m tall with long legs and EF no longer makes anything in tall lengths. Note that the tall EF models have that “ flood pants” look with them. Yes I know that these days any length is supposed to be okay but on me wide pants look more elegant if they hit below or at least at the ankle, especially in fall/winter—even with dark socks and booties.

    1. I agree about the length of wide leg pants, Doris. I find it true for women at all heights.

  6. Love these pieces! DRD is what drew me to your blog and you never disappoint. your comments about fabric, drape, sizing, etc. are so, so helpful. Thx, Jennifer.

    1. I’m so glad this is helpful Linda

  7. Oooh, that poncho! Be still my heart! So elegant – and good to know that it looks attractive on a woman of shorter stature … did it feel like it overwhelmed you??

    1. Not at all. The fabric is thin and drapey so it’s lightweight.

  8. I own and have worn the ribbed merino skirt (in charcoal!) for at least 4 years now — I sized down to get the slimmest effect and wear it with ankle boots all winter long. It shows zero signs of wear, which was one of my early concerns, and it’s just as soft as it was the day I bought it. Highly recommend!
    Several people have commented on EF prices — I buy 90% of my EF on ebay, which I prefer over Renew as you get to see the exact piece you’re buying, along with photos and measurements. Renew is hit or miss as to quality, and you don’t see the actual item you’re purchasing.

    1. That’s awesome Bette! Thank you

  9. Belinda Kenley says:

    Every one of those outfits look great on you! I especially love the poncho with the trousers and blue blouse. I’ll try the long skirt, too. Every EF piece is a treasure. Thanks for showcasing this fabulous brand!

    1. I do love this collection and the brand has such great values.

  10. Francesca B says:

    Wow ! These clothes are so beautiful Jennifer and you look terrific:) So many excellent choices and I love all those sumptuous blues. Eileen Fisher is very dangerous for me and my wallet! I think the charcoal pants especially are calling my name. And the skirt is gorgeous too. Can you wear wide leg pants with a oversized cardigan/sweater? I am into oversized sweaters now as I am “booby” and hate things tight. Thank you for the post.

    1. Oversized is a popular vibe with EF and it’s certainly growing on me♥️

  11. Sharon K. says:

    I love the colors and fabrics, but the flowy and boxy shapes don’t work for me. At 5’2” and 115, i need a bit more shaping. I feel like a child wearing my mothers clothes whenever I try oversized or very long garments. Looks great on taller friends though. I so appreciate your dressing diaries. Thanks!

  12. Love boiled wool jackets and all these colors look so great on you! I think I might wear a knit long skirt. I used to have a dress I loved. Thanks for taking time to try on everything.

  13. You look fantastic in all of the EF wardrobe! I find myself going to consignment sites to find less expensive pieces that are still in excellent condition to tell you the truth! They still hold up. Just saying. Thanks so much for this post.

    1. I noticed today that EF has an online pre-owned clothing service. I haven’t used it, but it’s thereM

      1. They do!

  14. Can you provide a link for the black shoes?

  15. I love your posts and especially grateful for pictures from the dressing room. And so glad that you are willing to post “bad hair day” pictures. Makes me feel like my bad hair days are normal 😁

    1. I’m having more bad days than good lately because my hair has gotten so thin.

  16. Your detailed descriptions and great photos make me want to run to the nearest EF store! Since that’s a two hour drive, I’ll use your details and styling to guide my online shopping. You look terrific in all the outfits!

    1. I’m so glad it’s helpful. I love this collection.

  17. Ah, Eileen Fisher is my sister from another mother. Love the style, quality and environmental values of this brand. And, the RENEW option offers classic styles at a deep discount.
    Love all the color this fall. Alpine is gorgeous! The grey cords will find a home in my wardrobe.
    In addition to less inventory, I’ve noticed sizing is changing. More items fit true to size instead of on the large side. True of a recent purchase of a long sleeve t shirt and sweater. The EF customer service is great. When choosing online and unsure, I call about sizing.

    1. I echo everything you’ve just said. Their online customer service is fantastic. It’s a brand I love to invest in because I know I’ll wear it for years and years.

  18. Jill from Detroit says:

    Great post! In my not so expert opinion the white cotton crewneck and soft flannel wide leg pants wins as the best look on you. Those pants with a cropped top make your legs look a mile long. You’ve got the top as 1/3, bottoms as 2/3 proportion which is so pleasing to the eye. I don’t like skirts in cool weather. Pants are warmer. I love skirts and dresses in the hot summer months. I’m from Michigan where it can get really cold! I don’t like the turtlenecks as they make you look like you have no neck. And that makes us look shorter. I love long cardigans but the ones you wore seem to overwhelm and cut you in half. This is such a wonderful education for me in what looks good on the very short person. I’m only 5 feet half an inch. Seeing you in all these outfits helps me realize what look is best. All the Eileen Fischer models must be at least 6 feet tall!

    1. LOL, I think they are very tall and very thin.

    2. I totally agree that the long wide leg pants and cropped crew sweater are so flattering and make legs look so long! Love that look! 💗

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