Cozy Outfit From Kohl’s

Several weeks ago, a few of you commented on how much you loved Land’s End cashmere. I noticed that Kohl’s carries them, and I ordered a few so I could earn Kohl’s cash on them. You earn $10 in Kohl’s cash for every $50 you spend. Their Friends & Family Sale is also on now, so you can take 25% off until 12/18 with code FAMILY25!

cozy sweater and coat from Kohl's
LAND’S END CASHMERE SWEATER medium / petite hereplus size here –  LONDON FOG PEACOAT smallPLAID SCARF

This sweater comes in five colors, XS-XL Tall. I’m wearing ivory which is soft as a cloud and incredibly cozy! I also love that the turtleneck isn’t tight against my neck. I hate ones that feel like they’re strangling me.


woman wearing cozy coat, scarf and gloves from Kohl's

I paired it with this London Fog Peacoat in shadow blue and added this plaid scarf to tie all the colors together. I wasn’t sure what size coat I needed, so I ordered this blue in small and the ivory in medium.

They both fit me, but the small one is slightly better because the sleeves are a tiny bit shorter. This coat also comes in black. The sizes run S-XXL. It’s in a versatile midweight fabric that hits above the knees with one button and one snap to close in front.

My iLi Leather Crossbody Bag is buttery soft. I’m a big fan of purses that are camera-bag-shaped because they hold so much yet don’t look too big. This one comes in three colors and has lots of sections to keep your stuff organized.


I’m also wearing these Levi’s high-waisted straight jeans. They come in seven washes, and I’m wearing “cast shadows”. They’re a true straight-leg, so they look best with short ankle boots or shoes. These are a touch too long for me, so I have them folded under a few inches.

My booties are The Blake by Lifestride. They have a microfiber upper with perforated detailing and a 1 1/2″ leather-stacked block heel which makes them really comfy to walk in. They come in four colors, sizes 5-11, medium and wide. I’m wearing the Doe color and found the regular wide enough.

What’s the point in wearing gloves to keep your fingers warm if you have to remove them to use your phone? I love these EZ Touch Screen Gloves that allow me to use my devices! My Softer Than Cashmere Scarf really is…and at an amazing price. This color is sold out, but they have lots of other colors here.


Kohl’s carries an exclusive selection of quality merchandise from brands you know and trust. They’re famous for their amazing sales and deals that save you money on everything from women’s fashion to elevated home decor.

You can also earn an extra 35% off when you apply for Kohl’s Card and take an extra 15% off one time only, off your next online purchase when you sign up for mobile sale alerts.

Have you shopped at Kohl’s lately?

Thanks for reading, and be sure to wear what makes you feel confident.


  1. Cara MacNinch says:

    I love Levi straight leg jeans. They are the perfect length for me. I really like the coat, especially in blue.

    1. I’m partial to the blue too 🙂

  2. Okay, I’m partial to blue so you know which colour I prefer and I think the coat looks amazing on you. As to Kohl’s the closest one to me is five hours away and I haven’t been to it in a few years but always enjoyed shopping there particularly for the grandchildren when they were little as always found their selection good and pricing reasonable (regardless of the US/Canada exchange rate). -Brenda-

    1. The world has certainly changed, hasn’t it?

  3. Sorry I’m the odd one in the comments but I liked your hair style before you got it cut.🥰

  4. Love the blue pea coat! Adding the blue and white scarf perfect.

  5. You are such an inspiration because your color and fashion choices mirror so much of what I like! Lately I’ve been interested in finding a straight leg jean with pull on styling. I have a pair of Jag jeans from years ago that fit that description, but I’m looking for a darker wash version. The pull on style looks much smoother in the tummy area under tops. Have you seen any pull on jeans that are straight leg instead of jegging or skinny style?

    1. I will keep an eye out for you! I’d love that too. Pullon is the comfiest this time of year 🙂

      1. Grandma judy says:

        Yes please!

    2. @Kathy: Hopefully Jennifer doesn’t mind me chiming in but something you could consider which will depend upon the weight/blend of the fabric, how the waist is finished and the overall cut of the jegging or legging is, try going up a size. I do it often and actually just did it recently as wanted a straight leg design in a faux leather but didn’t want them as roomie as a trouser style. -Brenda-

      1. That is a great suggestion, Brenda. Thank you for sharing

  6. Where did you take these photos? I want to go there!

    1. I’d love to meet you for coffee, Kay! Lincoln, CA

  7. Joanne W. says:

    You look just beautiful in both coats!!

  8. Kohls is about the only store left in my small, upper midwestern city. I was in it a few days ago and left very disappointed. The clerks were standing around talking and couldn’t be bothered to help me. The jewelry department has been downsized to make room for Sephora (a nice addition). The bedding department no longer has displays. Overall, the store was jam packed full of cheap stuff brought in for Christmas shopping.

    1. Sorry, your store was a disappointment. Perhaps You’d do better shopping online. I always find the best selection online.

  9. I really love the coat.I’m not a Kohl’s shopper, there isn’t a store near me, but I might just pop in today..time to take a drive…sometimes I do get disappointed when I order on line, and this coat is definitely an in-person potential purchase. Actually your entire outfit is really appealing…

  10. Will head over to Kohl’s today after my Costco run.
    I love the blue on you. I appreciate you and your blog so much.

    Thank you.

  11. This is a look I love. Both coat colors, jeans and scarf are gorgeous on you and practical, as well as timeless. I adore cashmere but don’t care for turtlenecks. Would prefer a scoop or cowl neckline.
    Merry Christmas shopping!

  12. Absolutely love, love all the outfits you have shown today. The pea coat in blue looks beautiful on you. Definitely a color for you. I have a Kohl’s about 15 minutes from my home here in central Florida but with the weather here unfortunately I would have no use for these wintry items. Some days I do miss the winter season with all the beautiful clothes I used to wear, but no snow and ice far outweighs the weather we enjoy here. Merry Christmas Jennifer to you and your family. Happiness and good health for the new year.

    1. I do love winter weather but in short doses 🙂

  13. Love your look today. Both colors look wonderful on you. Which will you keep? Or maybe both? Thanks for more modestly priced options.

  14. Love the jeans. I have the same pair. However, retailers need to realize that we don’t all wear stilettos with jeans! I ordered my jeans in medium length and they were a full three inches too long. (And I am 5’8” tall!). I returned them for the same size in shirt and they are perfect. Cast shadows color is nice.

  15. Hi Jennifer,
    I am going to go against all the others and say the ivory looks the very best on you, even though the blue is gorgeous too! I love the coat. I just have so many now and it doesn’t get that cold in Mississippi to even wear them.
    I really enjoy your blog and seeing where you will show up next!

    1. Thanks, Debbie. I liked them both. They have a very different vibe simply because of the color.

  16. That London Fog coat is great – in both colors! Thanks for the Kohl’s fashions today.

  17. Like the Land’s End sweater and especially those t-necks that are not too tight – will have to check this out. The jeans are rerally nice but way too long: do rretailers think that Petite women have suddenly grown 2 inches taller? The coats are pretty too but here in the Northeast we are alrready into winter and the coats wouldn’t be warm enough. Land;’s End does make ‘rreal’ winter coats that hold up well.

  18. That whole outfit looks so nice on you! I do like the ivory coat but I think the blue is the most flattering since it adds a touch of color and in a pretty shade of blue. I find so many winter coats to be dark colors and then by March (which is still cold in PA) I’m ready for something still warm but more colorful! Thanks for showing these options today!

    1. I agree. Same with rain coats. I like lighter colors now to cheer up the day.

  19. Blue is beautiful on you.

  20. You look wonderful in both coats, but the blue is just so perfect on you. Thanks for sharing things at all different price points and styles. I look forward to your posts each day.
    P.S. Have a blessed Christmas Season!

    1. Thank you. Merry Christmas!

  21. Love that blue coat! It looks fabulous on you! I love shopping at Kohl’s. They have a great selection of quality clothing.

    1. They really do! Great brands.

  22. I hope you kept the shadow blue coat and scarf. They look terrific on you. The color is so flattering

  23. You had me at that Blue color!! I see they it in petite sizes too. Thanks : )

    1. It’s a gorgeous color!

  24. I had no idea Kohl’s carried Lands End. Used to go to Sears for that brand but they are gone. Thanks for the tip! Love, love, love that blue coat with the ivory turtleneck on you.

    1. It’s one of my favorite shades of blue 💙

  25. Pat Patterson says:

    Good morning
    I absolutely adore your coat. I’m going to check out the local Kohl’s, it’s a great length and looks super comfy.
    Have a great day!

    1. It’s a fabulous length! If your store doesn’t carry it you can always order online. That’s what I had to do. If you do, I hope you’ll shop through my links 🙂

      1. Pat Patterson says:

        I will! Thank you🎄

  26. Melinda Beckett says:

    Good morning, Jennifer,
    I went to Kohl’s several weeks ago in my area of Georgia. Great experience. The place was well stocked, many customers and I intend to go back soon. I love these coats. I plan to look for one. Thanks for the offerings. I love the classic pea coat style and colors.

  27. Love these outfits! Wish we had Kohl’s in Canada!

    1. Kohl’s would do very well in Canada!

  28. Mihaela Eftimescu says:

    Hi,Jennifer !
    I never shopped at Kohl’s because it simply doesn t exist in my country: I might have seen some cosmetics randomly exposed in Marionaud. But I got interested in the clothes you wear as they look beautiful and does not seem expensive.I will look for it in Europe during my vacation. All soldes are impressive there.Next week J will be in Budapest so I am carefully choosing my outfits fir Christmas and New Year .
    I wish you to sparkle joy in your family and to open the door to a fulfilling New Year !

    1. Merry Christmas Mihaela! I know you will look absolutely amazing!

  29. Rose-Marie says:

    Such pretty outfits! BTW, I really like your haircut, too!

  30. I love this post! I know I’m supposed to be paying attention to the outfits but I miss our downtown so much and love seeing the scenes behind you.

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