Disjointed Dressing Room Diary

Happy Wednesday ladies. I went into several stores yesterday to do a dressing diary but left feeling frustrated. No single store had enough new merchandise for me to do a dedicated DRD because they’re in the midst of their in-between season shakeup. Shelves have been removed, entire sections of floors are cleared out to make room for new spring items so today’s DDR is a hodgepodge of things I could try on. I like to do DRD in the same store from start to finish but may have to switch things up for the time being.


If you’re new here, DRD is when I go into stores and try on new merchandise so you can see what it looks like on a woman over 25 who wears a size larger than zero. For reference, I am 5’4”, weigh 137 pounds, have broad shoulders, narrow hips, and a long torso and arms. The lighting is poor so my pictures are grainy. My hair gets trashed but you’ll get the idea of what things look like.

The first store I visited was Ann Taylor. I have to admit, I thought they were closing. Many other retailers have shuttered their doors in that mall, including Nordstrom, so I wonder how they’ll survive. My hopes are that they will relocate closer to my area because I have always loved their clothes.

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I’ve been admiring this striped, mock neck tunic online for weeks, so I was excited to try it on. The colors are soft, ice cream colors that feel perfect for spring. It’s available XXS to XXL, I am wearing a small. Its tunic length would look best over slim chinos like this. These pants are a petite version of their on-seam high-rise jeans which appear to be nowhere on their website. So moving on….:)


These jeans are off the sale rack which I zeroed in on because they had a few petites. These are the sculpting pocket corset high waist straight jeans. And they sure do have a very high waist. In fact, the belt loops are about an inch and a half below the top of the waistband. They come in regular or petite sized 0 to 16. I’m wearing is six petite so they run true to size.

This yellow dropped shoulder sweater is sized regular or petite XXS to XXL in Lemon Sorbet. The color on the website is more accurate than my picture. It’s a soft, pale color. I’m wearing a regular in small and as you can see by the sleeves, I clearly need the petite.

Moving further along…I wandered into J. Crew-


J. Crew was a riot of color, pattern, and happiness all wrapped up in classic shapes. My roots tend to go back to classic more often than not these days so I can always find some great pieces here. Their cashmere is available in 19 rainbow colors to perk up everyone’s outfit.


This striped tee is %100 cotton available in XXS to 3X. I’m wearing the coral stripe and it comes in four other colors. It’s oversized by design so for a more streamlined look, I suggest you size down. I did a comparison to show how much longer my legs look with a tiny half-tuck. I’m wearing it with the vintage straight garment-dyed chino, in old red. These come in classic or petite or tall sizes 23 to 37. I’m wearing the classic regular in a 27 so they fit true to size and come in multiple colors.


I topped it with this classic snap front chambray skirt, worn open like a jacket. I would prefer a lighter wash chambray shirt like this one to keep the whole look light for spring but again, my size wasn’t in the store.


I know most women are smitten with skinny jeans, but my heart belongs to straight and bootcut. These are the 9″ vintage straight jeans in Rinse wash. It’s available in classic, petite, and tall sized 23 to 37. I’m wearing the classic which makes them full length on me but they’re intended to be slightly cropped. They’re fitted through the hip and thigh then relax into the straight leg. My favorite shape.


This mock neck cotton-blend sweater is available in XS to XL. I’m wearing the natural in small and it also comes in black. It’s a great sweater to span the seasons in a slightly oversized shape which makes it super comfy. I’m wearing it under this classic Sophie open-front sweater blazer. They’ve been making these sweater blazers for years but most have felt too long on me until now. This shorter version is a better option for petite women. It comes in seven colors sized XXS to 3X. I’m wearing a small so it fits true to size. The sleeves are bracelet-length which is a plus because it’s not available in petite.


Ruffles and other Regency-era details are popping up everywhere this spring. I think we can trace that right to the Bridgerton effect. Have you been watching that show on Netflix?

This is the classic-fit ruffle neck shirt in a crisp blue and white stripe. It’s a machine wash cotton sized from 00 to 24. I’m wearing a 6 so the fit is generous because I usually wear an 8 in their shirts.

I topped it with tissue weight merino crewneck sweater in vintage lilac. I sized up to a large but it’s still too thin to wear a shirt with buttons under it. I would prefer this on its own or over a soft knit. It comes in 13 colors sized XS to 3X. It’s a stepped-up alternative to the ease of a long-sleeve T-shirt because it’s machine washable.

These are the slim boyfriend jean in Ridgefield wash. They come in classic petite and tall, sized 23 to 32. They’re easy through the hip and thigh with a slim, straight leg. I’m wearing a classic and 27 which makes them full length on me so they run TTS.


Same sweater jacket as above, this time in Stainless Steel, worn over this classic-fit double gauze shirt in cool pink. It’s sized from 00 to 24 in 5 colors. IMHO, the pink is the prettiest. These are the vintage straight jeans again as described above. I’m wearing a 6 in the shirt so it runs TTS.

Many of you have mentioned that you haven’t been inside a store for many long months so I hope this helps you feel like you’ve gone shopping with a friend to see what’s new.

Be well, be kind and wear what makes you feel confident.



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  1. I must have that yellow sweater!

  2. We are in the midst of another heavy snow fall here, so today’s DRD is uplifting as so many pretty nice colors and a variety of styles, with the promise of Spring hopefully just around the corner.

    With appreciation of your time ‘n effort and particularly liking the ruffled accent blouse. Brenda-

  3. Linda Henderson says:

    I really like the sweater jacket and I notice it comes in many neat colors. Thank you for sharing. I was in Dillards recently and they were still in winter sale mode. I look forward to Spring arrivals.

  4. The lilac sweater is so good on you!!! Love that outfit!

  5. Love seeing spring colors – all of which look good on you. I especially like the striped J Crew shirt with the bright chinos. Now that I’ve been able to get both COVID vaccine doses, I may go clothes shopping again. Thanks for showing & telling us what’s going on inside the stores.

  6. Thanks for the DRD…. feel like we are shopping along with you. The pretty spring colours are appealing. The boot cut jeans are flattering. Can you check out Talbots next time? Thanks!

  7. Joyce Reardon says:

    Thanks for going shopping for us!! Love all the outfits especially J Crew

  8. I enjoy DRD very much. I get many ideas and get to see what is out there. Thanks for doing this.

  9. Pink Azalea says:

    I love all the pretty spring colors. I especially liked the Ann Taylor outfit and the lavender sweater. I’ve been wanting to order the JCrew chinos, good to get a review.

  10. The sweater blazer looks like such a versatile piece. I would need to work through a couple issues that may hold me back from purchasing. I have longer arms and many times have had shirts that I wish were a tad longer in the sleeve. The bracelet length sleeve might be my challenge. I am also not comfortable with a long sleeve shirt under a blazer or cardigan. When I’ve tried to layer that look, I feel very uncomfortable with the bulk.
    Love all the spring colors you featured today! Spring 2021 deserves all the color we can muster!

  11. Sarah Cliffe says:

    I absolutely love the coral/cream striped T, coral chinos and denim shirt/jacket on you. I hope you bought them 😊

  12. Victoria Korol says:

    Thank you for the report from J Crew. I will have to go check it out (if it’s still open). I think the denim shirt you wore over the coral striped shirt and chinos looked devine! I think a lighter chambray would have washed out the outfit, but that’s a personal preference.

  13. Such great colors! You inspire me everyday to try something new. Have you noticed Talbots website where they do Style Stories? Talbots has been highlighting a young woman named Rachel Richardson and another named Stephanie Fleming who don’t fit the model mold but who are doing a wonderful job of showcasing the clothes.

  14. Thank you for doing my shopping for me! I haven’t been to a mall since the virus because of my health issues and doctor’s advice. I really appreciate you doing this. It’s good to see the clothes on a real person!

  15. I have warm coloring and usually stick to mustards and golds for fall/winter. I like the springtime yellow sweater in the first photo but never know if something like that will work with my skin tone.

  16. I recently went to the mall while out of state and I found Ann Taylor as well as Loft to be empty. I wondered if they were still in business, maybe just online. Any-who, love the yellow sweater, that color seems so pleasant. J Crew is one of my favorite stores because of their classic looks. Thank you for trying on clothes, it truly helps me see a real sense of fit! Have a wonderful day:)

  17. Love seeing some clothes that hint at spring. I prefer skinny jeans but have been happy enough with straight legs this winter. By the way, have you ever considered doing DRD with a big-bottomed partner? So many of these outfits look wonderful on you as they hang from your broad shoulders, but I can try on similar styles and look downright frumpy.

      1. Frances Lowy says:

        Yes, I agree as well. I envy your wonderful shape. I am small shoulders and big bottom, so a lot of things don’t look well on my shape. My daughter has your shape and everything she wears looks wonderful. Thanks for all you do in posting. It gives me a sense of everyday clothes and what to be on the lookout for.

    1. Great idea! Just wondering how Jennifer would present that idea to a big bottomed friend tactfully 😳😂

  18. I always enjoy the dressing room diaries posts. Especially since your taste and coloring are close to my own. I wish more brands would follow your lead and show their clothing on women who aren’t always 6 feet tall, 20 years old, with airbrushed faces. Today’s biggest hits for me are the
    J. Crew jeans and sweaters. I never would have dreamed that at age 75 my favorite pants would still be jeans!

  19. All look great on you. My favorite though is the mock sweater with Sophie open blazer. Just a stunning casual look that I prefer. Love your DRD, nice to see what the stores are starting to show for spring have a lovely rest of your week

  20. Love all the beautiful spring colors! The sweaters looked great on you. It’s really hard to shop in February even before Covid. Now shelves are really bare!

  21. Pamela Stagg says:

    For your international followers, J. Crew has suspended international shipping, they say temporarily. I sure hope it is temporary.

    1. I noticed that J Crew was closing stores when I was in Vancouver. I hope it’s only temporary too, Pamela

  22. Yes I prefer bootcut as I cannot stand skinnier,so uncomfortable.Looking forward to going into stores again,I really am.I have been trying on various outfits from my wardrobe and getting my husband to take a photograph of me in it Wow a real eye-opener.Things I thought I looked great in are NOT good on me at all If I put on a pair of pants I have tried about six tops.Try this method its really good to see clearly what goes best.

    1. That’s a wonderful exercise! It is so eye opening. I’m glad you’ve started doing that.

  23. I love the soft colors for spring! And you’ve heard it from me before- I’m so happy that looser leg jeans are popular again. They help my super short legs look longer with the higher rise ( I always tuck) and the longer length that covers much of my shoes.
    You look terrific in these colors, I hope they work for me ( dark hair, medium light skin).

    1. I love them too. They all have a great assortment of warm and cool shades. There’s also many with more saturated colors which you might prefer.

  24. Thank you for shopping for us! I also like Ann Taylor. I received an email that “my” store was closed a few weeks back. Then 2 weeks ago, I received another email with limited hours, last week it was open more days and more hours per day. Hopefully, they are easing back into business and will continue to be open.

    1. I hope so too. They’ve always been one of my favorite stores.

  25. So glad to hear you say that you prefer the straight boot cut Jeans. I do too! With my bigger chest, skinny jeans seem wrong. (They make my chest look bigger than it is.) Somehow the straight boot cut pant provides a better balance, and the proportion enhances my figure. Thanks for trying on all these clothes for us! You must be exhausted, but I enjoyed seeing all of these outfits. Have a great day, Jennifer.

    1. Yes, they would be a better balance. Skinny jeans make me look out of proportion with my broad shoulders too.

  26. Hi Jennifer,
    First, I envy you being able to try things on in a store! Dressing rooms where I live have been closed since the pandemic started – almost a year! You have to guess your size, cross your fingers, and return merch that doesn’t fit. A lot like online shopping, actually, which takes all the fun out.

    I am loving the colours for spring. The butter yellow is exactly the right shade for me but is often hard to find. I love both the pastel shades (the lilac is gorgeous), but also the spunky coral striped T and jeans.

    I have been looking for an open sweater jacket, so I will go to the J Crew website today to order one!

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. And it’s currently 50% off!👏

    2. They make a slew of styles with and without lapels and now in varying lengths. You’ll have fun with all the colors too.

  27. Thank you for still doing DRD and yes, it does feel like you are our shopping buddy.
    Our stores just opened on Monday, after being closed for 2 months, and even though I had thought I would be out shopping the first day to take advantage of all the bargains, I’m just not comfortable venturing out yet.

  28. Love the lilac sweater and the vintage straight Jeans on you. I enjoyed the vicarious shopping trip. Thanks!

  29. Love the sweater jacket, the pants and the pink shirt. I think the sweater jacket would work great for me. I think both colors are great.