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Dressing Room Diaries: What’s New At J. Jill

Last week, I stopped in to do dressing room diaries at J Jill. I tried on things from their newest collection to help you have a better understanding of how things look so you can shop with more confidence online. If you’re new here, this is when I go into stores and try on merchandise so you can see how it looks like on a woman who wears a size larger than zero and is older than 25.FASHION BLOGGER JENNIFER CONNOLLY OF A WELL STYLED LIFE TRYING ON NEW J JILL SHIRT AND SCARF IN DRESSING ROOM

For reference, I’m 5 foot four and weigh 135 pounds. I’ve lost a few pounds in the last couple of months so I’ve gone down one size in everything…including my shoes. I have broad shoulders, narrow hips, and very few curves. I have long arms and torso with average legs.

For some bizarre reason, I managed to cut the top off my head in several of these pictures. Probably because I’m trying to get used to a new phone. No worries, you’re here for the clothes, not my face;)


You will see me wearing this semi-precious pendant with lots of these outfits because it’s lovely and goes so easily with everything. I started with this Tencel tunic which I love wearing open as a shacket. Shackets came on the scene last year and are continuing to be popular for spring. I am wearing a small petite.

I’m wearing it over a striped tee of navy and gray with navy high rise cargo pants. I don’t normally gravitate to cargo pants but the sales lady suggested I try them, and I really liked them. They’re not loose or sloppy so show your shape nicely. These are 6 petite and fit very well.

fashion blogger jennifer of a well styled life trying on j jill sweater in dressing room

J. Jill has quite a few reversible pieces in this collection so I started with this reversible color block sweater. It comes in two different colorways…I’m wearing lavender with oatmeal. The bottom block is navy. I’m wearing it over these refined woven trousers which fit like a dream. I thought they were navy when I picked them up, but it turns out they are black. I am wearing a 6 petite. These have spandex in the fabric so they’re very comfortable.


Next, I thought it would be fun to top these off with this reversible trenchcoat. I’m in the market for a trench and love the sportiness of this one with the snap closure. It’s navy on one side and almond on the other. There are pockets on both sides and it flips inside out easily. I’m wearing a small in regular so the sleeves are perfect for my long arms. It also comes in petite, women’s and tall.


This space-dyed hoodie sweater is a pretty color combination and long enough to wear out or do a half-tuck to show some of your figure. I am wearing a medium petite which I like so I can layer it over other things, like this classic white shirt.

I am baffled by my attraction to these high-rise cuffed jeans, They are so far from anything I’ve ever worn…but I love them and brought them home. Do I care that they make my legs look shorter? No. Do they bring up visions of Ellie Mae Clampett? Yes, but I love them. Note to self- never rule things out until you try them on. I am wearing a 4 petite which is a bit snug so I bought the 6.



This Pima cotton three-quarter sleeve V-neck tee is a wonderful basic that comes in 6 colors and one floral. It’s also available in petite women and tall. I am wearing a medium petite and like the extra room it provides across my shoulders.


This cozy look is comprised of a dress with leggings. I see this worn with slippers to hang at home, then with ballet flats, low rise ankle boots or soft tennies. I’m wearing an XS in regular and would prefer the small for a looser fit across the bustline. The leggings are also an xs and work for me because I am smaller on the bottom than the top. I could do the petite in both. They’re also available on women’s and tall in a slate blue.


I really love this soft safari jacket. Its shorter length means you don’t have pockets on the hips so if that’s an area of concern for you, this might be more flattering. It’s in a beautiful soft eucalyptus color that I think is a great neutral. I am wearing a regular small which I think is the perfect length on my long torso. It’s incredibly soft and feels luxurious on.


I tried this tasseled scarf over every outfit and loved it but my favorite is over this pale blue simple, knit shirt. It looks great looped and/or tied. This knit top would have come home with me but they did not have my size. I am wearing an XS in regular, which is too tight across the chest as you can tell by the way the buttons pull. I’ve ordered the small and medium in regular and will report back. It’s also available in navy and in petite and women’s.

I wanted to get this post out for you today because it’s the last day of their 25% off sale on full-priced sweaters.


I hope you liked this dressing room diary. I realize I did my very first DRD about 4 years ago in a J Jill store.

Thanks for reading and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.





  1. Loved this post! Keep saying you are the most
    authentic, kind, open and honest blogger out
    there. ( I do love Margaret Manning from
    Sixty and Me as well)
    I need to send for JJills catalogue.
    What has happened to your collaboration
    doing pictures of manniquins. Have to be
    honest and say I did not care for them.
    Much prefer DRD and pictures of you showing
    your own personal style. Keep on doing what
    you are doing especially lately.

  2. Love the dressing room diaries. Have been looking at the new collection online & this will help me make some purchase decisions. I hate all the returns I have been doing lately plus with some companies they are pricey.

  3. I went to J. Jill yesterday and these items looked liked nothing on the rack so I didn’t try anything. They all look great on you and I am exactly your size. I will go back soon and try again. Thanks. Very helpful post.

  4. I like everything you tried on for this post. Lately I have not had much success with J.Jill and had given up on them over the past few months because their sizing became off for me. After looking at what you shared I will certainly give them another try. Once again thank you!

  5. Love love all these outfits; they all look especially great on you. Am always hesitant to purchase clothing without first trying it on, and that itself has presented major problems lately-not to mention the action of return shipping, if necessary. Nevertheless, am so ready for Spring and Springtime’s fashions, and greatly enjoy so very much seeing all these photos of you and the various outfits. Thankyou! Keep up the Good Fashion Work!

  6. I really like the denim shirt on you. The colors are bright and look great against your gray hair and skin tone. The light colored tops look a bit more washed out. I’m trying to wear more color since my hair is going gray. Thank you for modeling the clothes and letting us see how they lay on a real person:) Have a wonderful week!

  7. Love everything! And you look fantastic! I just put several things in my cart including the cuffed jeans. I think we should wear what makes us happy! Enjoy a great Sunday 🙂

  8. I love everyone of the outfits on you. Most of my wardrobe is from J. Jill. I like how all the items seem to coordinate with each other. I had convinced myself that I do not need anything but I want to order the hooded sweater and the denim shacket, the safari jacket. I love jackets. The cuffed jeans are really cute. I am steering away from the V-necks; lately the v is very low and wide on me. Maybe I should try a smaller size.

  9. The outfits are great, I love JJill but seeing them on you helps with making choices from catalogue. Thank you.

  10. The outfits are great, I love JJill but seeing them on you helps with making choices from catalogue. Thank you.

  11. I love DRD and JJill is my favorite store these days. Thanks!

    You look great and I laughed hard at your Elli Mae comment. You are right – ignore the quick “I’d never wear that” judgement. Give things a chance. That’s how we get refreshing changes in our closets and build confidence. “Wow, I can wear that!”

    That blue scarf is fabulous! Jill has the best scarves. I must have 20 of them by now. I have many of their dresses and tops but their pants are always too short for me. I’m 5’5” and have very long legs. Talbots pants run longer and fit better.

    You look wonderful these days. Fit, trim and happy!

  12. Another post that shows how gorgeous you look in the blues. That space dyed top is perfect and makes me think maybe I should get a sleeveless white shirt to wear under tops to keep the bulk down on the arms. You are looking very slim and I hope it is not from being unwell. I like how you say you love the jeans and don’t care if they are not the ‘perfect’ style. As you say, wear what makes you feel good.

  13. I like the cuffed jeans on you, I think it adds balance to your inverted triangle shape. I also like the striped top, because the color repeats up the body from the pant, so it seems more elongating than a one colored top. I’m a fan of monochromatic looks recently, I love the elongated effect. Glad the dressing rooms are opening up.

  14. Loved all of the outfits. I had just gone through their new catalog so it was good to see some of the pieces I really liked on a real woman not a model. Thank you.

  15. You look fantastic!! Please do tell us all about how you lost the weight. And in your feet?!😳. I like a lot of these outfits but that blue shirt is great on you. Great post!

  16. Oh my goodness, where do I begin?! If I were to add the space-dyed sweater, the cuffed jeans and the slub knit shirt to my closet, they would offer me so many options with my existing wardrobe. Not to mention the gorgeous pendant! Actually, I would love to recreate all these featured looks today.
    I share your hesitation with the cuffed jeans but you know, it’s just such a fun option.
    I may need to gift myself that blue, pendant necklace for my upcoming 75th birthday!
    What a inspiring beginning to new day!
    Than you for doing this exercise for us! By the way, you are looking so very fit! Bravo!

  17. Love J Jill ❤️Ordered the necklace , loved the scarf and dyed sweater too but I have too many scarfs and sweaters ! Lol
    Thanks for sharing J Jill !

  18. Hi, you look great indeed; I love the dress with ankle leggins because when I wear this style I feel confident, now I wear the boots because in my city it’ s just a little bit cold.

  19. Really like DRD. I really liked the hooded top and the safari top. Good colors on both of them. Just am it crazy about the cuffed jeans.

  20. Love the blue shirt especially and the necklace rocks. You look so fit and healthy Jennifer and slim! Congratulations! Please could you tell us how you did it in a post? I am 57 and I have been doing FWTWL for five months and I am enjoying it a great deal, but I don’t think I have lost as much weight as you, though my body shape is overall better than it was and I am fitter and getting an education. It’s so hard….still, good thing to do during a pandemic:) Take care.

  21. First, how do you get to try on in the store? Our dressing rooms are still closed?

    Secondly, how did you lose the weight? You look great,and I need to do the same.,

    Thirdly, I love all of these outfits!

    1. Our stores are open. I go very first thing when they open so no one else is shopping. I realize I need to write about that so have a post covering it for later this week. Thank you. I really liked this collection.

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