Dressing Room Diaries: Gray and Plaid

Happy Thursday! I’m back in the dressing room this week trying on gray. Smack dab in the middle of black and white, gray can be warm or cool depending on its undertones and be subdued or loud, depending on its pattern. As usual, the walls were painted a warm yellow which tends to make me look slightly ill.

I love the blanket plaid wraps I’m seeing everywhere this fall. I spotted this Eileen Fisher Serape in the petite department. Shaping at the back neckline keeps it hanging straight so it won’t slip off.

Eileen Fisher gray plaid Serape

Very lightweight and airy, I love the fringe. Since my shoulders are very square I felt this shape and pattern looked well…square on me. It’d be more flattering on a curvy woman.

Next, I tried on this Nic+Zoe Pyramid Twirl Jacket. The pattern is irregular and it’s not technically a plaid, but I like the mix of grays.

Nic+Zoe Pyramid Twirl jacket

It has a waterfall front edge dipping to a longer hem in back. It sways when you walk and felt more graceful on me than the Eileen Fisher wrap.

Nic+Zoe Pyramid Twirl Jacket

It’s got a sewn on half belt on both sides that I would either cut off, or tie in back. It looked too bulky tied in front for me.

Then I  tried on this Alpine Sweater Jacket from Nic+Zoe. It’s collarless with pointed lapels and a purple and gray plaid at the bottom.

Nic+Zoe Alpine Jacket

It’s fitted through the back with princess seaming and really flattering.

Nic+Zoe Alpine Jacket

The front angles down slightly so it’s plaid is diagonal. It’s very slimming and would be fun over jeans, a black dress or pants. I really like this one.

These are all available in petite and regular sizes. A few are available in plus sizes. Finally, brands are catching on!

Do you wear much gray?

Have a terrific day ladies.


Wearing- Eileen Fisher Serape Wrap  // Nic+Zoe Pyramid Twirl Jacket // Nic+Zoe Alpine Sweater Jacket

xo Jennifer

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  1. Eileen Ternullo says:

    Thanks for enduring the yellow lighting. I return alot of clothes, or don’t purchase, because of that lighting! I look jaundiced! Plain off white works better. One store just remodeled and did wood paneling with olive green, yikes! So I take the items to the lingerie department!!! Thanks for your blog, love it!

    1. Good idea using the other changing room Eileen. Olive green? What were they thinking? Most stores don’t plan for us very well. Thanks for reading!

  2. The best look on you, in my opinion, was the Alpine Sweater Jacket from Nic &Zoe. The plaid is very understated and the design well placed, as you mentioned. I have been toying with the idea of purchasing a blanket wrap, as well, but I feel they would wind up wearing me, just too much fabric.

  3. Another vote for the Alpine sweater jacket! I wear LOTS of gray, from very pale, to silvery, to medium grays and charcoals. Since I stopped coloring my hair ten years ago, gray has become one of my wardrobe staples………next to black :~). Plays nicely with black, white, navy, brown, all blues and teals, burgundy, etc. I am naturally a Winter in coloring, so the strong jewel tones which flatter me all look good with gray, Only combos I don’t love are with yellow, orange and orange-leaning reds.

    Thanks for enduring dressing room lighting to post these diaries!

    1. I’m with you on the yellow, orange and orange-leaning reds. They look awful on me. The older I get the cooler my coloring and the less it is flattered by the wrong color. Thanks for reading, Adele! I do it for you:)

  4. I love the wrap and your hair looks great too! I was wondering have you started the Nioxin Hair Challenge yet that you wrote about on your blog some time ago? It also talked about a giveaway of the product for 10 people. I was so excited to read about it and was hoping to follow your experience with it. Just curious as perhaps I missed the later post about it. Thanks!

    1. Hi Leigh! Yes, I have been using the Nioxin product since late August and I’m very happy with it. I will be posting my follow-up post next month!

  5. I have a few grey items in my wardrobe. I plan to pop into Eileen Fisher next month when I go to Vancouver. I am knitting a grey poncho. Hopefully it will be finished soon.
    Your dressing room shots are really quite good…it is nice that the space is large too. Many dressing rooms are so tiny it is difficult capturing the effect without chopping off part of the body!

    1. I should have bought it!!

  6. That Alpine Sweater Jacket is lovely on you. I really like wearing grey… it’s one of my favorite non-color colors. And a great base to add color to. My favorite combination is grey with just the right shade of yellow and maybe a pop of white.

  7. I just bought this color palette in two different styles and will bring them to France in May as a good transition wardrobe. And you are looking better than ever, girl!

  8. Love the third one. I’m petite and curvy. The “new” blanket style wraps have too much bulk for me. You are right. the cut of the third one is very flattering!

  9. Ooooh, I totally agree Jennifer. That alpine sweater is quite the find!!
    Did you buy it?
    I know sometimes, I actually feel guilty for buying sweaters since I’m a knitter and have so much yarn to use up. The problem is it takes so long to get them done—ha ha!

  10. Clothes always look so good on you. As a matter of fact, they look better on you than some of the models that wear them. Can you tell what your height and size or measurements are? I am 5’1 and a size 6. And so many clothing pieces do not look good on me because I am so short. Thank you! Lisa

    1. Hi Lisa! Thanks so much for your kind words. I’m 5’4″ and wear a 8-10 on top and 6-8 on the bottom. Proportion is really critical if you’re short, so be sure to have things altered and choose clothes that won’t overwhelm your petite frame.

  11. I really like the Nic and Zoe jacket. Grey is my neutral now and I enjoy its versatility. It is softer on me than black but can look as dressy if worn with silver.

  12. Hi Jennifer – I so enjoy your dressing room diaries! Did you buy the Alpine Sweater Jacket? It looks fabulous on you. Have a great day!

    1. I didn’t but wish I had!

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