Dressing Room Diaries: Mildly Bohemian

This weeks dressing room diaries had me trying on things I liked because they were having a rare sale and I was looking for some pieces to add to my wardrobe. I don’t often find pieces I love at this store because they have a heavily bohemian vibe but I spied a few things I loved as I walked in the door.

I spotted this blouse just inside the door. I am not a fan of wearing patterns but liked the whimsical feel of the tiny colored popsicles.

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life modeling Rails Summertime Buttondown from Anthropologie

I have a linen blouse by this brand and love it! These medium blue jeans are intended to be cropped but I like this length. #petiteissues They are super soft and fit like a dream! They are labeled mid rise but come to my waist.

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life modelingRails Whimsy Buttondown from Anthropologie

This blouse is also by Rails and has sombreros, leaves, and hats on it. I don’t like this pattern as much because the pattern is irregular. I am wearing it with these chinos that have an embroidered stripe down the side.

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life modelingAG The Stevie Mid-Rise Skinny Cropped Jeans from AnthropologieThese are the same awesome jeans as above with a blouse I cannot find to link for you. #bloggerissues I like to half-tuck full blouses to give some shaping at the waist.

Jumpsuits are back and showing up everywhere.

Elmira Jumpsuit from Anthropologie on A Well Styled Life
The big white smear on my leg is a smear on the mirror so it shows up on most of these photos.

Most are tailored and seem too structured for my casual lifestyle so when I saw this one, I had them strip it off the mannequin. It’s a simple knit fabric in a great navy with elasticized waistband and simply pulls on. I’m thinking about this one.

Cloth & Stone Striped Wide-Leg Pants from Anthropologie on A Well Styled Life

STRIPED PANTS / FRONT TIE TEE The website says they are green motif which is crazy because they’re a pale gray and white stripe. The legs have a side seam slit at the bottom which makes them a bit unique. This white Tie Tee is the same one I shared yesterday with the multi-directional stripes. It’s available in petite which I would prefer.

I adore these floral flare pants! They have a back zipper and flowy wide leg.

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life modeling Farm Rio Melila Floral Flared Pants from Anthropologie

They are beautifully made as you can see by how the florals match on the front of the leg. There is a patterned panel down the side which is a popular trend and modernizes this palazzo. The back zipper keeps bulk down on the tummy. I love these. They are a luxury investment but high on my list.

I’m wearing it with this soft green, tie front tee, which picks up the leaves in the pant print. For some reason, they are not showing this green online but you could probably find it in your store.

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life modeling Anthropologie Striped Linen Wide-Legs

I love the nautical vibe of these wide-legged pants. I am standing on my toes because the regulars are too long on me. They come in petite but I’d prefer to buy the regulars (higher rise) and would launder them (for shrinkage) then hem. These also have an open seam at the leg bottom. I am wearing a deeper blue than this and they are also available in brown here.

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life modeling Sunday in Brooklyn Lonnie Striped Skirt from Anthropologie

I’ve been looking to replace my long, striped knit skirts and this is the first I’ve seen. It’s so soft I asked the gal if this was loungewear! I love the asymmetrical section that goes across the front and angles on the one hip. I do think it runs a bit small so I sized up to a medium.

I have several other things on order which I will share when they arrive.

Thanks for reading ladies and have a great day.


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  1. I love your style and your blog! I find I look for tops and shirts with a print to hide my muffin top 🙂 however, I believe solid colors are much easier to work with. I just need to get over the fact I have a muffin top! Thanks again for showing us your style and what works and what doesn’t and why. I love it! Thanks so much!

    1. I have a muffin top too! The older I get the bigger it is. I look for tops that float rather than cling and often go up a size! Prints do help but so does texture so look for textured tops to help disguise lumps.

  2. The jumpsuit is super flattering on you!!! If it works for your life style you should get it!

  3. Hi Jennifer! I had the same reaction to the navy jumpsuit as you did when I was in the store recently. I went ahead and purchased it. I have a couple of belts that look great with it so I have decided to keep it. It was too long on me also, but looks great with a pair of wedges. If I decide I prefer to wear it with flat sandals, I will have it shortened. I really enjoy your blog!????

    1. I knew it would be great with belts! It’s perfect for that.

  4. All great looks! I need that popsicle shirt! I often have trouble finding something that fits me right in that store, but you’ve inspired me to go back and take a second peek. 😉

  5. Everything looks great! I love Anthropologie – my favorite place to shop!!

  6. I love the jumpsuit on you! Unfortunately, I find most jumpsuits too short in the body (tall girl problem!) The grey striped pants look great too… as comfy looking as pjs, but dressier.

  7. I like bed every item you had on today. They all looked nice on you.

  8. Gosh, what a great selection at that shop! You look great in everything! I adore a whimsical print – like the popsicles and sombreros, especially on a tailored item – such great interest!

    Looking forward to seeing what items you ended up with!


  9. Everything midrise is lowrise on me. Not good at all. Trust me.

  10. Also Jennifer says:

    I love subtle whimsical prints like the popsicles especially when they’re on a classic shirt like the one you are modeling.

  11. I love the wide floral pants. They look great on you. I’m concerned about the length because they don’t come in a petite size and I’m 5″1″. I notice the inseam says 27″ which in theory would be ok for me, but I know the photo at Anthropologie is not showing a short woman. I wish there were a store near me.

  12. I think you look great in everything 🙂
    I never thought about “irregular pattern” as a reason why something may not look quite right, so thanks for mentioning that!
    Suz from Vancouver

  13. I loved the jumpsuit and the elaborate floral pants! Just wish they carried extended sizes!

  14. Sandy Andry says:

    I really like the look and the ease of wearing of a jumpsuit but find that the difficulty involved when going to the bathroom makes it a NO GO for me. I, too, really liked the floral print blouse on you.

  15. Quite a few of those look very good on you, but you don’t say much about the floral blouse. I think it looks great on you with that soft drape, and would work for both smart and casual outfits, so it would get a lot of use. Is it the sleeve length that is putting you off? It looks fine, very feminine.

  16. You look adorable in nearly everything, Jen. Love that Bohemian printed blouse too! Really cute! The only outfit I don’t care for is the green pant/short sleeve blouse, sorry.
    Love the striped skirt and the long linen pant in pale stripe…..very nice, and if cool, wearable!
    Thank you for sharing, Jen.

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