Dressing Room Diaries- New Patterns

Happy Friday, ladies. Yesterday’s mannequin certainly generated a lot of strong responses. Women either loved it or hated it which is why I ask you to be polite and kind in your comments so other women’s feelings aren’t offended. Thanks for keeping this a friendly, supportive environment.

woman wearing chicos denim jacket with new patterns

Earlier this week I popped into Chico’s as they were putting new products out. If you’re new here. welcome. A dressing room diary is when I go into a store and try on new merchandise so you can see how it looks on a woman over 25. For reference, I have an inverted triangle body silhouette with broad shoulders and straight hips. I am 5’4″ tall and weigh around 136 lbs. I have a long torso, long arms and often wear one size larger on top than the bottom.

woman in blue outfit

There’s a huge smear in the center of the mirror, it’s not on the clothes:) This tunic has a high low hem and is made from modal (which is made from wood pulp) so it has a silky feel. I am wearing a 1 which is too large for me so it runs true to size. The pants are in the most gorgeous shade called Indy Blue. They also come in 7 other shades. They come in regular and tall, I am wearing a 4R.

This poncho is a super soft, fleecy wool and acrylic blend.  It also comes in soft ivory, which they describe as ‘camel’. It’s a great layering piece…and flattering if you have narrower shoulders than I do:) I am wearing the S/M.

The second trip into the store, different shoes and glasses.

woman wearing faux fur vest and jeans

The faux fur vest is knit material on the bottom and back, so just the top front is the fur which makes it a bit lower profile. It comes in 3 colors, this is slate gray. I am wearing a small which is snug..it’s selling out fast. I’m wearing it over this touch of cool tee which really does feel cool to the touch. I am wearing a 1 which is very roomy so I think these run generously and you could size down for a more fitted look. The pull-on jeans have a straight leg and come in 2 washes. I’m wearing the Bay Harbour Indigo in size 4.


These are their classic Brigette-style pants that are uber flattering with a pull-on waist and slim leg. They come in regular, petite, and tall. I’m wearing 4R which has a 28″ inseam, the petite has a 26″ inseam and the tall has a 31″ inseam. I am 5’4″, but prefer my pants on the longer side.

The crisp classic navy and white stripe tunic has a touch of stretch and will never need an iron. Chico’s makes some of the very best no-iron fabrics. I’m wearing a size 1 which is a bit long for me. The sleeves are slightly cropped with fun bows that add a feminine touch. The website says it comes in petite but I couldn’t find it so I don’t think it does.


These jeans are a great fit. They come in 6 pretty colors, regular and tall. I am wearing a 4R which is my usual size in Chico’s pants and jeans. I think all their pants run large so if you’re not familiar with their sizes, I’d size down from your usual. This print blouse is a soft combination of blues and has contrast welting on the cuffs. I am wearing a size 1.  This Pima Cotton tee has the same pretty print in navy.


This denim jacket is adorable! I nearly bought it but they were out of my size, and voila… now it’s on sale so I ordered it. The collar is removable and the quilted lining matches the print on this tee. It’s more luxe-looking than your everyday denim jacket. I am wearing a 0 but need the 1, likely because of the cool lining.

lining of denim jacket

There’s just something about this print that really appeals to me. I am not a print person, but it proves once again to never say never about fashion.

Here are some other new prints from Chicos

Thanks for reading and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.

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  1. Katelyn K says:

    Great selection of outfits Jennifer. Immediatly fell in love with the animal print “cool tee” and without hesitation, purchased. The fabric on these “cool” tees has a nice silky feel and I have several. I see this carrying me through the cooler winter nights here in SE Coastal Florida with flexibility to wear with jeans and solid colored leggings/slacks. There are only a few left in stores and online (sizes 0-2) so grab these while you can ladies. The sale price of $19.99 makes this tee an outstanding bargain.

    1. The Chicos sale is pretty amazing! I have to agree

  2. It’s funny how different we all are. I didn’t like any of these tops, but I see in the comments that many do.

  3. I ordered the pretty print top, too! There goes my 2022 resolution.

  4. They all look great , love the printed top with the green jeans.

  5. One more comment: I agree with Lee; you can’t possibly wear a Chico’s size 4. Did you mean size 4 as in other brands?

    1. No, I am a 6 in other brands, but a 0(4S) in Chico’s, They run large

  6. How lovely to see some lighter colors from Chico’s. All their promotions lately have been attempts to clear out their dark winter pieces, which I hardly need to add to my already burgeoning closet, especially since our winters are typically so mild. I really enjoy seeing how you put your Jennifer spin on all the outfits. We are the same coloring, height, weight and shoe size, but shaped differently. I can always relate to what you show and often glean lots of styling ideas.

  7. Lee Dorner says:

    Love your hair color in these photos! And you can’t possibly be a Chico’s size 4 in pants! Thanks for all you do to help us ladies!

    1. In Chico’s pants, I wear a 0(4S). That’s how they label their clothes:) In other brands, I wear a 6 in other brands.

  8. Every outfit is very cute on you today. I especially love the jean jacket, too. Great that the collar is removable for spring wear. Brigette pants are my favorite Chico pant for fit. I enjoy watching Chico’s videos. Have a lovely weekend.

  9. Thanks for being a model! I saw those blouses with bows at the wrists and thought they were cute. But now that I see that striped one on you, I think they are a bit overwhelming and make you look bigger than you are. Love the mint jeans and hean jacket though!

  10. beth byrd says:

    Love that jacket — the printed lining is gorgeous, as is the top. Both are very tempting. I’d probably get more wear out of the top, but the two look great together!

    Those soft blues and greens are so flattering on you!!!

  11. Loved just about everything in this post, the faux fur vest, the print blouse and so cute denim jacket!! All the outfits looked so good on you. The only item I didn’t care for was the blue striped tunic, for me was too big both in size and pattern. Have a great weekend Jennifer🤩

  12. I LOVE the denim jacket with the faux fur collar – so cute!! I love it so much that I just ordered it through your link along with the matching Touch of Cool tee 😉. For some reason they both make me smile, so thank you Jennifer for your awesome post this morning! Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. I ordered the tee too:) Thanks so much for shopping through my links!

  13. I think it’s the chains on the fabric that appeals to me. I like it too and usually don’t buy prints. It is certainly a lot of interesting styles, The bows on the sleeves, the wide stripe on the blouse. I love the colors and I will check out the blue tunic outfit.

    1. It’s an elegant print that remind me of a vintage pattern. A bit ethereal and very soft.

  14. Love the jean jacket.
    The lining is so cool and of course, the flex fur collar just adds to the style.
    Like the jeans and pants. Would prefer a plain top instead of the print.
    The vest is “no” and the striped shirt also a “no”.
    As always, you model beautify.

  15. Leslie Greaves Radloff says:

    In agreement for no need to buy more clothes, so, I won’t be shopping soon. But, good style ideas for things I have already, and cautions about design. The blue top and matching pants with tunic made me think ‘hospital scrubs’ but then I wondered if the fabric would pass rules. The tunic or jacket top flares out so much at the shoulders that I’d be swamped. That swamped feeling resonated with the striped blouse especially at the sleeve cuffs with bows to call even more attention to hip. Maybe no bows and less sleeve fabric, but then it’s the width of the stripe. I’m not always thrilled by the feel of fabric at Chico’s but it depends on the piece. And a real plus in their clothes is, like some others, no scratchy labels attached to neck.

  16. Beautiful prints from Chico’s! I just can’t get into spring-like clothing yet, even with fur on it!
    I’m determined not to buy too much in January. I’m trying to wear all the winter things I have at least once and just can’t think about lighter pieces right now.
    All the things you’re showing are awfully cute though!

  17. My word for this year is deliberate, so I, like others, am only purchasing what I need to fill in gaps. I like the pants you’ve shown but have plenty in stock in my closet at the moment. I’m kind of a purist about denim, so faux fur with a jean jacket rubs me the wrong way (no pun intended). You’ve shown some lovely scarves recently (one yesterday), and scarves would be my choice to go with denim. Of course, it’s cold here in NE, so my denim jacket is in storage for the winter – LOL

  18. Really like all the pants you tried on. I’m not sure about some of the tops but love the jean jacket outfit.

  19. Love that you shared your eyeglasses, please do this with all you eyeglasses. Hard to find one’s I like. Your coloring and size is similar to mine, so this should help me find new eyeglasses. Thanks

    1. I will try but most don’t have links.

  20. For me, Chicos would be a great place to shop for an upcoming cruise or tropical vacation. I do like an elevated casual style that fits my limited social life these days. There are items in my closet that have had so little wear because the need to dress more upscale has not happened. I stand by my resolution to be more intentional about any new pieces that I add to my existing wardrobe. I have done a huge purge of stagnant and unused items from my home this month. It’s the best feeling ever! I feel a massive weight lifted and hopefully someone else can find joy in their use. The last thing I want to do is start this whole cycle again! Lol

    1. I agree! Purging feels so wonderful!!

  21. I totally agree that first printed top looks amazing with the jean jacket w/ fur collar. I think I am also going to order the jean jacket. It is my favorite item in today’s selections. I like patterns but they don’t look great on me. I tend to look frumpy in patterned tops but I do like the patterned top with the jean jacket. Thanks for sharing all your combinations.

    1. Hi…New to your website. Since you’ve given your body statics, wondering what size shoe you wear. I am 5’4″ 130 lbs and wear a size 8.5 shoe. My feet seem to have flatten out and I have gone up a half size in a short period of time. Based on my height and body shape, I feel like I have giant feet. Any suggestions about shoes?

      1. Welcome! Mine have gotten larger too. I go between and 9 and a 9 1/2. I look for cushiony shoes with as much as possible.

    2. I always struggle with patterns too and am exploring why more often.

  22. Great idea to have a pretty jacket lining, and to have a matching t-shirt is a lot of fun. I’d buy that set — if I were buying. It’s starting to feel like years since we’ve been able to go out freely , so I’m not buying.