Dressing Room Diaries: Soft and Colorful

Happy Friday ladies and welcome to another dressing room diaries. Our skies are gray, gloomy and downright depressing these days so I’m not trying on many black things. I wasn’t expecting to find much when I wandered into Loft and was pleasantly surprised to find softer, spring-like colors in fabrics to wear right now.

If you’re new here, DRD is when I go into stores and try on merchandise so you can see how it looks on a woman over 50 who is larger than a size 2. For reference, I’m 5’4″, weigh 147lbs and have an inverted triangle silhouette. I have wide shoulders and straight hips with no waist definition and very little backside. I have a long torso and arms with short legs.

I wanted to bring a lot of this home because they flatter my coloring plus the fabrics are soft and cozy. Of course, I do have a budget so I only bought 3 pieces.

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing Loft outfit in dressing room
henley utility blouse / flecked open cardigan / high waist skinny pants

I loved this blouse in the soft pink. It also comes in a gorgeous salmon and pretty olive. I’m wearing a regular medium which is a bit tight across the chest, which is typical for me. Loft has quite a few of these open cardigans which are just so easy to toss over everything. This one is machine washable and really cuddly. I’m wearing a regular medium that fits perfectly so it runs true to size.

red high rise skinny pants from Loft
high waist skinny pant

This high rise skinny pant is awesome…but a disaster on me in the regular length, 8 curvy fit. I need their modern fit which is a straighter cut plus I need the petite. This color is called Beet Red. It’s also available in a gorgeous blue.


Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing double V neck sweater from Loft
spacedye double v sweater

I have no idea why this is called spacedye. As a knitter, I can tell you it is a soft, machine washable variegated yarn, It has a v neckline in the front and back and dropped shoulders. I’m wearing a regular medium. It also comes in petite and plus.

casual outfit with tweed jacket and gray skinny jeans on Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life
rainbow fringe sweater jacket / henley blouse / denim leggings in washed black

Tweed jackets are perennial favorites and add fun polish to every outfit. This sweater jacket is adorable and super comfy. I’m wearing a medium which fits perfectly. It’s cropped to hit just below the waist. These leggings are like a very skinny jean. I would wear a long top over them in real life. They come in regular, petite and plus. I’m wearing a 10 regular. I would buy this size to wash and dry, then hem up if necessary.

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing navy and white stripe tee from Loft
navy stripe tee

This stripe tee has nothing going for me, but it could for you. It has a boat neckline which is not great for my wide shoulders and it has ruffles, which I never wear. It is navy, so there is that:) I’m wearing a medium in regular so it fits true to size.

Over 50 fashion blogger Jennifer Connolly wearing navy outfit with mint sweater from Loft
velvet dot navy tee / high waist navy trouser / ribbed open cardigan

These pictures are so dark it’s hard to see, but trust me, this tee and trousers are deep navy. They’re also available in black. I’m wearing an 8 regular and standing on my tippy toes so they run true to size. This classic wide leg pant is seasonless and has lycra which makes it super comfy. This long-sleeve navy tee has a shirttail hemline, velvet dots, and a classic scoop neckline.

navy top and trousers with mint cardigan from Loft modeled by Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life
ribbed cardigan

This ribbed open cardigan is called Sylvan fog but it looks like soft mint to me. It also comes in beige and a gorgeous elderberry color. I’m wearing a medium in regular. I could have worn the petite but that doesn’t come in this pretty color so I would opt to fold the sleeves up just to get this color:)

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing wide leg trousers and blue turtleneck from Loft
turtleneck pocket sweater / border floral scarf / high waist trouser

This turtle neck also comes in watermelon and oatmeal color. It has a front “kangaroo” pocket which makes it very casual. I’m wearing a medium in regular but had to fold the sleeves up so I could wear the petite which does come in this pretty blue. Loft makes some gorgeous scarves and while I don’t wear floral clothes I would certainly wear it in a pretty scarf. This is oversized and very soft so could fold into many shapes and is light enough to wear in the summer.

Things I spotted online that were not in my store.

Are you as tired of gray skies and gloomy weather as I am?

Thanks for reading ladies and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.


  1. Adrienne C Kushner says:

    I have so many, I could open a store called “Black Pants”. I sometimes will wear navy or dark grey, but that is it. I add color with sweaters and lots of scarves and can pull together an outfit for just about any occasion all year long. Colors on the bottom look lovely on some, but by now I have figured out my style. Thank you for the post and pictures. They are always an inspiration.

    1. Lol, I could open a “black pants, shoes and skirt” store.

  2. Lots of drizzle, dampness, gloom and gray skies in my neck of the woods! It does get a bit wearisome, but I try not to complain because I moved from an area where it was hot and dry so often we begged for some rain and cloud cover! That being said, your post brought a little sunshine into my day. Love the pretty spring colors. Loved the skinny gray jeans, the blue turtleneck and the mint green cardigan. Dressing Diaries is a favorite for me.

    1. Nice balanced weather with 4 distinct but mild seasons would be my preferred climate.

  3. Elaine @ Following Augustine says:

    The mint green cardigan is beautiful on you! I certainly hope it was one of your purchases.

  4. You look great with the all black outfit and cardigan and the turtleneck outfit!

  5. Love that pale blue cardigan and the coloring suits you. What I find annoying is that buttons on cardigans have disappeared over the last few years. I love cardigans and wear them instead of sweaters. But I like to do them up if it is windy.

    1. Just reading your notes, I didn’t realise it was mint. Still love it!

    2. You’re right. They are fewer button up cardigans lately. The trend will swing back soon I hope

  6. Like some other readers, I am itching to know which three pieces you bought and the reasons you chose them out of a selection of tempting try-ons. Love your DRD’s!

  7. Pamela Lutrell says:

    Love that soft mint green. You look great in the wide leg pants!

  8. it’s been a rainy, grey, windy winter on Vancouver Island. I’m more than ready for some sunshine. ?
    I like wide leg pants as evening wear. Navy is a nice change from all black. I hope you bought them.

  9. So nice to see some soft colors as where I am, we are still in winter clothing and shall probably be for another 6 – 7 weeks at least so not much in the stores at this time. Love the navy blue pants which IMHO could take you easily from office/street wear to an evening date. -Brenda-

    P.S.: Re the ‘beet red’ pants. Lots of it in various shades in the Chanel ready-to-wear line-up for Spring 2020. Also (for us older gals like myself), it appears pantyhose and tights are back.

    1. If it’s on the runway at Chanel, it’ll be hugely popular soon. Everything does seem to come back around.

  10. Dianne Engman says:

    I love your posts, Loft is my favourite store.
    The navy was just lovely as was the blush blouse.
    The mint sweater is so,so pretty on you. I hope that’s one of the pieces you bought.
    Look forward to the your dressing room posts each week.

  11. Phyllis Polster says:

    I’m so impressed that you are a knitter. Love the way you highlight clothes.

    1. I adore knitting but haven’t had mine out since we moved. It’s time to start up again.

  12. All the style selections are classic and very functional.
    I could use any of them. But I don’t do well with hard contrasts in pairing my pieces. So black with pastels would not work for me. Beige or a medium grey would look better on me. The high contrast look is great on many people but I feel chopped in half visually. I like to keep my values more closely matched.
    I do not like the color of the red pants but they look good on you.
    I’d buy that blue turtle neck in a heartbeat. Great style and lovely color. I do like how you added the scarf.
    Seems that the striped top is not that popular but I kind of like it. Ruffles seem incongruous though. Thanks for these glimpses into what’s out there. We have so few stores where we live.

  13. I like all of what you have shown…lots to work with here. I would put something else with the cranberry pants….the top and sweater here make them look off somehow….maybe better with your column dressing thing…..perhaps a cranberry turtleneck/blouse under that long sweater

  14. I love the DRD! I also love your glasses! I would like it if you showed different shoes with your outfits. I struggle with what shoes to wear with what style. I’m 5’ 3”, 67 yr. old and stay away from high heels. What shoes would you wear with the wide-leg pants?

    1. That would be great but it’s not really feasible for me to take a bag of shoes shopping and into the dressing room. I would wear a slight heel or a low platform to take advantage of its ability to make my legs look taller

  15. Those are great. I need to swing by my local Loft. The wide legged pants are gorgeous!

  16. Thank you! Love your blog, especially styling clothes that are affordable and not size 2’s!

  17. Deborah Broughton says:

    Love the mint and the pink!

  18. Loft is one of my favorite retailers so I really enjoyed this post. The mint green cardigan had caught my eye online so I thank you for the clarification on the actual color. Why they call it “sylvan fog” is beyond me. I love wearing pastels with a deep, dark navy. I hope you keep doing this posts…they are so very helpful.

  19. Love the navy wide leg pants and mint green cardigan on you. DRDs are my favourite!

  20. Love the mint and navy outfit…looks great on you! The fringe sweater is really pretty. Something I would wear as well. I like the style of
    Of the high waisted jeans…just not red. (For me)

    Thanks for sharing a great post.

  21. FYI, space dye is the term used for what you are calling variegated. The yarn is dyed different colors in spaces along the yarn to achieve that look. Ex-sweater designer here. Thanks for popping in to Loft. Love these DRD!

    1. Thanks for the explanation on “space dye”. It makes perfect sense now that you have described the process.

  22. I am going to take a guess about which three items you bought: sweater jacket, blush blouse, , and mint sweater? Love how these clothes look on you!

  23. Love the colors, especially the mint cardigan. I was in Loft the other day, but only bought a winter scarf (it was such a cold day when I went) on sale. I wasn’t in the mindset to think spring (even spring colors haha!) I should have as you found some very pretty tops. I also love the gray leggings!

  24. Thanks for posting this Jennifer! Curious which pieces you bought.

  25. Some very pretty colors to brighten our day!

  26. Living in Australia, I am a bit over the smoke filled skies from the bushfires and that is in no way meant to detract from the terrible devastation and loss of homes, fire fighters and the millions of animals. Three brave American firefighters died yesterday when their aircraft crashed over NSW and Australians are tremendously grateful for their help (and others from the USA and Canada), but shocked with what happened to them.
    On a lighter note, I think the navy wide leg trousers look very modern on you (a style contrast to the leggings which also look great on you) not so much the red trousers though.

    1. That’s so terribly sad. Firefighters are hero’s. I hope you’re safe where you are.

  27. sheryl beil says:

    love the mint green with the navy outfit….and love the blush blouse!

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