Dressing Room Diaries In Early Fall Colors

Happy Sunday ladies. I spotted a few things in the Talbots window last week so I popped in to see the direction things were going for fall. If you’re new here, dressing room diaries is when I go into stores and try on merchandise so you can see how things look on a woman older than 25 who wears a size larger than zero.

For reference I am 5’4” tall, weigh 145 pounds, with wide shoulders and straight hips. I have long arms and torso so I can alternate between petite and regular length garments to get the fit I want. My hair gets trashed in the process and the lighting is poor which makes the pictures grainy, but you’ll get the idea of what things look like.

fashion blogger Jennifer Connolly trying on Talbots red rain jacket

Pencil skirts are a personal favorite of mine and my casual lifestyle makes denim ones the perfect combo of casual and polished. This denim pencil skirt has spandex to keep it comfy. I am wearing an 8P which fits perfectly so it runs true to size. I love the below-knee length which will look great with riding boots this fall.

I snatched this anorak right out of the mannequin’s grip because the staff hadn’t had a chance to stock the floor with them yet. It’s the happiest bright Dahlia pink color that will cheer up any rainy day this fall. You’ll get a more accurate look at the color here. I’m wearing MP which fits perfectly so it runs true to size. The long sleeve T is the same cheery dahlia color and has buttons that run along the side of the sleeves right up to the shoulders. It comes in several colors.

fashion blogger Jennifer Connolly trying on green top and white pants at Talbots

These wide-leg denim crops are also available in a really pretty soft pink as well as this white. They also come in pale blue denim here, deep denim here, and curvy fit here. I’m wearing an 8P to get the correct length and they fit perfectly so they run true to size. The top is a linen blend and available in three colors. This color would make it a great transition piece for when you want to wear fall clothes but it’s too hot where you live. I’m wearing a PM so it runs true to size. My ballet flats are super comfy and a great nude that goes with everything.

fashion blogger Jennifer Connolly wearing Talbots leopard shirt and red pants

I love the look of a wrap top but I hate when they gape open in the front. That doesn’t happen with this black and white faux wrap top. I am wearing a PM but the sleeves are a bit short for my long arms so I would go up to a small in regular length. These pants are their Chatham Ankle pants in a bright happy red. I’m wearing a 6P that is too snug on me which means they run true to size. This is one of my favorite style pants by Talbots because the side zip is slimming and keeps the front smooth. They’re available in curvy fit here and in tons of colors and prints.

fashion blogger wearing green jacket and jeans in Talbots

This jacket is a lightweight cotton/linen/lyocell fabric that will be perfect for mild, cooler days ahead. I’m wearing a PM which fits but the sleeves are a tiny bit short for me so I would go up to the S regular. I really love these modern ankle jeans! I’m wearing an 8P which fits me perfectly and is the proper length to just show the ankle bone. They have a nice high rise too so no muffin top!

over 50 fashion blogger wearing Talbots leopard shirt

These are the straight leg jeans also in an 8P which are quite a bit longer than the modern Jean. I’m wearing them with this classic shirt in the leopard print which is marked way, way down, and almost sold out. I hope they will restock for fall.


This is a great tee with a really cute twist detail in the back which I forgot to photograph. Here’s the image from the website.

I prefer the proportion of the tee tucked in with my crops or I would wear it out over full-length pants.

I know none of you are thinking about fall and the clothes for cooler temps, but it really is right around the corner, I hope:)

Thanks for reading and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.



  1. Since you’ve been writing about your colors, let me say that the olive green and pink items really look best for your coloring, to my eye and considering the lighting you’re in. They just pop out as your colors.

  2. Jennifer, you rock these outfits! My favorite is the Dahlia pink jacket with striped top and denim pencil skirt. Our Talbots has closed the fitting rooms, but I have found a new pleasure – order lots of items online, do a dressing room diary of my own in the comfort of my own home, and then return what does not work. Since I am not going to keep everything, I do not need to worry about my budget – just order everything I like! It’s been a lot of fun. P.S. I will admit that I may be buying more clothes this way, but during this long, scary pandemic, I have enjoyed adding reasonably priced, quality clothes to my wardrobe.

    1. I do that a lot Bea. It’s much more fun to try clothes on at home. Plus you can see what they go with that’s already in your wardrobe.

  3. Thank you, thank you for this great Dressing Room Diaries! I love Talbots and was very excited to see that they came out with a new collection. Although I don’t wear skirts or crop pants, I think the Chatham ankle pants in a petite would cover my ankles (I’m 5′-1″) and be just right. I loved the jackets, and both the dahlia and olive were great colors on you. How fun! You’re my favorite blogger!

  4. Jennifer I love it when you do dressing room diaries because they’re fun and because we have similar shapes I have a question about the green jacket. It looks like a swing jacket on you but if I go to the website it looks more like an anorak jacket With a drawstring waist, which is more representative? also your picture looks darker than the website. I LOVE swing coats regardless of trends, I think they are timeless.

    1. It’s not a swing jacket. More straight with the inner draw string at the waist. Trust the colors on the Talbots website because my pictures are pretty grainy.

  5. Just curious, do you feel comfortable trying on clothes during the pandemic? I have heard that many stores have closed their fitting rooms. I guess because I am in the “vulnerable age group” I wouldn’t be comfortable being in an enclosed space for that long. I am not trying to be political here, I just wonder how other people feel about this right now. (I’m here in CA where numbers are surging.)

    Grocery shopping and the odd trip to Target or Costco is all I am doing now, not ready for any “fun” shopping yet. 🙁

    1. I am very careful and wear my mask until alone in the dressing room. Then I use hand sanitizer a ton of times so I feel pretty safe.

  6. Francesca B. says:

    Just bought the leopard shirt in the sale Jennifer using your link hope you get the credit! Talbots has been excellent this year and the sale prices have been awesome. I bought the Modern Ankle Pants in 8PM when there were $19.99 (happiness) but found they were too short and I was not crazy about the gap between ankle and shoe, looked like they had shunk, so I swopped for 8 Regular and I am waiting on those hoping they will work. Really love the Patch Pocket Sweater Blazer which I got in the sale for Fall. I bought the PS and PM to check sizes and gave the smaller one to my daughter as she loved it so much. Nice 🙂 Happy birthday week!

    1. Their sales have been amazing. It sounds like you did very very well.

  7. ALL of these are a WIN!!! Perfect on you! Yay for Talbots!!!

  8. Linda Henderson says:

    The red stripes and denim skirt with anorak look so good on you.

  9. Paulette Levy says:

    You look great in Talbots wonderful clothes! 75 percent of my wardrobe is from Talbots…the clothes just fit well, and they last! The only piece I would have second thoughts on were the short wide leg white pair of pants. I hope you bought most of these items!

  10. I have never bought anything from Talbots. I will now. You look fabulous in them all. The pink stripes look absolutely great on you. All the looks are great. The red pants look Awesome on you. Thank you I love this site.

  11. Claudette says:

    You hit a home run in each of the outfits. I love Talbots clothing but do not do well on sizing when I order on line. I have a store an hour away but have not ventured out to the shopping malls yet.

  12. Janet Urquhart says:

    Talbots has lovely stuff for women our age, but be careful of the trouser fit. They stretch out almost two sizes in all the wrong places, which is seriously frustrating. Wish they could get this right.

  13. Cathy Cunningham says:

    loved them all Jennifer. We use to have a Talbots in our Mall in London Ontario, Canada but now the closest is Toronto.

  14. Looks like I’ll be heading to Talbots. These were really terrific looks. You looked great in all of them. The pink striped tee is color I’ve not seen you in (or at least don’t remember) and it looked amazing on you. Great color. I wish I could wear the pencil skirts, but I have wide hips and they just don’t fit right on me!

  15. Great looks! Talbots is one of my favorite stores. Alas, the closest one to me is 2 hours away. But, there is always shopping online. 🙂
    Have a great day!

  16. Some great pieces! I wish their stores were closer to me.
    I”m a huge fan of summer but I get excited when fall clothes are in! By then, I’m ready for a change! I always keep an eye open for transitional pieces this time of year.

  17. Judith Walker says:

    Those red pants look fabulous on you! They don’t LOOK too snug. I love Chatham too, and I generally buy the size that starts out looking tight because after sitting for five minutes they stretch out to fit. But I have wider hips and smaller waist and find if they fit my hips well they start sagging down and I end up with a baggy look.

  18. Diane Zueck says:

    I love when you do Dressing Room Diaries with Talbots. I am one hour away from the nearest Talbots so Dressing Room Diaries is almost as good as going there. You and I are so close in size and general shape that if it looks good on you, it will usually look good on me! I am a loyal Talbots patron because I am always assured of quality and great fit. Seeing you in each outfit is like shopping with a girl friend! I miss doing that so thank you!!

  19. I really liked everything on you Jennifer.

  20. Laura Jane says:

    I love all of these outfits! I have a similar olive green jacket that I haven’t worn yet, and I like how you paired it with a dark top and jeans. And thank you for showing the ballet flats, because I’ve been looking for a pair that color forever. I just ordered them!

  21. Linda Simpson says:

    Love all the looks, Jennifer! I don’t wear wide-leg cropped pants, but now I thinking about it while pairing them with riding boots.

  22. Hope you left the shop with both striped T-shirt’s, the modern ankle jeans and the leopard print shirt!! All pieces would mix beautifully! I love you in the crop pants too, but the ankle jeans really hit the mark. I am not out in the shops yet. I guess it is time to start thinking about cooler temps and checking out all the new and fun colors for early fall.
    You are looking fabulous Jennifer!

  23. Love all those outfits! I’m so bummed we no longer have a Talbot’s here! Shopping on line is just not the same. I especially like the jackets and the stripped top. I have a green anorak and I wear it all the time in spring and fall. Hope you bought some of those clothes, everything looked wonderful on you.

    1. Shopping online sure has its limitations but the selection is so much broader. It’s a trade off for me.

  24. Cynthia Brown says:

    Seriously, every one of these is a home run….hope you went home with a gigantic bag full!

    1. I was very tempted but I can’t buy everything… or so my husband reminds me;)

      1. Well, no you can’t because where would you put it? 😬

  25. Joyce Reardon says:

    I love Talbots and all of the outfits look great on you. Not ready to go into the stores yet though

  26. Eva May Philcox says:

    I really love the Dahlia pink anorak, especially as I’ve grown into wearing darker/not pastel shades of pink since going over 50. I recently read a line in a novel that my beloved cerise pink is a ‘menopausal crisis’ colour, which is a contentious comment in soooo many ways and probably intended as ironic, but still I think of it every time I now wear cerise! So yes, alternative shades of darker pink are welcome!

  27. Love all these looks. They all look great on you.?

  28. I love every outfit, except I don’t wear crops. I will have to stop at Talbot’s very soon. So enjoy your diary of the dressing room outfits. The best to you.

  29. Susan Gowan says:

    I love the dahlia anorak and that outfit on you. I like the style of the pencil thin skirt but would prefer cropped pants in navy for me. Also like the pink striped top though I have a gray and white striped and a cherry rednd and white tops already.

  30. Love all of these looks. I wish we had Talbots in the UK. They did have a shop in London but they closed it. I’m not a stock size so not going to risk the hazard of returns!!

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