Look of the Week: Relaxed Stripes

It was a cold rainy weekend here. After hours of errands on Saturday we went to see La La Land. It may not be everybody’s cup of tea but we loved it. I’m not a huge fan of musicals, even the old black and whites, but this was fun from beginning to end.

When we go to the movies I always have a large tub of buttered popcorn. That means I don’t want to wear tight anything! Loose tops and pull on waistbands are what I reach for and layers are the way to go.

fall fashion Polly vest by F H Clothing

I wore my Polly Vest by F.H.Clothing company from Artful home. The gray and white intersecting stripes are a nice contrast to its drapey lines.


Stirped Polly Vest by F.H. Clothing company


Polly Vest by F H Clothing from Artful Home

The gentle A-line shape flows over my midsection and drops to asymmetrical points at the side seams. The tunic length is perfect for wearing with leggings and because it’s shorter in front, doesn’t feel too long on me.


Poly Vest from Artful Home

Wearing: Striped vest by F.H. Clothing | layering mesh tee | pants | booties | tote | Ruana similar

dressing in casual stripes for the movies

I wore a sheer layering T-shirt underneath (for arm coverage) that didn’t overpower the vest.

casual outfit for a trip to the movies

Artful Home has a wonderful new spring line available and this top is part of the collection. I have my eye on several things, especially this tote that I have been drooling over since their catalog arrived.


casual wear for weekend wear

After the film festival in Palm Springs, we have a new appreciation for going to the movies and plan to make this a more regular date night activity.

Do you go the movies much? Are you popcorn a fiend like me?

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

Disclaimer – Thank you to Artful Home for providing this vest; I was compensated but all words are my own. Please see my complete disclosure statement here.



    1. It’s a relatively new pastime for us too! Thanks Cindy.

  1. You look great as always.
    Gotta say though most blogger’s suggestions on clothing and jewelry…are way too expensive for the majority of women…. As you probably realize. And no more movies for us. Too many political actors. Redbox at home if we have to.

    1. Thanks, Judy. As I always say, one woman’s expensive is another woman’s affordable. We all must find looks we like within our own budget. I stay away from anything political here or in the movies I see:)

      1. So true Jennifer. Though I can buy anything I want, I still won’t buy unless on sale or discounted. So those promo codes are appreciated and do work!

      2. There’s nothing I like better than buying something I want on sale! It always feels like a win.

    1. It is easy and very comfy!

  2. Hi Jennifer!

    Very stylish! I really am going to try and find something like that for MY date night!
    Of course you carry it off well, and you also have the lovely accessories which always enhance!
    Thanks for the lovely post.
    Regards. marie.

  3. We rarely go to the movies but we do attend plays and live theatre and have seasons tickets…I have popcorn at home as I bought a silicone popper for the microwave.
    Its snowing today, schools are closed and I am making soup…will be knitting this afternoon after going for a walk and checking in on my mother.
    Hope you are enjoying milder weather…

  4. We went to see LA La Land in New Zealand during Christmas week. Not my cup of tea but we went with friends to a late afternoon show then an early dinner afterwards. Even if the movie wasn’t our favorite the company and following Cambodian meal were memorable. It is summer here so short sleeves and cool fabrics are the order of the day. Cheers Linda

    1. I agree part of the fun is the activity and making it an event. I’ve never tried Cambodian food. It sounds intriguing!!

  5. Your outfit suits you wonderfully. You look marvelous! One of my favorite outfits to date. I love your vest and am thinking that I could use it too. So flattering and stylish. I like going to the movies, but we don’t go as much as we use to. Might have to change that!

    1. Thanks Arielle. I used to think vests were fuddy duddy looking but this one is so stylish! I love making an outing of the movies so we’re going to do it more often too.

  6. You look great! I also loved LaLaLand–they don’t make movies like that anymore in Hollywood, so kudos to Damien Chazelle for creating a joyful film! It’s exactly the kind of movie we need right now.

    A word about the asymmetrical top…I have so many of them and I’m over that look now. Some have a distinctive “maternity top” look, which is not flattering on women of a certain age. I’m leaning more to classic, long tunics that are cut straight, like the ones from Tory Burch. They never go out of style!

  7. Susan Bartlett says:

    LOVE this vest! I’m tall so I think the length would be perfect for me. I love the way all the stripes go. Very flattering. You look stunning in it!
    Popcorn is my vice and a must for movies. I’ve learned to love it without the butter, so I don’t feel too guilty eating a big sack full by myself!

  8. Martha Edmundson says:

    Popcorn at movies is a requirement! The larger the better!! I love the vest and fitted top. I’m three inches shorter so not sure I could pull it off without alterations. Great design!

  9. Love the movies. I go with friends, DH if he will go (he’s not a big movie fan) and also love going by myself. Popcorn is a must! And Milk Duds. We all have our vices, so let’s hear it for loose clothing. 😉

    La La Land is top of my list. Several friends have raved about it, and I like to see all the big nominated movies before the Oscars. It’s one of the two I have left (that and Fences).

  10. Just wondering if you were able to pick up your new motorhome before you got sick and had to go home to recover. How are you liking it so far?

    1. We have not! Stay tuned. We’ve had a few issues complicate things!

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