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Embroidered Shoes With Denim

Happy Thursday, ladies. When I think of hand-beaded embroidered shoes I think of weddings and the mother of the bride, don’t you? They’re just so pretty and dressy. Today’s ootd is putting that whole notion to the test with a new way to wear embroidered shoes with denim and linen.


woman sitting on edge of wall wearing denim jacket and birdies slides

I’m wearing the same linen pants I shared yesterday. But today, I’m giving them a more urban vibe with a well-worn denim jacket, softly colored shell, and some pretty slides.

Denim Jacket

I have a wardrobe full of jean jackets but this is the one I reach for most often. The denim isn’t too thick so it stretches nicely and frankly, it’s the most comfortable. When I saw that it’s being price matched, I decided to grab one in white. I wear the medium because it’s roomy enough to slip over a cashmere sweater in the fall and perfect over a simple tee in the summer.


woman wearing pink sunglasses, denim jacket and embroidered flats


My daughter recommended this tank to me years ago and I love it so much, I bought one in all three colors. I’m wearing the Pink Dune color in small regular. I find the petite version too snug under my arms. The back is a knit tee and the front is a double layer of woven fabric that you can’t see through. I love the way this soft pink color picks up some of the beaded flowers on my slides.

I don’t buy many shoes because I have difficult feet but I do tend to hang on to mine for years and years. I am that woman who stores her shoes in their original boxes, labeled and shelved within easy reach. The boxes keep them from drying out, they stay cleaner and it’s easier to see exactly what you have.


woman wearing birdies slide with denim jacket and blue pants

Embroidered shoes with denim

My shoes were a delightful surprise. I’d been wearing the heck out of these velvet Birdies, also available here, all winter but stored them away last month when it started to warm up. They’re as comfy as slippers so I hoped to find a spring alternative. My daughter has these tapestry slides which I  love but wanted a more lighthearted pattern. Then I spotted these linen slides covered with a hand-beaded floral embroidered pattern!


I vacillated between the navy pattern or these, but ultimately decided these look more fun and fun is the name of the game for me this spring. Theoretically, you could keep these as slippers for around the house, but the rubber sole makes them perfect for outside and they’re just too pretty to leave at home.


woman wearing denim jacket, pink tank, blue pants and birdies embroidered shoes


Slides can be tricky to keep on as you walk if the vamp is too low. These ones cover most of the top of your foot so they stay put without having to grip your toes. Many Birdies have a beautiful satin lining which is great for a closed shoe…but for a mule, I find a linen insole is best because your feet don’t slide around in them. They also make slides with faux fur lining so my cart is now filled to the brim and I’ll have some hard choices to make.

When these arrived, I immediately gave them thorough spraying with this protectant so dirt won’t stick to them as easily.


blond woman wearing denim jacker, pink top and pink sunglasses


My pretty new shoes are the obvious star of this ootd, so I let them keep center stage by dialing my other accessories down. Just a touch of subtle sparkle with a pair of delicate pave earrings and a lariat necklace.

Fun shoes are just what I need this spring so I’m on the hunt for more. Make them comfy as well, and this gal is one happy camper.


woman walking out of gate wearing embroidered shoes with denim jacket and linen pants


Do you like your shoes to be the star of an outfit?

PS- blogging is not without its challenges. There are days you want to pull your hair out, ( I try to avoid those), and others that are fabulous. My friend Tania at 50 Is Not Old. had a hair-pulling day yesterday. Some technical glitches caused her email list to be wiped clean of thousands of readers. Ouch! If you follow her, and you should, please head over and resubscribe. She’s a lot of fun and one of the kindest women I have met in this business. Please tell her I sent you. XX




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  1. Love the shoes!!! Yes, of course you can build an entire outfit around a pair of shoes!!! I do it all the time. My husband says that I have a shoe “problem,” but both my daughters do, too! Ha – so it’s genetic!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing about the sneaker protection spray. I’ve never heard of it and I just bought some cute (blue and white striped) cloth house shoes/slippers and wondered if I could spray them with something to keep them nice. Perfect timing for me! BTW, it’s interesting that after I started reading your blog, you mentioned you were born in Regina. I’m a Saskatoon girl, but lived in Regina for my first year of college.

    1. Such a small world!! We moved to Toronto when I was 1, so I have no memories of Regina. I’d love to go back and visit one day.

  3. I really like this outfit on you. To me it is fresh, with a little edge. I just might look for a mid wash jean jacket. I like the way it looks with the lighter top. Great look!!

  4. If I were to choose a “Signature Jennifer “ style, this might be it!
    I may not be able to put together every single element of this look but it inspires me to be more mindful and creative with my choices.
    Love it all!

  5. Love this outfit! I do enjoy floral type shoes but they are limiting as in what you can wear but a monochromatic outfit looks perfect. I have low volume feet and sometimes have a difficult time keeping shoes on my feet, so tend to stick to low wedge shoes from certain brands that work for me. I am from Canada and size 5, so difficult at the best of times and that is not right now. When I visit in the states I purchase most of my collection, which is not right now.

  6. Love the shoes!!!!

    I am going to start looking for a slide that will fit my foot. I have extensive joint damage in my left foot snd am stuck in athletic shoes with curved soles at this point in time. Perhaps in the future zi will seek out someone who can fix my foot but that is still a ways off. Perhaps slides will work!

    I signed up for your friend’s blog!

  7. How “sheer” are the linen pants? I am interested in a white pair, depending on thinness of the fabric…….

    1. I had to go back and look at my dressing room pictures for the white. I’d say they’re not nearly as sheer as many white linen pants. They also lend themselves to a longer top because they’re slim to the body. Size down because they do stretch

  8. My brain just can’t figure out what – ootd – means 🙃…and yes, the shoes are beautiful. Thanks for the tip about the protective spray.

  9. Good morning!
    Always enjoy your blogs and have shared with Canadian friends.
    You look so pretty in today’s combo of pink and navy!
    One subject I am interested in is jewellery now days. I have so much but not the delicate necklace and earrings you wear. Is this more the look rather than the long statement pieces. I like to wear and be current. Thank you.

    1. Thanks for sharing my Sue! I really appreciate it. Yes, more delicate jewelry is popular right now. I personally love making a statement so I’ll often layer several delicate pieces for a bolder statement. That said, I still love and wear my statement jewelry because I love it 🙂

  10. Such adorable shoes! Yes agree in buying fewer shoes as my feet have “aged” in various ways. Lol! And also agree in storing them away in original box clearly labeled. Definitely makes life easier…and keeps them tidy!
    So sorry to hear if your right hand/arm issues Jennifer but knowing you – you will triumph and get things done. Just give that elbow some TLC along the way too.

  11. Those slides are so pretty. I’ve worn them before and agree they must fit well or it’s hard to keep them on. I still have my fairly worn jean jacket that I will not part with!! Your outfit looks so fun!

  12. Love your floral mules! They really upgrade a simple classic look in a great way. Appreciate the info regarding the linen insole. Like you I have an abundance of denim jackets because the are so versatile..

  13. Like the cut of the tank top and your embroidered slides. The latter particularly pretty however don’t have much success in ordering footwear online as I am usually a half size, so its often ‘a catch twenty two situation’ re the fit. Re giving them a coat of shoe protector is a great tip as even do my canvas sneakers but just use the ordinary upholstery type.
    Admiring the talent and discipline of Bloggers like yourself and with hopes Tania gets her readers back. -Brenda-

  14. I was wondering why I didn’t receive my ” 50 is not old” email yesterday! Very kind of you to help out. You and Tania are two bloggers I read faithfully. Thank you

  15. Oh those shoes are so adorable! I have foot issues from too many years of running, so my footwear choices these days are far from adorable LOL. i also keep my shoes and boots in their original boxes, and some are many years old, but still in good shape.
    On another note, I’m so sorry to hear about your hand issues. Fingers crossed that the brace works.