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Happy almost weekend, ladies. Here are a few things I’ve been reading and what I found interesting this week.

I loved this article chronicling Queen Elizabeth’s style evolution. This was a woman who never followed a trend and had the most unique, recognizable style. (Town and Country)

I’m still reading this book and enjoying it immensely. I should have finished it on vacation, but never seemed to give myself enough time to read.

I just ordered this vitamin C serum and LOVE that you mix the ingredients when they arrive, so it has maximum freshness. Vit C oxidizes so quickly, it also helps that this is an airtight container that doesn’t allow light to affect the product.

Read anything great lately? These are the Best Books Of 2022 So Far. (Vogue)

I’ve always wanted to take this Cascades train trip, and after two years, Amtrak is starting it back up again this month. (CN Traveler)

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I also just ordered more hat-size adjusting strips. You can pay more for them, but why would you want to? Most hats benefit from a little adjustment.

Here are a few airlines that allow you to block the seat next to you! For anyone who has been sandwiched into a cramped seat, this is genius. (CN Traveler)


J. Crew is currently having 30% off your purchase with 50% off select fall merchandise with the code SHOPFALL, so I decided to have a peek.

We discovered the joys of sheet pan meals! Quick, easy, and yummy. This Sheet Pan Roasted Lemon Garlic Butter Salmon with Feta and Olives is next on our to-try list. (Half Baked Harvest)

One of Stanley Tucci’s pet peeves about traveling is the way people dress…I could not agree more! I’m anxious to read his book. Have you read it? (CN Traveler)

How Princess Diana’s final outfits show us who she really was. (Elle)

I’ll see you back here tomorrow for would you wear it! 




  1. A very fun and informative book is The Other Side of the Coin: the Queen, the Dresser and the Wardrobe by Angela Kelly. It is a rare glimpse into the less public side of Queen Elizabeth. Ms. Kelly speaks respectfully, but affectionately about the Queen, giving insight and background information about her clothes, jewelry, and the history and symbolism involved in creating her ensembles.

  2. Oh, to be as cool as Diane Keaton! Sigh
    Way to go J Crew! 👏
    I really don’t understand why people dress in athletic wear or even pj bottoms on flights. Where is their pride? I don’t dress to the nines but always dress nicely for my flights. I want to look nice when I arrive at my destination.

  3. The Cascades train trip sounds great. Maybe next spring? I can see why Amtrak isn’t opening the soutern route to Oregon — lots of fires. My son in Seattle says it’s quite smoky, and in Boston, the weather folks are warning us about CA smoke, which is carried out here. Cool about Diane Keaton. I wonder when J.Crew is featuring her; she’s not on the website yet.

  4. Is there a product to make a hat bigger? I love Air New Zealand. We discovered them on a trip to NZ years ago, and now we take them to Europe when we go. (My SIL lives in France, so–up until Covid–we were going every year.) I don’t really care what others are wearing on a flight. I don’t have to look at them for long, at the gate or when they walk down the airplane aisle. I don’t dress to the nines myself, so I don’t judge.

    1. Other than steam, I don’t know of a way to stretch a hat. They are almost impossible to stretch if it has a grosgrain ribbon hat band.

  5. I have always wanted to take the Cascades trip. So glad it’s back. Hopefully we will get the opportunity to go. The Queen’s outfits were always so her! She knew her style.

  6. I’ve been using a 20% vitamin C serum (also purchased through Amazon) every night for at least four years it’s amazing!

  7. Thank you for sharing the Town & Country link. It was interesting to find that HM rarely wore collars….perhaps a simple collar on a tailored coat or a casual riding shirt. Formally, she was in crew or open necks which showcased all her lovely jewels. Of course topping it off was immaculate posture, clear skin, signature hair and a radiant smile!

  8. I think Diane Keaton is so stylish.
    She always makes a statement where ever she is.
    Her style is amazing and always classic.

  9. The Cascades train trip looks spectacular. I think there’s a similar route through the Rockies from Banff to Vancouver. And I echo MP3 about using Diane Keaton in J Crew ads – she does look amazing.

  10. J. Crew Ad — It’s refreshing to see Diane Keaton out of Coastal Grandma and into City Lady. The sophisticated trench. I may look into that.

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