Seven Ways To Look Less Frumpy

Seven Ways To Look Less Frumpy

No woman intentionally sets out to look frumpy. It sneaks up on you until one day you look in the mirror and see a tired-looking, frumpy woman looking back at you. When life gets challenging, it’s all too easy to put yourself last and let your appearance go. Dowdy, unfashionable, drab, and dull garments can rob you of your confidence and send the signal that you’ve given up on yourself.

Here are seven things women wear that can make them look frumpy and how you can change them.

Mom Jeans

If you own them, get rid of them. There is simply no way to un-frump this style of jeans. Young, lithe women can pull this look off, but after a certain age, it just makes us look frumpy. Choose a well-fitting straight jean, a modern boot cut leg, or a skinny jean. Opt for colored or deep wash denim, which looks modern.

Yoga Pants

Yoga pants are great for yoga and exercise class, but don’t pretend they’re regular stretch pants. They look downright tacky at the airport and aren’t a good look running around all day. Stretch pants may seem similar, but they’re a heavier weight fabric and look entirely different.

The Backpack

These may be a comfortable way to carry things around and keep your hands free, but canvas ones meant for hiking or carrying school books, look frumpy on a grown woman. If you must use one, look for a streamlined shape in leather or solid colored fabric. You could also try a crossbody bag. They give you the same hands-free experience but are less likely to look dowdy.

Heavy Gym Shoes

These are very comfy for our often painful feet, but they’re best reserved for the gym. Athleisure is a popular trend but tricky to get right. Chunky sneakers run the risk of looking frumpy, and they are undoubtedly clumpy. There are many comfort shoe brands available today that make stylish shoes that will accommodate an orthotic and are very comfortable.

Worn Out Bra’s

When they get worn out, they don’t provide any support, so our breasts look saggy and shapeless. Get a proper bra fitting and update your bra, which will make everything you wear look better. Be sure to buy it in your nude, which will be invisible under all your tops.

Frumpy Baggy T-Shirts

These aren’t doing you any favors, especially the ones you picked up on vacation. Baggy, loose-fitting tees and tops make us look bigger than we are and look frumpy. If you love wearing a simple tee, choose one with some shaping that fits to show some of your body. I did not say tight; I said fitted. Unusual necklines and asymmetrical hemlines add sass to an otherwise plain tee and step it away from looking frumpy.

Outdated Eyeglass Frames

Glasses and lenses are expensive, but if you’re wearing seriously outdated frames, you look outdated, and that’s not good. Frames have come a long way, and stylish ones are available at all price points. Update your frames to ones that flatter your coloring and face shape. Here’s how to choose the best ones for you.


Changing these few simple things will go a long way to increase your confidence, so you look less frumpy.

Are you guilty of not putting yourself first?

Have you ever felt frumpy?


Thanks for reading, and be sure to wear what makes you feel confident.







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