Getting What You Pay For

Getting What You Pay For
Saturday, I attended a bridal shower for the future daughter-in-law of one of my dearest friends. It was a gloriously warm day and I, of course, wore black.Things will be shaking up in my wardrobe very soon because I’ve hit the wall on, maxed out on, overdosed on, am sick to death of, wearing black.

The floral arrangements were gorgeous. Bright red roses with fresh green Hydrangeas. The inclusion of grapes hinted at a wine-country theme, which I had been oblivious to. I gifted her a Copper Risotto Pan she’d registered for. Luckily, at the last moment, I included a set of Wine Glass Writers that kept me from seeming totally daft.
I first saw these pens at a dinner party last month. I was helping serve some wine and our host used them to label our glasses. We were opening a very special, 1988 Penfolds Cabernet Sauvignon, which, FYI, was fabulous.
I thought they were such a clever idea, I posted the picture on Instagram right then. I got a note back almost immediately from my friend Adrienne, who writes The Rich Life On A Budget. Her friend Jeannine owns the Wine Glass Writer company and would like to send me a few!

Small world comes to mind, but also the power of social media and the quick connections it makes.

Jeannine generously sent me two complete sets, pretty metallic and a primary colored set. There are so many clever ways to use these, all explained on their website and available at all Williams Sonoma stores, in both the US and Canada.

directions for use of wine glass pens

The bride opened box after box of decanters, openers, aerators, wine drinking and serving accoutrements plus every conceivable shape wine glass possible. When the bride opened my gift, there was an enormous ooh & aah session as the ladies went nuts fawned over the Wine Glass Writer pens. It was really hilarious when I thought about the expense of that Copper Risotto Pan.

The shower was very pretty. Mimosas all around and Champagne for toasting the bride.  It wasn’t until the coffee…that I noticed my Chanel was leaving its mark.
Legende color
When I went to reapply my lipstick, I discovered none was needed. Although my lipstick left it’s smiley mark on the teacup…I was still appropriately covered.  It’s very creamy, not touted as long wearing, but stays on very well.
Sometimes, you get what you pay for. This, was one of those times.
Discovering a lipstick with staying power and proof that some of the best gifts are not expensive.
Have you seen these pens?

On another totally irrelevant note…do you repair your lipstick at the table or only in the restroom? Just curious, ladies.

Enjoy your day!


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