Grandmother Style: Frumpy Need Not Apply

By my age, my Granny wore a gray bun that she had “done” at the beauty parlor every Monday, wore bifocal eyeglasses in the same frame shape as my Grandfather and lived in flowered house dresses. She never plucked her growing mustache and looked 20 years older than she was. That may have been a sign of the times then, but I’m glad things have changed. 

Just because I’m 60 and a Granny doesn’t mean I want to look dated or frumpy.

Welcome to this week’s Hit Your Style Sweet Spot, my weekly collaboration with Pam Lutrell. You’ve hit your Style Sweet Spot when your appearance is sending the message you intend, and you feel confident that you look your best. This week we’re showing how we look sharp as a grandmother.

Nora skinny Jag jeans tucked into riding boots with a Faux Fur vest

I prefer to look modern and wear ageless styles with a touch of sass. I pulled out this Faux Fur vest from years ago because it’s back on trend.

Purple Poppy sent me these terrific Jag Nora Skinny Jeans to try. I love them!

Faux Fur vest with Jag Nora skinny jeans

My body is narrower on the bottom so skinny jeans work for me. I love the look of leggings tucked into knee boots and these Jag Nora Skinny jeans are soft enough to do it too.

Their pull-on style has a hidden secret waistband that slims, flatters and gives a clean smooth look under tops. Classic 5 pocket styling without the bulk of zippers and snaps.

bold accessories with Jag Nora skinny jean

I like bold accessories with these classic pieces. I could style them with pearls and a cashmere sweater for a more elegant look but I was going for fun and hip. Does anyone say the word hip anymore?Jag Nora Skinny jeans with Faux Fur vest riding boots

These jeans have a great high rise that sits right at my waist and reduces muffin top because they don’t bind or roll. They are a rich deep indigo that’s so dark, I washed them before I wore them so the color wouldn’t transfer onto light things.

For warmer weather, I’ll style them with my suede booties.

Jag Nora skinny jeans with peep toe booties

I’m a proud Granny but don’t want to dress like an old lady. I want to look stylish and wear modern fashions that keep me looking current and with it!

Jag Nora skinny jeans, faux fur vest and suede booties at 60!

In my grandmother’s day, women seemed to give up after a certain age. That’s not happening with me because I won’t let it.

Jag Nora skinny jeans styled with riding boots and faux fur vest on 60 year old woman

This is how I hit my Style Sweet Spot to feel confident, unique and modern as a grandmother.

Have a look at the collection of modern, stylish clothes Purple Poppy carries for the woman over 50. They are offering a 15% discount with Poppy (with a capital P) at checkout

Let’s pop over and see how Pam hits her Style Sweet Spot!

Have a great day and thanks for reading.

xo Jennifer

Disclaimer:  Purple Poppy sponsored this post and supplied the jeans, all opinions are my own.


  1. This style looks fantastic! Chic, yet age appropriate!

  2. Great look today, Jennifer! You’re rockin’ those skinnies. I’m in my sixties and still having fun with fashion. Frumpy is a bad word in my house.
    Love your new hairstyle.

    1. Thanks! Frumpy is my enemy because I want to remain visible and vibrant.

  3. This is one of my favorite looks on you! It suits you to a “t”! Great vest, a lot of style. I need to get some of those jeans!

    1. The jeans are so comfy. I love them and I think you will too!

  4. Your white top in these pictures…. where did you find a good length like that? It seems everything is WAY too long anymore. Thanks!

  5. You look great! No frumpy or Grandma styling for you that’s for sure!

  6. Carol Carroll says:

    I won’t let it happen to me either! Keep doing what you do and thank you!

    1. My pleasure, Carol.

  7. Andrea @ Living On Cloud Nine says:

    Love a good high rise jean and with the peep toe shoes..oh la la!! LOVE the vest and you sure have definite sass and definite class!!! Pretty, pretty, Pretty!!

    1. High rise are my best friend these days! Thanks so much, Andrea.

  8. I look at photos of my grandma when I was born–she was the age I am now, mid-50s, and she looked great but also a touch matronly. I think it was the styles of the ’60s, so serious.
    Later, when she was around 85 and still in her house, she complained one day that it was going to rain because her leg hurt. She was sitting at the kitchen table and raised her leg straight up like one of the Rockettes doing a high kick, to point to her ankle. “It hurts right there.” Right. She was awesome. Strong, hard-working, fun. A real role model!!!

  9. I’m certainly glad times have changed—-looking good equates to feeling good in so many ways!!
    I love the fur vest and you look anything but frumpy!
    My grandmother always had on her housedresses too! Part of the issue is she didn’t like to change. So I’m trying hard to counteract that—thus I just bought a pair of OTK boots!!

  10. This is a great look…casual chic.
    I am a grandmother too and wear much younger looking clothes than my grandmother wore…I don’t even think my grandmother ever wore jeans…pants to paint in but dresses the rest of the time. I am happy that we have more options these days.

  11. My how times have changed, haven’t they? When I look at old pictures and see relatives they look so ‘old’ to me, and they were probably only 30 when the picture was taken. Did you know vintage flower house dresses are actually back in style? All the young girls are wearing them, but I don’t know if a more mature woman could wear one and not look ‘old’. I love this look. I bought a vest similar to this one last year and didn’t get to wear it much. I’m happy it’s still on trend this year.

  12. Great look, Jennifer! The jeans look fabulous on you! And the vest looks great, too. Good thing you kept it! You are a hip grandma!

    My mom is 80, and I was just thinking the other day that she looks and acts so much younger than my earliest memories of my grandma, who was in her early 60s when I was born. Such a difference!

  13. From one grandma to another, I’m with you on staying hip and modern. I want Molly, Calvin and all the other little rascals to come along to remember and think of grandma Trina as their play date fun companion and one with a modern since if style, right?
    Although I must add, my grandmother was the most stylish woman I’ve yet to meet. Whether she was going out for the day or just staying in, she was always dressed like some adorable model from head to toe with accessories to match. She was constantly looking through catalogs of the latest styles and was ordering by phone up until a week before she passed away.

    1. She sounds amazing! My grandmother always took care of herself, but looking stylish was unimportant to her.

    1. Thanks so much! It was time for an update!

  14. Karen Anderson says:

    Like yours, by age 50 my grandmother looked easily 70, house dresses, sensible shoes, no makeup, didn’t seem to care. I am 63, a grandmother, and more stylish today than any other time in my life. I still exercise, watch what I eat (mostly!), and take care of my hair, skin, and have fun in life. I think we are making progress, but are still somewhat pigeon holed into a frump category that is unfair.

    1. We are pigeonholed, and I intend to do all I can to break that mold!

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