Helping Over 50 Hair Look Thicker

This post is sponsored by Hair Biology, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


My hair has never been what I’d call my crowning glory but I’m pretty attached to it:) It started thinning back in 2016 and by the time I noticed just how much was coming out, it was very thin. OVER 50 BEAUTY BLOGGER JENNIFER CONNOLLY OF A WELL STYLED LIFE

Menopause, stress, poor diet, family history, and thyroid issues can all increase the rate of hair loss for midlife women. In fact, female pattern baldness affects over 40% of women by the age of 50. Mine is likely a combination of these so I’m always on the lookout for products that will make my hair look fuller.


When Hair Biology reached out to ask if I would try their new hair Full & Vibrant Haircare line designed for women like you and me, I said yes because I know many of you are struggling with thinning hair as I am.


As we age, our skin, body, and hair change. Nothing about our bodies is the same as it was in our thirties so it makes sense that the products we use need to change and adapt to work for us. Hair Biology has formulated products to work with our changing hair needs and replenish its nutrients as we age. The Full & Vibrant Collection is specially formulated to be safe for color-treated and aging hair.

midlife woman washing hair in shower with thickening shampoo

The Volumizing Shampoo is dye-free, paraben-free, and infused with biotin which helps support healthy-looking hair. It feels very gentle on my hair and doesn’t leave it with that “stripped” feeling. It’s also safe for color-treated hair, which I know a thing or two about! The Volumizing Conditioner gives hair lightweight nourishment for the body and softness without making my hair limp.


hand holding Hair Biology treatment to make hair look thicker

My favorite product is the Thickening Treatment. It can be used on wet or dry hair and contains caffeine which helps the thickener attach to each strand, giving hair a boost.

jennifer connolly of a well styled life holding hair biology thickening spray

After I towel dry my hair, I spray generously at the roots and distribute through my hair with my fingers, then add a dollop of my hair gel and blowdry with my round brush as usual.

over 50 woman spraying her hair with thickening spray

After it’s dry, I lift sections and spray more at the roots along the sides where my thinning is most noticeable. Then I fluff my hair a bit for extra lift.

woman applying hair biology thickening spray at roots of her hair

As a blogger, I get sent a lot of products. You don’t hear about most of them because if they’re duds, I will not tell you they’re great. You’re hearing about Hair Biology because I’m truly impressed with how it makes my hair look and I’m very pleased with the results!

By now you know I’m that woman who puts as many products into her hair as necessary to get volume. I’m finding with this Hair Biology Trio, I don’t need to add nearly as much and my hair has plenty of lift and body.


Hair Biology has designed a set of products to meet the needs of 50+ women like us to meet the changing demands of our hair. They believe in the power of celebrating age and the experience that comes with it. Hair Biology believes our hair should be a wonderful reflection of the confident women we have become and have designed products to help us achieve that.

Helping women build and maintain their confidence is my number one goal on A Well Styled Life, so I’m delighted to find a company that is doing all it can to support us.

You can find Hair Biology exclusively at Target.

What are you using to help your hair appear thicker?




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  1. cheryl benefield says:

    Jennifer, I tried the Hair Biology products you suggested and my hair texture felt better and the thickening spray didn’t make my hair greasy looking. I wash my hair twice a week, at night and blow dry. So my hair felt thicker after it was dry. The next morning I sprayed the roots again and did a fast blow dry to increase volume. Then as usual, I used my Carouso steam rollers (been using them for 30+ years, wanted to get rid of heat rollers and curling irons and I’ve been happy with the results). After 15-20 minutes, my hair curled as usual but I couldn’t tell a lot of difference in volume but my hair felt good. I will keep using these products, the price is good, and my hair feels better. I will keep adding the thickener each morning. If I washed and dried in the morning, I think I’d have more volume, but that won’t fit into my morning routine. BTW….love your hairstyle and the sweater you’re wearing !

  2. cheryl benefield says:

    Jennifer, I tried the Hair Biology products you suggested and my hair texture felt better and the thickening spray didn’t make my hair greasy looking. I wash my hair twice a week, at night and blow dry. So my hair felt thicker after it was dry. The next morning I sprayed the roots again and did a fast blow dry to increase volume. Then as usual, I used my Carouso steam rollers (been using them for 30+ years, wanted to get rid of heat rollers and curling irons and I’ve been happy with the results). After 15-20 minutes, my hair curled as usual but I couldn’t tell a lot of difference in volume but my hair felt good. I will keep using these products, the price is good, and my hair feels better. I will keep adding the thickener each morning. If I washed and dried in the morning, I think I’d have more volume, but that won’t fit into my morning routine.

    1. Try adding a spritz of dry shampoo at the roots just after you brush, then fluff on the days you don’t wash. It really helps me.

  3. I’m 69 and feel like I have dealt with what is probably normal hair loss for my age. I feel like oral Biotin and a scoop of collagen in my morning coffee has slowed down my hair loss.

    I can’t use hair products with a strong smell.

  4. First, teal is YOUR color! Second, thank you for sharing info about Hair Biology. Sounds promising.

  5. I’ve been using Hair Biology for about a year now. I change it up with some other brands of shampoo. I find that it leaves my hair soft and shiny. I do like it. I haven’t tried the thickening product yet, but I will now. My hair is thin as well, and I think the Hair Biology is helping a bit. Time will tell.
    Someone mentioned the smell. I like the smell. It smells a little like coconut to me. Nothing unpleasant or strong at all!

  6. Your hair looks lovely, Jennifer! Unfortunately I’ve tried all the various things doctors have told me to do over the last several years to improve my hair loss and nothing worked for me. Just bad hair genes. So I have embraced wigs! Once I got used to them, I loved them. No more bad hair days for me, ever. I’m in several FB wig groups and it’s quite shocking how many women have had dramatic and devastating hair loss after having Covid.

    1. Wigs are a fabulous option, Kim. I think more women use them than people think. Bravo for embracing them and sharing with us. Thank you

  7. Jennifer your hair looks great! I thought the product had a strong odor to it, so I didn’t purchase it. Did you find the smell was less noticeable after awhile? I prefer products with little or no odor. This does seem to work very well.

    1. The odor is not unpleasant and I didn’t find it too strong for me to use. It does work very well!

  8. God gives dogs and cats a new Winter coat. My cat is already sporting his. Only fair if he did the same for us.😊

  9. Hair loss is not a constant. At one point I lost so much I needed a hair piece, but then miracle of miracles it came back despite the specialists having diagnosed male=pattern baldness. I also have thyroid issues that can increase hair loss. I think biotin in shampoo should be totally fine, but you might want to ask your doctor. Oral biotin doesn’t affect your thyroid but it does throw your test results off. For me hair loss and growth are seasonal. It makes sense to track your hair loss over time and journal what’s taking place and what product(s) you’re using.
    Jennifer, thanks for this info. I’m going to ask my doctor about these. I use only organic products, but perhaps I might give the thickener a try. I used men’s Rogaine decades ago and did not find it had any effect.

    1. I have thyroid issues too which we monitor closely. I’m glad you mentioned the oral biotin throwing off Throid test results. I stop my Bioton for a week
      before getting my tests, just to be safe.

  10. Leigh Miller says:

    Do you know if this product is available in Canada? I live in Vancouver and have a few friends would would benefit from these hair products! Thanks!

    1. Right now it’s only available at Target so you’d have to buy online and have it shipped, or pop over the border to the closest Target.

      1. Deborah H says:

        Wish it were that easy. Target no longer ships internationally and the US border is still closed to Canadians for non-essential travel…maybe this should be considered essential travel!

  11. I lost a lot of hair when I dyed it. It has made a huge difference now that my hair is not dyed. Besides that, I have changed my colour palette and I think I look much better.

    1. Hair dye can be rough on the hair, for sure.

  12. A shame it’s only sold at Target, I don’t support that company for several reasons.

  13. Thank you. Some people I know are struggling with hair loss after Covid. Whether the hair will regrow or not remains to be seen. Proper nutrition, rest and time might help. Products can help with self-esteem.

    Fortunately, my hair is as thick (and unruly) as always.

  14. Would getting a perm, wavy not tight curls, help camouflage the baldness? My mom used to get perms for that reason. Have a great week.

  15. Elizabeth says:

    I’m curious 🙂 Do you prefer Hair Biology over the products you mentioned in your March post? (Kevin Murphy, Living Proof, and others)? Thanks.

    1. I still use the Kevin Murphy gel and Living Proof dry shampoo. Different products.

      1. I was going to ask about the gel you use. When do you use it? My hair is very thin too and I just bought the Hair Biology products today. Excited to try it out.

      2. I use Kevin Murphy Anti Gravity volumizing gel. I get it at a local salon but you can also find it on Amazon here.

  16. Thanks so much for this info! Your hair has been looking great lately on your posts. I struggle with hair loss too. After chemotherapy it grew back pretty thick on top. So as long as I keep it short it looks thicker.

    1. Mine always look thicker when it’s a bit shorter too, but I do like to have some hair showing on my neck because my shoulders and jaw are so broad.

  17. Thanks for sharing Hair Biology.
    I think I will give it a try. 😊

    1. I think you’ll like it, Lin.

  18. Pink Azalea says:

    Thanks Jennifer. My dermatologist told me that the strands of my hair have become much finer. Used Rogaine for 6 weeks but didn’t continue, made my hair feel dirty. I wash with Aveda shampoo and conditioner, wrap in a drying towel, then work Aveda Phomollient into it and air dry. One minute to blow dry then add heat protectant and quickly go over it with a hot tools volumizer/ dryer brush. To finish I work a little Lite Morrocan oil into ends. Heat and tugging on hair I try to keep to a minimum . Lastly, silk pillowcase. I will make a note to try products you reviewed.

    1. Silk pillowcases for me too. What type of Rogaine did you try? I use the men’s 5% liquid which only goes on the scalp so it doesn’t make my hair feel any dirtier.

      1. I use the 5% foam which I like because it gives me body of a mousse as well as the effects of the minoxidil. I tried Nutrafol for 6 months without any success. Tried collagen supplements–also no effect. Been trying viviscal now for almost 6 months, not sure I see anything either. I’ll try ANYTHING if it works. 🙂

      2. Please keep us posted on your Viviscal, Deborah. We would all like to hear how it works for you.

    2. Could you tell me more about the heat protectant? And how does a silk pillowcase help? Thanks! I also have been using Aveda products for many years.. I’m losing a lot of hair and need to do something different.

      1. Silk pillow cases are just gentler on your hair.

  19. Denise T. says:

    Thank you for sharing this. The amount of hair I’m losing now has me alarmed. Luckily I had thick hair before age started taking it’s toll on it. I’m definitely going to try these products. I like that they are safe for color treated hair also. I’m not ready to give up my color and go
    au naturel yet!

    1. I’m sorry you’re struggling with thinning hair too. It is so upsetting, which of course probably makes it worse. I think you’ll love the Hair Thickening spray too.

  20. Thank you so much Jennifer as noticed my hair more this past year, really thinning. (Guess I’m fortunate though considering I’m in my mid seventies.) Did pin the products for future reference but will mention upon an earlier suggestion of yours, I am now taking a daily supplement of collagen and have noticed a marked improvement for the better.

    1. Yes!! And my nails are much better too.

  21. Thank you for a great post. I have wanted to try Hair Biology for sometime. I get so tired of buying products that usually are duds! My hair is so baby fine , thinning, and colored treated. Add Florida’s Humidity !
    The products that I can use that don’t weigh my hair down or cause extreme frizz are : 12 Benefits Hair Treatment (nice leave in conditioner), Wella Boost Bounce Mousse, and Paul Mitchell Flexible Style Super Clean Spray. I have found with fine hair , a little product goes a long way. I also like Wen Shampoo conditioning products.

    1. Humidity is the worse for my hair too. It’s funny but I have become a product layerer of late and find, so long as it’s not oily, I can get extra oomph from them.

  22. Hi, Jennifer–

    Like Veronica noticed, you hair does appear shorter in this photo–and I think it’s lovely. Would you share a picture of the back?

    1. This picture is from last month when I started using the product so it’s grown a bit longer. I’ll try to get a photo of the back

  23. Jennifer you are a lovely lady! Your hair looks fantastic! My problem is more scalp revealing itself around my bangs/part. To disguise the area, I dapple a bit of light brown eyeshadow (close to my hair color) over the bit of scalp. Now about your necklaces… love the layering! Any tips on layering using my pearl strand for casual wear? I love my pearls and just don’t get to wear them enough.

    1. Thank you Janet. Great idea! I just decided I was never wearing my classic strand so I tossed it on one day and started to try things with it. I know pearls can be fragile, so it’s not good to have things bang against or rub them, but honestly, I was never wearing it alone, this way I am wearing it all the time now.

    2. I don’t use it now, but you can get dry color to add to roots from your stylist.

    3. Try a product for a “wide” part called XFusion. Pop for the pump spray also, rather than using as a shaker. I’ve tried all kinds of topical hair/scalp coloring products including Toppix which is actually made by the same people as XFusion–but Toppix clumps! XFusion is my all time favorite for YEARS and I even bought one for my stylist to keep at the salon so I don’t have to remember to bring mine when I get my hair done. Try it, you will see a great difference.

      1. Thank you for sharing that resource with us!

  24. Your hair looks a little shorter in this picture. It looks fabulous!

  25. Debra Lange says:

    Thank you for this info on what products you have been using for your thinning hair, I just picked up all three last week at Target. With the stress of Covid and lock down for almost 2 years, and age, what a shocker to notice how my hair has been thinning too!
    I appreciate your sharing with us what has worked for you, can you please also tell me what hair blowing brush you use and hair gel. I have a cabinet full of all the hair products I’ve purchased that have not worked for me in the past.
    I am excited to see the results in the coming weeks and months. Thank you, Debbie

    1. I’m so sorry to hear about your hair loss. It is devastating, I know. I use the Kevin Murphy Anti Gravity Gel and my brush is here. I have several sizes but my favorite is the 1 3/4″

  26. I’ve heard you talk about hair biology before… so I’m going to try it!

  27. I use the Hair Biology for silver hair and agree that the thickener is a great product!

    1. Yes! It’s really pretty amazing!

  28. I use a miracle product my hairdresser recommended, Paul Mitchell Volumizing Whip, a foam mousse you work into wet hair after shampooing…I could not believe how thick it made my hair, I apply it from the roots out. Then blow dry with a round brush as usual.
    Another product I use is a thickening creme in a tube by Marc Anthony. Just work it into wet hair, it texturizes fine thin hair like mine. I use both at the same time.
    Both products can be found online.

  29. First thing this morning, as soon as their doors open, I will be at Target, purchasing these products. Thank you so much, Jennifer, for sharing your new regimen. I’ve struggled similarly for years, so I’m looking forward to using HB today. Your hair looks gorgeous!

  30. I look forward to your posts about products and styles for thin hair. If you can put that much treatment in your hair and look great it must be good! Not sure if it is available in Canada but I will look.

    1. Hi Jennifer! So glad you did a blog about these products. I’d heard of them, but hadn’t tried them yet because like the other ladies, I was afraid they work and just sit in my bathroom. I cannot wait to buy these and try them. Your hair looks so nice. It looks shorter . Did you get a new hair cut? Love it!

      1. I’m so impressed because not only are these affordable, they do helo my hair look thicker. Be sure you try the thickening spray. I love that stuff!