Holiday Gift Guide For A Cozy Home

Well, one thing’s for sure – we’re all spending a lot more time at home this year. Enjoying the comforts of home this holiday season is a chance to stay cozy, healthy, and safe. It’s also a good choice for gifts for the folks on your list. Here are a few items that have been catching my eye this holiday season for around the home.


A nice new pillow is a terrific luxury and can improve the quality of your sleep. There’s a pillow made for every need you can think of. I’m a fan of wrinkle prevention pillows like this, but they also make ones for you or your loved one who likes to sleep “cold”. They have cool memory foam added to keep you feeling cool and cozy while you sleep.


Another cozy item for home is a beautiful new down comforter. My son was mentioning that his has gotten “lumpy” after years of washing and drying. They often just lose their oomph so a nice puffy one is a treat.


feather comforter

Speaking of beds! This Casper dog bed is the creme de la creme! And given how much time dogs spend sleeping (at least my daughter’s pug!) what better pet accessory could there be? These are currently being price matched on sale.



My daughter is absolutely hooked on her Nespresso machine. I mean hooked! I picked up her order at the Hudson Bay this fall and was shocked at what an “experience” the whole Nespresso thing is.  nespresso bar at Hudson BaySince most of us aren’t spending much time at coffee shops these days, it’s super simple to recreate your favorites at home with this combo set.

nespresso machine


My daughter and I have been doing some virtual decorating for her home, and we’ve had lots of fun checking out new pillow combinations. I take screenshots then combine them in a photo collage so we can see how they look together. New throw pillows are such an easy and fun way to create a new look by adding a splash of color, texture, or pattern and you can rotate them by season.

Here are a few options that caught our eye:


I absolutely love the ambiance that candles provide and one of my favorite things is to have flameless candles on a timer, coming on at the same time each day.

You don’t have to worry about them and they instantly add some coziness and glamour. Lots of companies make these, but I look for the ones with the flickering (looks real!) flame.

Cozy slippers are always a welcome treat for you and those you love. I now have a whole wardrobe of slippers because I’m spending so much time at home. These Uggs look super comfy.


Last but not least, when we moved into our new home last year, my son installed a Ring home alarm system. It was SUCH a great gift! I love the peace of mind of knowing what’s happening when I’m not home. I can answer the doorbell from anywhere in the world…so long as I have my cell phone! This is a great gift for anyone on your list.

What sort of things make your home feel cozy?
Thanks for reading ladies and I hope you have a great Monday!


  1. Sorry to hear you’re under the weather, you’re always so upbeat and positive. Hope you are feeling better soon. I will have to look into the flickering flameless candles. We have a long haired feline ruler in our household, and as unpredictable as pets are, I’ve never felt comfortable with lighted candles. Love the ambience though.

  2. I am so sorry you are struggling with anxiety. Your blog is always so uplifting and fun for me to read as you do not seem to take yourself too seriously.. how refreshing! Best wishes for uplifted feelings.

  3. Am a fan of tea rather than coffee but do know so many who are otherwise so excellent suggestion Jennifer as surely takes the guess work out of making a good cuppa of java. As to toss cushions; do agree with Jan as usually make my own covers and that of Joanna (both below my comment) that choosing an larger insert does make a difference with the similar rule also applying to a Duvet cover (that one might use on their bed) which will give the illusion of more loft. As to the usage of timer candles; use them particularly during the Xmas holiday season.

  4. We gave a Nespresso to our son and DIL last year for Christmas. They love it! One nice thing is, they give you a bag to put the empty pods in and you can mail them to a recycle site.
    I love frameless candles. I got some from Costco several years ago and want more, but our Costco doesn’t have them this year. Boohoo.
    Our son gave us a Ring for Christmas last year. We love ours, too. While the doorbell doesn’t get pushed very often, the motion sensor gets activated when the deer walk by the front door. That’s fun to see. 😊

  5. With a basic sewing machine and minimal sewing skills, you can easily make the envelope style pillow covers! I have used a variety of fabrics to make these covers. It’s fun, easy and very affordable to change out your pillows. I just finished making several pillow covers in a soft fabric with a holiday theme for great grandchildren. The covers can be removed and laundered as needed.

  6. Nespresso! I inherited my daughter’s machine, and I love it. Now if I could only be drinking at The Bay!

  7. I love pillows! I only buy down/feather filled as they are nice and cozy. If I see a pillow I like, I check for a zipper so I can switch out the poly for one of my down. Another trick is to buy your insert one size larger for that nice, luxurious look. How fun to help Vanessa with her decorating, even if it is online.
    I have a Keurig and love it! My hubby & I were spending far too much on take out coffees when we retired so we bought a Keurig. There is no looking back. I’d like to try a Nespresso. Gawd! Looking at all those brightly coloured coffee pods would be overwhelming. Where to start?! Like a kid in a candy shop. 😀
    I’m a big fan of candles! Did you notice it’s hard to find good pillar candles? It seems the market is moving to candles in a jar.
    On my wish list this Christmas is a waterproof Fitbit because in non Covid times I like to do aqua size classes. Oh, and a new perfume, Coco Mademoiselle.

    1. I am not a huge fan of candles in glass because we did have one shatter as it burned low!!

  8. Yes to lots of pillows! I have collected a bunch of pillow covers that allow me to change the look of the room in minutes. Pottery Barn carries plenty of covers that eliminate the new to store big bulky pillows, instead just swapping out covers. I have winter, fall and spring pillows this way.

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